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I am a Scorpio man and recently had a relationship with a Cancer woman. She is the love of my life. I know this, don't question me, I AM a Scorpio after all. The emotional connection I have with her is beyond description. It is deep, yes, but it is of another time as well. I knew from the moment we met that there was something. Love match compatibility between Cancer woman and Scorpio man. Read about the Cancer female love relationship with Scorpio male. When they are able to connect on an intimate level, they will tolerate a lot of frustration between them. The Scorpio man will be protective over his nurturing Cancer woman. At times their possessiveness will come to the fore. There will be a noticeable amount of in the Scorpio man Cancer woman love compatibility.

This relationship should be very good because it combines two water signs. Both Cancer and Scorpio are concerned with emotional closeness and bonding.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman. I think the good sex brings me back. Growth in society due to marriage. Treat her with respect and kindness and she will give you the Moon.

It is said between two water signs that any feeling is fine as long as there is feeling so both signs can tolerate anger, frustration, sorrow, and despair. You can rely on your emotional magnetism to draw a Cancer woman towards you.

She is able to feel your intensity and the vibration of your desire and is not afraid to respond to instinctual impulse. In fact, she will feel like you two talk the same language, which you do. You are always a little bit afraid, and that works to your advantage here. The combination of fear and desire is irresistble to him.


Cancer Woman Scorpio Man - Cancer And Scorpio Compatibility

There can be a high degree of romance with these two signs. The roles of male and female here tend to be archetypal, that is to say a strong protective male and a nesting, nurturing female. This naturally leads to a romantic bond.

There is less passion with these two click at this page than with others, but the degree of intensity can make up for that.

Passion flares and dies, but the feelings between these two can reach a sustained level of ongoing intimacy.

Friendship is not particularly accented here. This does not foster the equality that makes a friendship. Both Cancer and Scorpio are capable of sharing feelings, creating a natural closeness, but there is a marked degree of dependency when these two get together.

This is an excellent combination for marriage. Both signs bond deeply and steadfastly, and both understand the concept of family loyalty and exclusivity of feeling. She will follow his pace naturally, which gives the relationship a great degree of comfort.

Scorpio, you can relax and be yourself with her as much as you ever do. Sex in this combination can be excellent because of the degree of intimacy involved. Both of you will feel you can be trusting and safe with one another. With this unconditional love flowing back and forth, you can explore feelings in connection with your sexuality.

It is not likely to end, but if it does it can be extremely painful. Click here for your Free Numerology Reading. It was great the first two years then it became hell. The man was extremely sensitivemoody and broody. It felt like l was with another woman.

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I got fed up with fighting and being criticised for being friendly to strangers. Well my Scorpio man never appreciated my sense of humour at all. He would take offense with any jokes or laughs. He never seemed to enjoy the moments we spent together doing outdoor visit web page seeing or travelling, he only Cancer Woman Hookup A Scorpio Man to watch the videos or pictures we took long after the vacation had taken place.

He would get jealous of anyone who tried to talk to me and would criticise me for being friendly. He seemed to think that if he had upset me he can resolve it by buying me a giftboy was he wrong.

His nasty behaviour got old and I left him with everything. He thought I was not going to leave the car and property. I did leave everything. Only my dog which he tried to get from me lol. He is exactly what I needed. A real man not a wimp. My sag can understand my humour I love him to death and he loves me too. Scorpio and Cancer are good IF…….

At first I was totally in Aww of my Scorpio man…so strong, confident, physically attractive. My emotional well-being is lacking. For me our relationship is a roller coaster ride.

This may aggravate stubbornness and it may hurt the emotional and moody Cancerian woman. So if you are a Cancer female looking for a way to keep a Scorpio around, that's what it takes. Our hearts were truly as one.

We respect each other a lot, the sex part is superb but there are severe compatibility issues: But cancers are also dominating people. I became a total woman with a Scorpio man over 25 years ago…it impacted my life tremendously.

I met my 2nd Scorpio man in and from the moment I saw him I knew there was something there, but nothing happened. I once more felt this strong emotion and he did too once we locked lips. I hope this time we can move forward and explore our feelings.

Cancer and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

This has never, ever happened to me with any man of any other sign before. The ball is in his court now…. There is this man at work Cancer Woman Hookup A Scorpio Man I became close to during a weekend trip. Unfortunately he is engaged to someone else. I wish I met him before his engagement. We just bonded immediately. The attraction between us is very intense. There are other men who voiced their interest in me and I go on dates with them so I dont have to think about my scorpio man, but he is the only person present in my mind all day and all night.

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Cancer Woman Hookup A Scorpio Man

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Cancer Woman Hookup A Scorpio Man

Famous Cancer Zodiac People mesotheliomasoftware. I have strong feeling for a scorpio man. So, I wish him the best.