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Khadi garments at local shopping centers, honey, raw ghani mustard oil is available. KVI in Hajipur industrial area where the central Puny plants are designed to wear.

It has also room to stay. Gandhiji take bathe here when stay at Ashram. Deep Narayan Singh Museum: Before this it known as Hajipur Sangrahalaya. It is situated at Gandhi chauk Hajipur, established in The temple enshrine 7 inch long shivling on the base of 22 inch, with a view of Nagdev spotted on the floor. There is also a kg wt statue of Lord Hanuman which is made of …. Durga Mandir at Nakhash Chowk: This temple was established with combined effort of the local people.

It is dedicated of Lord. The subsistence of this holy place dates back to the Mughal era and it appeared in middle of thousand year old banyan All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Kantha and interesting tale about the temple was self constructed Temple.

All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Kantha

During excavation around the decade, a Bishal Shivling, about 5 ft below the ground was found. Now a day it is high up at that place, in newly constructed Mandir.

A new beautiful temple which houses Shivling with south oriented relief of Devi Parvati, engraved alphabet of Mantra for propitiating a deity on Argha and on the top of Shivling in Maithili inscription Ashtadal Kamal ephemeris on which Bhupur and Trisul have shown. It is situated at the confluence of the Gandak and Ganges in Hajipur.

It is traditionally believed to be the place where the mythical elephant was caught by a crocodile and Lord Vishuna got it released.

Scriptures tell that Lord Vishnu had to interfere go here the fight to save his devotee Gajaraj, who was being drowned by crocodile. Both Gaja and Grah were gandharvas.

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But due to some curse they became Gaja and Graah. Lord Vishnu killed Graah to give him instant salvation, and saved life of Gajaraj. Although it is the preferred spot for cremations, the view from here is stunning, especially at sunset. Kabir Math Konhara Gath: Badi Durga Konhara Gath: It is about 6 km west of Hajipur, on the confluence of the Gangas, the Gandak and the Mahi at Kunahra ghat. Made in the late medieval period 18th centuryby Mathabar Singh Thapa, one of the army commanders of Nepal.

The temple brings-in a All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Kantha pagoda-style architecture of the Himalayan Kingdom to the plains of the Ganga. This temple is built largely of wood.

It is known for the Khajuraho -like erotic carvings on its wooden pillars that depict the journey of mankind for sexuality to spirituality. Along with Shivalinga some medieval sculptures are found housed in this temple. Kunwarki Khurd Balwa Kuwari: This Village is situated on the banks of Ganga River. Famous Mughal king Humayun was a dedicated follower of Hazrat Abul Fatah Hidayatullah Sarmast and took his advice on worldly, political and spiritual issues. According to Jayaswal Research Institute Archaeological Explorations this site belongs to medieval period.

The local tradition has it that lord Ramchandra had a stopover here for a bath on his way to Janakpur. There are some marks on stone, which are said to be his foot-prints. click here

Archeological objects excavated from Ramchaura are kept at the Patna Museum. Inside the fort built by this king in Hajipur there is a mosque called Jami Masjid, a plain building measuring The mosque is crowned by three domes, the central one being larger than the others.

An inscription over its stone gateway records its erection in the year A. The Jami Masjid of Hajipur is one of the most remarkable monuments belonging to the Mughal period.

This temple came in existence from It is belived that the Shivalinga, came out automatically from the deep surface of the earth Patallok. Renovation of Mandir is done in the year This Temple has a number of statues of Hindu deities.

It is believed that at one point of time Lord Shiva had appeared and decided upon to reside there forever in the form of lingam. During Shivratri, the temple is ornamented attractively and devotees make offerings and pray for destruction of evils from their lives.

There is a wedding pavilion temple complex where matrimonial rituals are performed whole year and has been widely as well as officially recognized. It attracts a large crowd of Muslims throughout the years. Tomb of Ruknuddin Shahe Khatte Ruknuddin: Jagdamba Temple Gadai Sarai: Bishhar Mandir Gadai Sarai: Business person and farmers The Hookup Delilah Judah Smith Free Download ipad place great faith.

People gather here for worship here on every Monday and Friday to offer milk to the idol. Tomb of Haji Ilyas: The soil of this land is blessed by the visit of Lord Buddha twice during 3rd century BC. Raja Vishal ka Garh: Over seven thousand representatives of the federal assembly gathered here to legislate and discuss the problems of the day. Now it look like ruins of a fort.

