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3 Nov I have seen some white girls date east asian men, but dating a girl that is competely blond and blue eyed is rare. 0 .. So, remove yourself entirely from the sphere of typical dating whether it be talking to women in bars or hoping to make a 'connection' through dating sites or any of that ****, just leave it out. 30 Dec I went on Tinder to create two accounts: one as a white male (James, 24 y/o) and one as a white female (Lauren, 22 y/o). White girls don't use Tinder in Hanoi because no female ever travels to Vietnam to hookup. First, I asked the guys who messaged Lauren if they prefer white girls or Asian girls. 26 May "Me: *breathes* White man: you're so ~exoticccc~? When I'm with an Asian- American friend who is the token in a big group of white gays and I find out that they have a low-key racist nickname like “Panda.” Once I was picking .. Do your parents want you to have an arranged marriage to a woman still?.

I went on Tinder to create two accounts: They are like the girl, the guy next door. I swiped as James for 3 days and as Lauren for only 1 day. Idk about you but I find small talk on Tinder excruciating.

My idea of a perfect conversation on Tinder should be something like this:. But of course, life never goes as I wish so I had to put up with Tinder etiquettes.

Sign up today to begin meeting Asian men online. White skin, blonde hair and big eyes are considered beautiful. Follow 2 Student Money Week Forum: The sad thing is that it's a one-way opinion.

Both swiped right on everyone. None messaged any match first. Below is the summary of their stats:. But here, he got 41 matches on the first day. Then it slowed down on the second and third day. I can almost hear them laughing while drinking cheap, cold beer on Ta Hien streets: On OKCupid, men send 3. Growing up in Vietnam, I know that link of my Viet girl friends ever approaches men.

Some Viet girls indeed post this on their profiles:. Yet, James still got 13 first messages! Imagine how much more success James would have got if he messaged girls first. Not exactly, but he really should. The next thing to notice was that while the majority of girls on Tinder in Hanoi are Vietnamese, the majority of guys are foreigners.

Use your heritage as your advantage. But out here in surrey an the 2 times i went clubbing ive seen plenty of indian guys with wite women. Now for accents and language. Not trying to be cocky I have quite a bit of east asian male friends which I have gotten really close with.

Some Viet guys are apparently very bitter about it:. First, I asked the guys who messaged Lauren if they prefer white girls or Asian girls. The common answers of white guys are:. One answer particularly stood out for me is that this guy thinks Viet girls are all about money.

I more or less understand where he comes from. This research made me a little bit sad.

Asian Guy Hookup White Girl Site

Chip, are you still in Vietnam for a short vacation? I just finished my 9 months living in Vietnam and experienced exactly the same! Your advisor is right about those vaccines but what he missed out was statistically speaking, you should be more concern about the traffic and motobikes than anything else.

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Just read few of your entries from blog and loved them. Like Liked by 1 person. Wow this is such a great try. I see plenty of my dude friends dating white gals teaching ESL here or simply interested in white gals, a lotttt. Just sad that they usually have a thought that white girls are easy and sleep around a lot, give up pussies for sexual desires.

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Furthermore, our ppl can be warm and friendly to foreigners, but does NOT necessarily MEAN that we like it when white men dating girls here. The only thing the locals hate about this thing is that a very small percentage of Viet girls who were not able to date a decent Viet male but asshole ones, and then they see this white dude http://24dating.me/goba/100-free-online-sex-dating-site.php think that whites are richer, more galant, treat women better….

These girls, together with plenty of girls simply want to talk to whites to improve English, made a majority of men think that Viet girls are easy and willing to spread legs for them for just being white. They think they are better than locals, a big wrong. Apart from that, if they have true love and sentiments, I appreciate that.

And bear in mind that the 9x s and 10x s born Vietnamese males, especially from big cities and metropolis areas, are absoulutely manly, cool, open-minded, treat women pretty fine and tolerant towards new customs compared to the older generations before while they still maintain the good traits and characteristics of a Vietnamese man.

Forget to mention that the physical appearance is also improving a lot ha Asian Guy Hookup White Girl Site. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. My idea of a perfect conversation on Tinder should be something like this: Below is the summary of their stats: Some Viet girls indeed post this on their profiles: There are several possible explanations for this: Some girls are sex-workers.

Asian Guy Hookup White Girl Site

Some Viet guys are apparently very bitter about it: The common answers of white guys are: Viet girls are too easy. However, I asked Viet guys if they thought Viet girls were easy and they all said no.

Maybe Viet girls are only easy when they are with white guys? Viet girls all want to get married, and Tinder is the wrong place for that. Some of them even said they preferred white girls for two reasons: White girls are more independent than Viet girls.

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White girls are better in bed. So white girls, if you like a Viet guy, go for it. December 30, at 5: February 9, at Just some thoughts, not wanna make an argument or rant. August 12, at 8: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.