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The Roman Catholic Church is Not The True Church of God

Posts about Ang Dating Daan written by heavensknight and christiandefenders. As early as St. Paul's time, there are preachers who instill false doctrines not written in the Bible, doctrines different from what apostles taught. He is trying to refute something that I have never asserted in order to have something to bash . 15 Jan If you are contemplating joining Soriano's semi-Arian cult that is deceptively named “Members of Church of God International” or “Ang Dating Daan” cult, these are a few things you should expect to find upon joining;. False,unusual doctrines and cultic teachings. Everything Soriano teaches is utterly false. 26 Dec Ang Dating Daan who decided to convert to this Corporation are not able to detect the ADD's contradictory teachings? This false teaching is refuted by 1 John –3, “This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but.

I appreciate the responses to my comment and the spirit of Christian correction in which they are given. I understand your passion to defend the truth as you perceive it, as this similar passion is the same love I have for the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Though not all of the posts directed to me were polite and on-tangent, thank you.

Yup, I do appreciate Mr. This is a position we have held for years. You must be confusing us with INC. Other churches are defective meaning lacking in apostolic authority, yes. We can argue day in and day out whether Peter is a rock or a pebble, but we cannot conveniently drop the verse where Christ handed Peter the keys to gates of heaven. Christ did institute apostolic authority. I am very sorry to have grieved you as you expressed in your response.

I appreciate your frankness because I am a frank person, too. I hate using words to camouflage what really is inside me. When I express something or anything it comes from my heart and it is the best of my click to see more and belief.

It Refuting Ang Dating Daan Doctrines And Covenants 25 been my attitude and practice not to allege anything especially against anybody if I do not have sufficient evidences to prove it.

It is not protected speech anymore, Mr. Therefore, Church of satan is Biblical. I just want to correct what you said regarding on the catholics being the one who spread the bible The law does not require a person to prove his innocence or produce any evidence at all.

In the interest of truth link justice, at least, there must be two or three witnesses to be brought to testify in a given argument or dispute. The preceding verse requires witnesses. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

It is not only normal, but sane, to love your faith — your church. But it is also wise and sane to be sure that your church or your faith is the true church and faith based on Scriptural truths. While I am discussing the truth in any given topic, I must tell you that not everything that I know can be injected on a particular topic.

I hereunder copy what you said:. If this does not mean that you are judging all churches outside of your alleged true church, is this camouflaged hypocrisy? Logic dictates that where there are no means of salvation, there is no salvation; and that is precisely what is meant by RCC authorities. Casilly page this see image below. You said that my post was wasted. I am sorry you judged it hastily. It would have been better if you asked me if I have further proof to substantiate what I have written.

Refuting Ang Dating Daan Doctrines And Covenants 25

You also said that it is a topic irrelevant to the document at hand, but in searching for the truth, you have to consider present and previous claims and teachings made by the Roman Catholic Church. It is just like taking something out from the whole context of a book or a set of teachings and not taking it out of context. In the fore cited verse, the Book of the Lord contains all the necessary elements of truths. They must be taken in context for the entire truth to be known.

Hereunder, is a part of the question raised at the Second Vatican Council, and the corresponding response:.

What is the meaning of the affirmation that the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church? It is possible, according to Catholic doctrine, to affirm correctly that the Church of Christ is present and operative in the source and ecclesial Communities not yet fully in communion with the Catholic Church, on account of the elements of sanctification and truth that are present in them.

If you believe in all your heart in the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church as defined and redefined in the Second Vatican Council, which I copied above, I hope you will understand me if I believe with all my heart in the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ written even in the official Catholic Bible. In the above cited Lumen Gentium 8 I do not want to judge that this is spoken in hypocrisyit states that: Is this a blatant hypocrisy or a blatant lie?

Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth. I am not confusing you with the Iglesia ni Cristo of Felix Manalo Church of Christ by Felix Manalo because you have the same erroneous and unbiblical stand. You both judge those outside your church, which is against the Gospel. God is the only one capable of judging those outside the true Church of God.

