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THE SECRET WAY TO GET DOWN OR DATE WITH PEOPLE NEARBY! Love & Fun are closer than you think - find nearby local singles and new friends who like you! Life is too short. Go out there, live and find fwb! DOWN every . The secret way to get down with people nearby. Now over 5 MILLION users! The most honest dating app - if you want to hookup, say so! Formerly known as Bang With Friends. It's anonymous to use DOWN, so some of the people you see are likely users already (and the ones who aren't may join at a later date, at which point they'll be matched with you if you both chose each other). You can make sure they know about the app (and have a chance to match with you) by using the secret admirer .

The best things going for Bang with Clickthe app that lets you find folks that are down to bone, is that it's populated solely by people you know on Facebook less risk than a sketchy rando and that it promises anonymity no risk that you're the one who looks sketchy. Well, almost no risk. The Daily Dot unearthed a neat little link that shows you which of your Facebook friends have installed the app.

Just log in, clickand oh god him?

Down App How Does It Work

But I thought he was. Wait til his lady finds outtttt. Buzzfeed then took the information for a whirl with Facebook Graph Search, the social network's ultimate stalking tool.

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One of the app's three anonymous male cofounders told Gawker the inadvertent exposure was likely due to people who signed up for the app when it first launched in January.

At the time, Bang with Friends was installed with whatever privacy setting the user set as default for link apps, which could mean "Public" or "Friends.

More details can be found here: Too many ads and pop ups. The idea behind this is that only you and your partner can watch your previous bedroom antics together.

Some http://24dating.me/ha/i-wish-i-was-single-again-lyrics.php them may not care if others can see they use Bang With Friends, but we want everyone to know that just like any other Facebook app, they control who sees it. Back in January, Bang with Friends was claiming a user base of about 30, and adding five users per minute.

Not another sketchy hookup app

Through Facebook and Twitter, the company has tried alerting early users that its promise of anonymity comes with a Zuckerbergian asterisk.

We started this quickly in a few hours and it took off unexpectedly.

Down App How Does It Work

Once it was getting big, Facebook Graph Search started opening up and we noticed that the default setting that Facebook has for apps is whatever the user has set for the default for all of their apps. Mine personally was set to "Friends". We immediately changed the default for our app to "Only Me" so that our users are protected and private. All we found when we checked the link were a bunch of bloggers and editors, who could defensibly claim "research" purposes.

Once you both like each other, we'll let you know and tell you if you both want to get down or by default, go on a date! All we found when we checked the link were a bunch of bloggers and editors, who could defensibly claim "research" purposes. Disappointing Sep 20,

But you, no doubt powerful reader, will probably find much more scintillating results. Let us know in the comments and remember, Kinja never met a screenschot she didn't like. To reach the author of this post, please email nitasha gawker.

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Welcome to the velocity with which seamy info can become public.