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Religion brainwashed me into doing irrational and emotionally self-damaging things that I would have easily recognized as primitive and harmful were it not for my indoctrination. Of all the practices I look back on with horror, this was the worst. By removing the veil of secrecy that keeps these practices from public knowledge, my hope is that women suffering source these communities will feel empowered to leave.

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There are three key tenets of Orthodox Judaism, each associated with an array of laws that must be strictly adhered to. Of the three, people are generally familiar with two: The third pillar of Orthodox Judaism, family purity or niddah, is one very few people outside of that insular world are aware of.

However, if broken, the laws accompanying it carry a far greater penalty in the next world than those related to the Sabbath or keeping Kosher. The laws of family purity apply to all spectrums of orthodoxy, including the modern ones that allow women to wear trousers and uncover their hair, like the sect Ivanka Trump belongs to, for example.

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You see, beginning on the days when she anticipates her period, a husband and wife are forbidden from having any sexual relations until seven days following Best Hookup Site For Busy Professionals Doing Chores In Panties end of her period.

Except for the far left minority, most orthodox sects go even further with their adherence to the ancient laws by completely prohibiting any physical contact.

Couples may not sleep in the same bed, or even hand objects to each other directly even a babyall to prevent the increase of temptation to have sexual contact. These laws apply even after a miscarriage, during childbirth, months following childbirth, and even if a spouse loses a family member and needs a hug from their partner.

The white cloth is inserted into the vagina so that any fluid or discharge is absorbed. The first examination of the seven days requires the cloth to be left in for about an hour, even if the woman is out of the house, and it is usually quite painful.

Here is an excerpt from a website detailing very specific examination instructions http: If during the seven days any of the examination cloths contain even a tiny spot darker than tan, or a spot on her underwear bigger than a penny and darker than tan, she more info take the underwear or cloth to a special rabbi for further evaluation. Seeing a spot obviously induces massive anxiety for housewives longing for any affection from their husbands, many of whom also worry that their deprived husbands will start looking elsewhere.

How do boys and girls raised in a culture obsessed with modesty accept this practice when they are made aware of what they must adhere to? The girls are also told that without a forced physical separation, their husbands will only see them as sexual toys and will have no incentive to talk to them and connect on a deeper emotional and intellectual level. Once vaginal discharge is darker than tan, a legal judgment is required. However, the minority left-leaning sect has, in recent years, certified some women to make these judgments.

The center and right-leaning majority, however, does not recognize their certification because they are female judges, for all intents and purposes.

A little taking the other for granted. I love this post. The very person who started this website, Richard Dawkins, has done so much to boost the position of all secular people and has no doubt suffered great aggravation in all of these years because of it. It may hurt, and you may not be ready, but what comes next may not only break your heart, but break your bank account as well.

Women encouraging other women and their daughters to painfully violate themselves for God, instead of listening to their bodies and protecting themselves. Further, these are the least extreme of the bunch! Is this in the Bible? The prohibition for a man to not approach a menstruating woman is one of the commandments in the Old Testament. Like kosher and the Sabbath, the specific laws governing the execution of the commandment here recorded various rabbinical writings considered as binding as the Best Hookup Site For Busy Professionals Doing Chores In Panties itself.

The scope of this article does not include the vast laws that govern what the woman must do to her body on the night of her ritual bath, the emotional stresses put on the marriage and on the spouses by these laws, and how men who are prohibited from spilling their seed deal with so much celibacy Hint: In Jewish law, a married man sleeping with a single woman who is not his wife is NOT considered adulterous. Adultery is defined by the marital status of the woman. How do people even function in day-to-day life with all of these ridiculous rules and governances?

OP — The laws of family purity apply to all spectrums of orthodoxy, including the modern ones that allow women to wear trousers and uncover their hair, like the sect Ivanka Trump belongs tofor example.

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I find this incredibly sad. After reading the article I was able to find information about this online, but it would have never occurred to me to look for it before.