As a result of excavation the remains of a community well was found. Many antiquities remains like terracotta objects such as ball,beads,disc,ear studs,etc and toy cart, iron rings, and objects made of copper, bone All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Kantha ivory were found from this site. It can be develop as a bat sanctuary. Temple lies on the northern bank of the Bawan Pokhar.

It is believed to have been built during the Pallava Period. The temple consists an interesting array of basalt black images of several deities, All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Kantha dated back to the Gupta and Pallavr periods.

Relic Stupa Lichhavi Stupa: It is situated near Abhishek Pushkarini tank about 35 km from district headquarter Hajipur of Vaishali district. In in an archaeological excavation this Stupa came into light. Lichhavi built this stupa in any time between and BC, over their share of the 8th part of holy mortal remains Relic of Lord Buddha.

The partially full Relic Casket was discovered in this excavation. The casket contained, besides the ashes of Lord Buddha mixed with earth, a piece of Conch, two glass Beads, a small piece of Gold- Leaf and a copper punch-marked Coin. The relic -casket was only partially full seems to confirm, as tradition says, the stupa had been opened up its relics by Asoka, who is also said to have left behind a portion of relics for worship by the Lichchhavis.

He originally enshrined it in a cave near the Tapt Kund hot springs. The confluence is named after god Shiva, who is also known as Rudra. But the bull disappeared into the ground to reappear later in his original self of Lord Shiva at five places; in the form of a hump at Kedarnath, in the shape ofbahu arms at Tungnath, with his face at Rudranath, his nabhi navel and stomach at Madhyamaheswar and his hair locks called jata at Kalpeshwar. It is an eight 8 feet high mound spread over an area of 2 hectare.

Abhiskek Pushkarni Coronation tank, Kharuna Pokhra: It is situated about 1 km to the north- west of the Raja Vishal ka Garh. Surrounded by flowering trees the tank, now called kharauna Pokhara is locally believed to represent the ancient Abhishek Pushkarini of the Lichchhavis. It contains water that was believed to be sacred in the old days. The purposes to built the Stupa was to create peace in the world.

The museum was set up in to preserve the antiquities found during exploration and excavation in and around the area. It has four galleries. The Museum first gallery displays the terracotta objects like human figurines, Naigamesha, mother and child, Durga, plaque of Buddha, another plaque showing image of Bodhisattva and a female figure. In addition to this stone Chitravali, moulded bricks and brick tiles are also on display.

The important exhibits in the second gallery are click at this page figurines of ram, elephant, horse, bull, dog, monkey, birds, snake hood, seals and sealing, wheel, rattle, dabber, beads, toilet pan of terracotta, copper punch marked and cast coins, etc. The third gallery displayed Potsherds of NBP and PGW, objects like antler, bone, bangle, arrowheads, iron and copper implements like knife, nail, bell, etc.

All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Kantha

The fourth gallery contains exhibits like earthen ware such as bowl, dish, miniature vessel, vase, lamp, inkpot, lid bell, sprinkler and spout etc. A new beautiful Jain Temple which houses statues of 22 inch high black stone ancient Tirthankaras Mahavira, was built near by just to the west of the old temple.

Previously this statues was in the old temple, now enshrined in this newly built temple.

Karn Prayag is the location where Alaknanda River is joined by the Pindar River that originates from the Pindar glacier, below the Nanda Devi hill range. During excavation in year a four headed Shivling made of black basalt was found. Badrinath Shrine opening on 11th May, at 4. The approach is extremely difficult and pilgrims therefore offer puja at the temple itself.

Vietnam Temple at Vaishali: Lord Buddha Statue at Vaishali: Chaturmukhi Mahadeva Kampan chapra: During excavation in year a four headed Shivling made of black basalt was found.

In year further excavation revealed the remains of a temple. Now a day new temple was built on the ruins of old temple. Engraved inscription has been seen in base of the statue.

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On this holy place Buddha announced his Mahaparinirvana after staying here for a few days, he went to Pava Siwan. Stivension in during his Vaishali tour had seen this temple under construction. This is a modern temple which was made by the co-operations of the villagers.

Before this, eight metal statues were found which later got stolen away.

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After receiving Khilafat he worked on his own spirituality, attained enlightenment and spent rest of his life in propagating spiritual Sufi messages in Shattari way.