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One Direction Accused Of Copying 5SOS’ Song ‘18’?!

1D/5SOS BSM preferences - You're dating a member of one direction - Wattpad

You rolled your eyes and then smiled of realization. One direction was coming over. Which meant Liam was coming over. Which meant you could talk to your boyfriend. You giggled, running upstairs. You put on your favourite outfit and just a little bit of makeup. You gobbled down your breakfast and brushed your teeth. Read 58) BSM-You're Dating A 5SOS Member from the story One Direction Preferences =P by xLexiGurlx (Lexi) with reads. liampayne, niallhoran, " I know you've been dating since last month so I wanted to tell him something and I know he's here so if you don't want me ransacking your room," he said as he stood. Read Your his sister, your dating another member and he cheats. from the story -One Direction Preferences- by MelissaWildd (Melissa Wild) with reads.

See what I did there? Harry- "I saw you Ashton!! You were gawking at her!! After a while of you laying in your bed, softly crying, Harry knocked on your door. I know it sucks but its just something you've gotta accept.

When you woke up, you heard someone sniffle so you shuffled your body around until you were face-to-face with a broken looking Ashton. Niall- "Mikey, should we tell him? You shifted in his lap and sat against the arm of the couch, putting your legs on his lap while his arms rested on them.

One Direction Imagines Your Dating A Member Of 5sos

After ten minutes of watching TV, you heard the door open and Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall walked in with smiles on their faces. You giggled again and then looked towards Michael who was smiling at your giggling figure.

One Direction Imagines Your Dating A Member Of 5sos

He sat there for a while, frozen, but then sighed. Now, BOYS, and my lovely sister, lets go play some football. Liam- "Cal, can you get us some popcorn?!

You quickly hung up and and desperately tried to apologize and explain. Some how the you snuck around the towns, unnoticed by the people around you, and acted like a normal teenage couple. I love…wait… Well yeah I love her okay?! Luke nodded, blushing even more than he was before. You were Harry Styles sister and you were dating Zayn Malik.

You pushed him back slightly and straddled him while his hands roamed under your shirt. Your hands went to his pants and you slowly undid his trousers. He picked you up bridal style and quickly went to your room, locking and shutting your bedroom door before setting you on your bed.

5SOS Preferences - You're dating a member of 1D and he likes you - Wattpad

His lips were on your here while his hands were on your hips, running his thumbs up and down. You were both stripped down to your underwear and your lips were on his when you heard laughing from downstairs. You both froze in place and quickly got dressed again and then he quickly ran over to your TV, turning it on and unlocking your door before jumping into your bed.

Dating 5SOS (Texting Story's) Pt 1

You grabbed a bag of chips from your nightstand that you kept there for whenever you were hungry and grabbed two water bottles that were stored next to the bag, handing one to Calum and he quickly opened the bag of chips. You both chugged half of your water bottles to make it look real and then placed them on your nightstand. Liam opened the door and smiled when he saw both of you relaxed on your bed, your head resting on his shoulder. Sorry to bother you.

You and Calum smiled at each other before high-fiving. You realized that he pocket dialed you and you were about to hang up when you heard your name.

I'm sure he believed you.

Especially when that 'someone' was one of his close friends. Usually, the boys would be running around and being loud. Liam was over the moon knowing you had finally found Mr Right aka Ashton.

I said I didn't like you, I love you. Why don't you come down to the studio with us and we can tell him together. You quickly got ready and grabbed your phone and keys before walking out of your flat. You drove out of your driveway quickly, singing along to the radio the whole ride until you reached the studio.

You walked in and walked down the hallway until you saw the room that all of the boys were in. You opened the door and source Zayn yelling at Luke who was laying on the ground, clutching his jaw. You looked back at Luke and saw he was looking at the ground next to him.

1D/5SOS BSM preferences

After a few days of Zayn ignoring you both, he soon calmed down and accepted your relationship. I got in a writing mood and decided to write this preference: Log in Sign Up.

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