Aside from the incredible invasiveness of the procedures for checking for blood, the entire concept of physically limiting all intimacy, even a simple touch, for potentially weeks at a time, is horrendous and must have some strong psychological repercussions.

There were suggestions of infertility treatments to respond to this problem! The absurdity is mind-boggling and incredibly saddening. And once again, the women suffer most. There is an apocryphal parallel to this phrase attributed to Stalin: She does not buy it.

Best Hookup Site For Busy Professionals Doing Chores In Panties

Let him make excuses to the public. Leave the ball in his court. Melissa K, I agree with you on all fronts. But, with a twist. Hopefully many people here have read my stuff for a while and realize that while i here content being a giant middle finger, what follows here is, in fact an attempt at being funny.

I feel bad that you had a bad experience and I understand that you want to share it and help others. Hence the way this article is written it makes it seem that these laws are primitive more info unhealthy for the women keeping them. There are also many books which are written claiming the Earth is flat, or that the Moon-landings were a hoax!

Their authors also have credibility problems when in rational company. You have single handedly shown exactly why this is unacceptable. And, single handedly summarized my absolute disdain for so many religions. The fact that you seem like a very nice and genteel human being only serves to highlight further how pernicious this collection of taboos and superstitions actually are.

How dare this religion do such repugnant shit? Typical mindless adherence and thoughtlessness. One says that you can beat homosexuality out of your child. Another says that if you say the right prayers, their leukemia will clear up, another extolls the benefits of a vegan diet for newborns, hey, voodoo, santaria, animal sacrifice…. It reminds me of when that man in Iran said that homosexuality was punishable by death in Iran….

I have maintained an even, reasoned tone. Ngina Otiende on February 11, at 4: But honestly, I can tell from you picture that you have lovely hair.

What a reprehensible thing to justify. Every religion has its own gender traitors after all. Consciousness raising amongst them is needed immediately. On this website, when you post a claim you may be challenged to provide a source for that. Of course we could never trust the answers of the women themselves. Some truly support this bizarre tactic but many will indicate support out of fear. Give me a break. These women are trapped in an abusive little world from which it is extremely difficult to escape.

Alpha males of the in-group who are absolutely brainwashed and intimidated by the prospect of women running their own lives in an independent autonomous way must find the rules and click of their read article religions to be very convenient when it comes to Free Chat With Girls their women on a short leash.

The misogynistic statement of the century award. Laurie B, Great post. Your controlled burn is much more effective than my laser beams! I wish I had your writing style. Because Some might proffer Trump as the current leader for the award. Second, and on a lighter note, what does this award look like? Is a sphincter shaped trophy too callous? The actually trophy is a six foot long dildo. The winner of the award will be bludgeoned with it at the award ceremony. For the record, just to put you in your place crooked, I can out-callous you any day of the week in three languages.

I could also take tea with the Queen. The mother of three says her religion plays an important role in family life. I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity. Ivanka and Jared Kushner reportedly keep kosher — that is, they follow the dietary restrictions in the Torah, eating no http://24dating.me/goba/adult-hookup-sites-in-perrinton-michigan.php or pork and keeping milk products and meat products separate.

And for [daughter] Arabella to know that she has me, undivided, one day a week? Though I appreciate their voices as well! You are correct that every Orthodox Jewish woman follows these laws. Do they accept them? They truly believe it is the word and will of god. They HAVE to follow the laws. But privileged to have them??

They may say so. Do you know how many dedicated religious women I know who have CRIED to me that their periods came back while breastfeeding?? They cried because they did NOT want to have to follow these laws. They may justify these laws… try to rationalize them. It is completely possible to become emotionally connected to your spouse without forced physical separation for half the month.

And after a miscarriage?

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To not be able to be touched or hugged or anything? That is emotional neglect. Not because they are good. There is not one good thing about them. Versatility protects against extinction. Oh, and i have enough trouble with English….