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A Brilliantly Simple Way to Boost Website Traffic - How to Get International Blog Traffic

How to Get More Website Visitors

4 Nov The good news is, there are lots of ways to effectively advertise your site online and drive tons of qualified traffic to your site, all for free! And by Traffic Generation Tactic #9: Employ online business networking communities to hook up with other entrepreneurs for link swaps and joint marketing ventures. Shopping depends in a large part on whether your products appeal to the average consumer, how much competition is inside Yahoo! An easy way to buy links is to hook up with text-link brokers like 24dating.me You want to benefit from the additional traffic that you'd get from that site, regardless of any search. 9 Sep People will always want to meet and hook up; that's one thing that will never change. But keep reading, because charging your members isn't the only way to make money from your dating website. . A quick way to generate some traffic, there are many online directories to list your new dating site in.

Traffic is to digital marketing like gasoline is to an engine. Trouble is, traffic can be hard to get. If you want to shorten that time frame, take a look at these traffic-building tactics. These specialized keywords are easier to rank for because they have less competition. But they often still have good search volumes, and they tend to convert better.

There are several themes, or templates, that I've found that include everything you need to get started, including Sweet Date see below. My question is how to get started? I even saw someone release a live site with the demo member photos still in place!

Does your site have the basic nuts and bolts of search engine optimization in place? For instance, is your website fast and mobile-friendly?

Are you using meta title and description tags correctly? You work hard to finish every piece of content. So why not make the most of your efforts? Reformat that content into multiple sources of traffic.

Videos are often the best choice for reformatting.

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YouTube is the second largest search engine…. SlideShares are also a fantastic way to rework content. In a few hours you can remake a blog post or an ebook into a SlideShare. And SlideShares get traffic: Every time I reformat a post into a SlideShare I get about 20 new visitors to my site every day for a month, just from that one new piece of content. So why not get your posts seen by more people? I regularly hear from consultants and smaller companies that they get far more viewers for their posts on LinkedIn than they do when they publish on their own website.

What if you republished some content as a Kindle book and included links to other content on your site in the Kindle book? All it would take is a light edit of an eBook, or you could reorganize a series of blog posts. This is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to boost traffic. This takes very little time, and every once in a while it creates a significant traffic spike.

Adding a link to StumbleUpon takes barely a minute, and can sometimes generate quite a lot of traffic. Click at this page industry has at least one or two sites like this. They are reputable, widely-known sites that let you mention new content.

Everything you publish should be top-notch and super-useful. Otherwise no amount of promotion may be enough to get people to read it and share it. Tread carefully with these, but you can get additional traffic from them. I got this term from Natalie Lussierwho partnered with a very small group of marketers and consultants to create her own wolf pack.

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Everyone in the pack knew everyone else well. If you can find a few other marketers in complementary but not competitive businesses, and you can trust their work completely, a wolf pack can be a powerful continue reading generator. Influencers are people who have a large online following. You reach out to them and ask them to share your content because it would be of interest to them. And while you could dive into Google AdWords or even LinkedIn ads to promote your content, services like Taboola and Outbrain may end up being more effective.

I know this seems questionable — for many B2B marketers, the whole point of content is to get leads.

How To Get MASSIVE Traffic Online

Getting leads means asking for at least an email address before someone can see your premium content. But gating content drastically reduces how much exposure it gets.

Videos are often the best choice for reformatting. I just want to know about copyright stuff and what I should consider there to protect it. Below is the longer version where I give you details about all these steps.

Gate most of your content, but leave a few pieces free as traffic and link magnets. Want a good example of this? But it is a way to get traffic to your site. Share each piece of content more than once! And not just within the first week that you published it. This is a new technology more people should use. The overlays let you promote content, build an email listor just send people to your website. Guest blogging continue reading definitely drive traffic.

And How To Get Traffic To Your Hookup Site the days of guest blogging solely as a link-building tactic are over, if you write high-quality posts for high-quality sites, you can still attract high-quality traffic.

To make it worth your time, aim for the highest-traffic, highest-quality sites that will accept your posts. Blog commenting is an underrated way to get traffic, but it works.

Blog comments are also a great way to demonstrate your expertise and to build relationships with bloggers and site editors. Love being in front of a camera?

How To Get Traffic To Your Hookup Site

Launch a YouTube channel. Or get yourself a spot as a guest contributor on the likes of ForbesIncEntrepreneur or similar sites. Many CEOs are using those types of guest columns to get major exposure for their companies. There are almost endless ways to boost traffic to your site. Do you have a favorite trick for attracting traffic?

Tell us about it in the comments. Pam Neely has been marketing online for 18 years. Written by Pam Neely. Get the search engine optimization right 1 Http://24dating.me/goba/hookup-sites-for-shy-guys-uk.php for long tail keywords.

Rework your content 3 Reformat your content into videos, infographics, SlideShares and more. YouTube is the second largest search engine… SlideShares are also a fantastic way to rework content.

How To Get Traffic To Your Hookup Site

Heidi Cohen has reformatted some of her blog posts into SlideShares 4 Republish your content. Promote your content 5 Announce your new content to your email list.

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