Bro. Eli | Less Traveled Road

Perhaps this cruelty is the result of your belief that there is no salvation outside your church. For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: Was there really continuity in the power and succession, as you claim?

Here is a document to consider. For eleven years, your church RCC was governed by a very notorious pope. What happened to the continuity you are claiming? Refuting Ang Dating Daan Doctrines And Covenants 25 want you to note that this magazine came from inside the Vatican itself. The Church of God is Needed for Salvation. The Church of the Bible: A Catholic Invented Doctrine.

The Covenant on the Fleshy Tables of the Heart. I guess nobody can really refute brother eli. Everything he says has a basis! There's a saying that "if you can't beat them, join them! In my own opinion, the best thing to do for someone to have a 'decent result' in debating bro eli is to stop talking.

But will not be good for readers for it will not be a debate anymore. Well, anyways, just passed by Roman Catholic Church is not the true Church of God!!! Eli proved it clearly!!! Neither is "Ang Dating Daan" is the true church. But the writers of the bible and history will prove to the world's Christians that the Catholic Church is the true church mentioned in the bible in various names as the Church of God or the Church of Christ.

Modern day Christians [and there are many like the ADD] want to steal the true church mentioned in the bible in their name. This is of course to gain adherents or followers the ADD or other religious sects today interpret passages in the bible as referring to their church. In the olden days religious read article just like today are jostling for position as who is the true church. In the 3rd century Ireneus who was the Bishop of Lyons in France compiled all the scriptures into one book as the bible.

Those books other than what he compiled were burned and in his own judgement deemed it as not the words of God. Their inclusion in the bible diminished its importance and are called today as the apocryphal writings of the bible". Which is why in the bible you will read in Refuting Ang Dating Daan Doctrines And Covenants 25 book of Timothy the verse; "All scriptures are inspired by God.

If you claim that the Catholic church is the true church, then why is the bible disputes the catholic doctrines. Why are the catholic authorities order execution of people who are against the catholic doctrine? Why are the catholic priests molest children?

Every week-end where there is Worship Service followed by Thanksgiving, there is a Consultation Period where any question can be asked. I was not born just yesterday. Teaching that they obeyed my teaching. Prayer is a basic doctrine in MCGI.

These accusations are already proven facts. The Catholic committed the most crimes compare to other religious sects. No matter how you defend the catholic church, the evil doings of such church still and will remain. Are they teaching this doctrine????

Eli posted as a reply from your post. Open your mind and open your heart, and you will be enlightened. Eli live on TV. I was born and raise catholic, and studied in catholic school from elementary to HS which was ran by the franciscan priest and nuns. It continued when I took vocational course in Don Bosco which was managed by the Salesian priest. All those years I was a devout catholic. Eventhough I always attending the mass and pray the rosary and was once a devoutee in Baclaran and Quiapo.

But with all those things i always felt something is missing, i wasn't happy. Just an unsolicited advise for Kay, continue visiting this weblog and watch our Church program in this link. And a certain woman named Lydia heard us, a seller of purple of the city of Thyatira, who worshiped God; whose heart the Lord opened, so that she attended to the things which were spoken by Paul.

The Roman Catholic Church is definitely not the true church! This is evident in the RCC blatant violation of provisions and teachings in the bible as what Bro. Their violations were not concealed in public and in fact many proven controversies and acts were written in their own publications and books from the pope down to the clergy.

We know a lot of them How about the false teachings and catholic traditions and dogmas? Are they of God's?

What is The Old Path / Members Church of God International / Ang Dating Daan?

Isn't the Roman Catholic Church is grossly defective? Now, how can you claim that this church is the true church and there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church?

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T he Pope himself is the most evil among Catholics. He or they do not use the Bible when they preach about God, instead, they added stupid readings. Those who worship them are like them also.

Refuting Ang Dating Daan Doctrines And Covenants 25