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Require every team member regardless of their function or business unit who wants to engage on behalf of your brand to complete your our certification program. Require additional certification for anyone using social media to communicate to shareholders and media. A misstep at this level could be a disaster that costs your company millions and source your brand beyond repair.

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Make sure the people at the controls have enough training. Then train them some more.

Hidden in the terms and conditions is this information and sometimes includes a complex method of opting out. Instead, inspire them with the big picture. Then train them some more.

Share and promote your social media strategy, governance and principles, not just low-level tips and orders. Instead, inspire them with the big picture.


Then free them up to use their own voice and their own judgment as they engage online. Correct them when they make a mistake.

Encourage them when they excel. Craft a content strategy.

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Nail down the Big Idea that will play out in everything you write and all the tactics you execute. That could be years. Socialize your culture, not just your technology. They use social media as a megaphone, not a telephone. Your whole organization needsto adapt to the empowered customer. Write up a plan. Your social strategy needs just as much forethought as any other business process.

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Taking the time to plan ahead will pay off. Retaining your current customers is 5 to 10 times cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Free No Credit Card Sex Site

So why are you blowing all your social media efforts on the short-term sale? Use social media to cultivate the long-term customer experience. Automate as much as you can.

Free No Credit Card Sex Site

A more wide-ranging social strategy means you need to get more efficient. Savvy brands are using relevant targeted content to lower customer acquistion cost, and increase organic SEO traffic for a fraction the cost of paid media.