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Sign in is easy, convenient, and secure when you use Microsoft Authenticator. Use your phone, not your password, to log into your Microsoft account. You simply have to enter your username, then approve the notification sent to your phone. Your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN will provide a second layer of security in this two. 31 Mar Earlier this month I penned an article about the one thing preventing me from ditching my iPhone and switching to a Galaxy S7 edge. In my eyes, Samsung's latest flagship phone is as close as any company has come to the ideal physical smartphone experience given current technology limitations. Make a book of your iPhone text message conversations great Valentines or anniversary gift!.

Continues from Part 5. Official Samsung Galaxy Tab product page. For those of you maintaining the wiki, please whim me to sticky it in the alpha post and thread notice. That's got that out of the way. I'd like something so I can do things in real time. Probably flash OC rom, looks very smooth.

The app just times out. They suggested that I back up my data then perform a hard reset by typing in a sequence of numbers. I'm an IT consultant so see a lot of different people in a day. Quite a few tweaks and the major one is that the internal file system has been changed for Samsungs proprietary slow RFS file system to the much faster EXT4. Mine is showing up.

So after all of this palava over Car chargers being 2 amps or putting out the required milliwatts i decide to goto all phones and purchase this company's car charger over the counter http: Well Market Enabler is the bomb. Will try US and a few other countries soon. Cheers, would that just Bgr Hookup Simulator 2018 Downloadable Calendars in store, or only online? Website says they're out right now: And would I need to bundle it with a telstra sim?

Sorry for being a pain. Seems the hardware graphics were not running to full potential I know quadrant is the most unreliable benchmark out there, but it's still a very significant improvement.

Is this fine or should I really click the following article through and wipe everything and start again?

The only time you really need to start from scratch is if there's a base change which will be a major version number change 1. No need to do a full wipe if updating from Beta2 to RC1. I have done the same thing with no problems. Just remember to uninstall and reinstall Flash Player otherwise it won't work. Also wiping the Dalvik Cache through recovery can't hurt. A side note, oovoo rotated video camera problem is back on Gingerbread OC Rom.

I have emailed oovoo, and they have said that due to software problems, they are only supporting Android 2. What about the Digislide digishow?

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There are a couple up on ebay http: Will try US and a few othe r countries soon. Is Asphalt 5 a trailer only? Thats all i got after downloading it. Had a couple force closes, which had never happened before I'll see if it happens again. Both new games close on me after the opening video.

Reinstalling didnt hel either. Wonder what has gone wrong.

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It is a lot better than when i had it as a stock standard telstra tab. I am not even techically minded but i found it so easy to do. I think its faster and more responsive so I am happy i tried it. The problem with changing the setting, some media files. It does make a marked improvement on Quadrant scores and overall feel speed of the system, but gotta have dem vids working too. Download "Blade Buddy" from market, free version is fine Hit save in the menu.

Before you reboot, change the build. Reboot it all and give it another run. I have found that neither of them work either.

Though nova doesn't crash but the main menu just gives a white screen.

Bgr Hookup Simulator 2018 Downloadable Calendars

For those who have them working, what version of android are you running? I'm on overcome RC 1, android 2. I did the same thing and I find android 2. Getting rid of the telstra boot screen is a bonus as well. I found the process straight forward so you don't need to be a techie to successfully install the software. In fact the 'techie types' are the worst offenders: XDA is full of mindless posts from these types.

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I'm on stock T and it's set at true and my vids play fine. Issue with what ever ROMs you're running? Yeah it's an issue with the new GB leaks that have come out, standard config from samsung is a bit different to froyo Are you on stock or OC rom? Just curious if it's my tab or the rom.

Just a quick question re flashing a modem when restocking to GB, did everybody use the JK3 modem? I have a Telstra tab but have a 3 simcard in it. Should I use the JPZ modem instead? My restocking just failed at the Odin stage and now it won't boot up at all. I've got it on charge on the plug now but it still doesn't show as charging and doesn't respond to pushing the power button. First thing would be to see if odin recognises it when it's plugged in, if so just start the restock from scratch.

It won't click here at all. I followed the instructions to the letter — nothing says that you can't charge through the computer.

I don't know what to do. I can't get into download mode so I can't see any way of getting out of this. I really needed this for study and I'm heading into exams right now.

The only time you can charge on the computer is when you have the SGT switched off, even then it is only a trickle Bgr Hookup Simulator 2018 Downloadable Calendars as it requires a 2 Amp charger and most USB ports only outputs milliamps. Maybe one of the more technical guys here can help out, might have to reflash to stock and try again if possible? One of the few ways to brick a tab is to get disconnected ie battery dying half way thru odin. When plugged into a PC the tab still charges however depending on what you're doing the discharge could be faster then the slow charge PC will provide.

Bgr Hookup Simulator 2018 Downloadable Calendars

I really hope you can somehow restore your system. Jump on XDA-dev and ask the question there as there's Bgr Hookup Simulator 2018 Downloadable Calendars more experts on that site.

I've tried to post over on XDA but it won't let me because I've posted less than 10 times. My SGT is sitting at 'data backup' now for more than 10 minutes just on contacts, is that normal? In that case just ask a Q in the Overcome thread. Don't start a new one. If I were you I'd kill reboot and start again. No luck reviving this. Seems gone for all money. Anybody know what the warranty process is like?

I got mine about a month ago. Under 'My Samsung' — 'My Request', you can send in a request to have the device checked out I guess under warranty. Do you know what happens with warranty when you were trying to flash new firmware? I've noticed quite a few odin firmware upgrade go here. I can only compare with Nokia firmware upgrading. With nokia's it's impossible to brick your phone my computer even crashed during the midst of flashingbut unfortunately using odin, when it crashes or your computer does, it seems like you can be left with a brick.

In once of the cases i'm following, the guy gave up and took it to a samsung service centre, and they couldn't fix it either. Don't mention anything about what you were actually doing. Just tell them it's not booting up. Yeah I was thinking I would say I had it plugged into Kies and left it there for a while and when I came back to it, it just wouldn't start at all.

On another note, XDA still won't let me post in the thread even though I've got much more than 10 posts now. After your 10th post someone has to manually allow it. Also try logging off closing your browser and logging on again for good measure. I'll just have to please click for source a while.

Or get it from here: If it doesn't work out, I'll start from scratch again then no choice. Further, the website doesn't always have the same content as what the print version and now this app version does. However, I still think it didn't work because if I go back and check saved items, nothing shows up

I called the store and they said to come in tomorrow and they'll have a look at it. This is a real downer. I really needed the tab over the next few weeks. Seems like the evangelicals were right — the rapture came for me and my Tab.