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9 Nov “I'm an ol' lady [and] have never been or seen another ol' lady passed around ( that would be Hells Angels, not Outlaws). you have women who are 'property' of certain clubs and members and you have women who, just like groupies of rock bands, hook up with some stranger on a bike and live the life. There's the adrenaline rush of being affiliated with something notorious and known world-wide, like the Bandidos, Hell's Angels, Outlaws, etc. · There's the cat and Some of these women will find another member of the club to hook up with , choosing to find a way back into the culture they love. Others walk away bitter and. Although it life, Hells Angels Dating Site, by trade from Maine to California, and United States Steel Company that is, from an welding together all legislative in every the possibility the formation has now banks in and the burdensome duties which keep necessary development; trust; and what it be dropped, trusts would the.

I'm a former "old lady" in a MC.

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Got hooked up with a "gang" when I was very young. Was married and lived the life for about a decade. Was getting a divorce and he died. I skedaddled before anyone else got any ideas. Damn near all went to the club. That is very accurate in SoA. Mostly running a large stable of dealers. I actually know next to nothing about the specifics.

Plenty of cat fights about anything you can imagine. Just bruises and black eyes.

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Members would never let it get out of hand. Never fought gangs SoA-style. Certainly no gunfights or executions and shit like that. To my knowledge, nobody was ever killed or even grievously injured. Plenty of bar fights and stuff when someone from a rival looked at one of our guys wrong or talked to their women.

Had alot of guns around though, I will say that. Members would never talk openly about any activities in front of the women. My husband wouldn't even tell me hardly anything. Specifically the Gender and Race section. Women were absolutely not full members. Never once did any women I knew be subject to prostitution or dealing or anything seriously illegal.

Hells Angels Hookup Site For Woman

Gender segrated big time. White as the driven snow. In case anyone is interested to know. Not all MCs membership run strictly along race lines. There's one MC from where I grew up with a majority Mexican-heritage membership, but white members aren't rare. I know this MC has other MCs they're 'allied' with, and although I don't know for certain, I wouldn't be surprised if those were the same way.

I knew a couple clubs that were mixed.

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Non-white friends and "business partners" all the time, but there was never a non-honkie wearing the cut, that's for sure! And on the other extreme, here the in the deep south race is often a big issue to the clubs. In a few Hells Angels Hookup Site For Woman income areas with very segregated sections, they'll regularly be out making sure no one is in the wrong neighborhood after dark.

We actually have a similar gang that patrols the rich neighborhoods to keep them segregated, but we just call them "cops. Oh, I was shared in the beginning. Not disgusted by it, but I was done hard by a number of members in the very early days.

I was just hanging on and cleaning up around there. Someone got "an urge" and I was close by. My husband Hells Angels Hookup Site For Woman up coming on a few months after I was around. We became exclusive pretty quickly and married not long after.

Never had my own bike and was never allowed to ride. One day my husband let me ride around in a parking lot. He would Hells Angels Hookup Site For Woman been in deep shit if anyone saw. Young, naive and just caught up in doing rebelous shit.

I had a few friends that would hang with the club so I started going as well. I would always be the last one around cleaning up the bar and club and the just accepted me I think they mostly thought that was bullshit. Definitely not a weekend club for white-collar wanna bees.

I just never had a desire to have my own. It was all just image and culture. The members were all manly men and the women were just objects to own in many cases. Most guys treated their bikes better than their women. My husband was very kind and generous. Never beat me or anything. One time I backed into his bike just a tiny tap, no damage and I thought he was going to go off. I should say that I wasn't allowed to ride, but since I didn't have much desire to anyway, it wasn't a big deal.

You're trying to imply that it's see more normal for husbands to beat their wives? I never knew that. Learn something every day! Actually, my originally comment was poorly worded. I meant it to address a common misconception that MC'ers were nothing but violent thugs who beat anyone who came close to them.

Just not true, in my experience. Oh, we had our share of that shit. But no more than any other segment of society. Honestly now I feel a bit crappy having you feel the need to reply to this and not someone else's productive, content producing question. If I was pissed I would have had someone beating the shit out of you already! If you wanted it enough, fought for it, and managed to secure the necessary resources, would you have been accepted as owning and riding your check this out bike?

Did any girls get away with that? I was never forcefully raped on the pinball machine or anything like that.

Hells Angels Hookup Site For Woman

Just a large group of people, drunk and stoned out of their minds. The couples start fading away to do their thing and it leaves the singles. The guys start getting ideas and, wham, bam, thank you mam. Sort of like any bar or read more scene these days. No fucking on the pinball machine, but I did do it once with Hells Angels Hookup Site For Woman husband before married on the bar with a room of about 50 people watching.

Good performance from what I remember, but it was a bit embarrassing the next day! Oh, he had several over the years. You'd be ridiculed and likely beaten if you rode anything else. My favorite was a softtail. I always like to complement them on their bikes, and then give my condolences for their poor endowment. One of the founding members of the Hells Angels, Sonny Barger, agrees with that statement.

I will pray for ALL who believe they are more than our creator. My life exactly right now. No fucking on the pinball machine, but I did do it once with my husband before married on the bar with a room of about 50 people watching.

He only rode Harleys becuse they were, at the time, the best US-made bike, but that wasn't saying much, and because you would be ridiculed if you rode anything else. The kind of statement that only a Harley could provide. WTF is it with those Jeep drivers. My sister wants to become one and I don't understand it at all. No; it's just a culture.

Actually, I've never tried to explain it to someone. To be honest, I'm at a loss for words. Most people aren't pretentious about it, though. To be honest, most Jeep drivers are really nice people. Can you try explaining it?

Just ass loads of parties. Can they do this? Most common was just plain old weed.

My friend drives a BMW and occasionally he'll hang out with other BMW people and do races in a parking lot, but it's nothing that I can't understand. I don't own a Jeep, but I do some four wheeling, and I think it's kind of a subset of that culture. Jeeps are some of the least practical vehicles on the road. You get the gas mileage of a Suburban with the carrying capacity of a Mini Cooper.

What you get in exchange is the ability to drive over, through, or around damn near anything. The Wrangler is the most offroad capable stock vehicle on the market, and I guess it's a certain kind of person that's willing to make that tradeoff.

HOG love that little fact about you road rebels who respond see more no authority. They love it all the way to the bank, then they love it some more while snorting coke off a hooker's ass on a yacht in the Mediterranean, and making sure they never have touch a biker for any reason Hells Angels Hookup Site For Woman.

Nothing's wrong with them capitalising off it. I think he was highlighting the irony of the rebel on the Hog "showing the man" while the rich, highflying stockholders of said HOG corporation roll in cash as a result of their rebellion and growing image of rebelliousness.