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13 Ways To Keep Your Girl Happy

Want to make your sweet girlfriend feel more special and loved? Use these 20 great ways on how to make your girlfriend happy to do that, every day. As girls, it's in our nature to be affectionate and loving. And when we're in a relationship with a wonderful guy, we love being treated in a special way by them. But more often. Relationships can be tricky sometimes, especially when you're the guy. A lot of time, effort, and emotional stress can be spent building a strong bond with your girlfriend. However, any guy knows that making his girl happy is one of the best feelings in the world, and it makes the personal sacrifices completely worth it. 3 Nov I like to say that I am an astute observer of healthy relationships. My mom and dad have been married for 48 years. My sister married her high school sweetheart and they are in their 21st year of marriage. I married my middle school sweetheart, and we've been married for 23 years. I'm surrounded by best .

It's one thing to get a girl to go out with you long-term, but it's another thing altogether to keep her happy. Sometimes, you may have a hard time figuring out what she wants, or you may get lazy and forget to show her that you love her.

Get yourself a few good books on relationships, read online, or listen to podcasts. Your woman will indeed, be happy and you will be too. And to a large extent, she listens to her friends and takes their opinions seriously. All of us want our relationships to be perfect, but very few of us actually work towards making it perfect.

Although relationships do take work, you'll find that the rewards are worth it. Follow the tips in this article to keep your girlfriend happy. Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow. World Possible is a nonprofit organization focused on connecting offline learners to the world's knowledge. They work to ensure that anyone can access the best educational resources from the web anytime, anywhere, even if they do not have an internet connection.

Click below to let us know you read this article How To Keep A Girl Happy In A Relationship want to be a part of our mission to help othersand wikiHow will donate to World Possible on your behalf. Thanks for helping us achieve our goal of helping everyone on the planet learn how to do anything! Treat her like a princess. Open doors for her, offer her your jacket, pull her chair out for her and stand up when she enters the room. She'll love these little gestures.

When you take her on dates, never make her pay or split the bill. Girls love it when a guy takes care of the dinner bill like it's no big deal. But don't force her to be helped if she read article like it.

And to a large extent, she listens to her friends and takes their opinions seriously. Ask her about her schedule in a casual way so that she doesn't know you're planning something. After an argument, wait for some hours or a day to cool down the heated emotions, that the longing for one another is stronger than the anger, and there is a good chance to make it up. This is a big one

Tell her she is beautiful, especially when she least expects it. Girls can spend a lot of effort trying to look nice, and it will make her happy that you noticed. Make your compliments meaningful and truthful.

Instead of "Your hair is pretty," try "I really like the way you did your hair tonight! It looks so soft and beautiful. Don't be ashamed to compliment her or show her affection in front of others.

Top 10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Relationship

Real men aren't ashamed to show the world they've found a good woman, and your girl will love you for that. People talk publicly about the things they value. She will instantly feel like a priority if you are confident enough to show the world how you feel about her.

Hold her hand in the mall or throw your arm around her at the movies, whenever she feels comfortable with it. Make a hint or ask her if you have doubts. Pay attention to her. After you've been together for a while, you can easily fall into a pattern of forgetting to make her feel special. Some guys also deliberately ignore their girlfriends as a way of getting back at them or as a way of punishing them.

Let her know you're thinking about her. For example, send her a text when you're thinking about her. Just be sure not to text anything you might not want her friends or family to read.

Try texting her "good morning" with a short encouragement as often as possible. A girl loves to know she's the first thing on her boyfriend's mind when he starts his day.

Never ignore her as a way of being manipulative. You'll hurt her immensely, and if you ignore her often enough, she may dump you. Don't leave her waiting for you to call or talk to her. If you're having a problem, speak up. After an argument, wait for some hours or a day to cool down the heated emotions, that the longing for one another is stronger than the anger, and there is a good chance to make it up.

Be ready to ask for forgiveness even if you feel she should do it first, but keep your own integrity too. In an argument, Body In Hands Pockets Language Male sides usually cause hurt, and each How To Keep A Girl Happy In A Relationship has the right to have feelings.

If you wait many days, she can feel dumped and cut off her emotions. Surprise her with flowers or notes, if she likes such things. Whisk her away for an unplanned romantic dinner, day or weekend. Take her somewhere new. Many girls will get bored if you take them to the same place time after time unless it's a special place for the both of you so mix it up a little. You should enjoy the variety of new places with her because you'll create new conversation topics and memories together.

How To Keep A Girl Happy In A Relationship

Ask her about her schedule in a casual way so that she doesn't know you're planning something. Have a Plan B also, if she cannot be part of your plan in a way that gives her pleasure. If you can, surprise her with a love song or a short poem.

How To Keep A Girl Happy In A Relationship

Or if you find one that really talks about your feelings, send it or a link to it for her to share. Return her calls and texts. Unless she specifies that you don't need to call her back, you need to be responsive when your girlfriend calls you. Let her know she's on your mind even though you are not with her in person. Girls can get insecure when ignored. A confident girl is a happy girl, and a happy girl is good to her boyfriend.

Surprise her with gifts. Even a small gift, like her favorite candy bar, goes a long way. Listen when she tells you about things she wants, and surprise her from time to time by getting her something special.

But don't try to "buy her" with luxury. Don't buy gifts at the last minute.

Invest some time, and put some thought into it. What does she like? Does she have any collections? Does she have a wish list somewhere you can buy from? Has she mentioned wanting anything lately? Perhaps you could ask your mom or her best friend for advice. Remembering what she appreciates is more important than the price tag.

Never forget important holidays or anniversaries that matter to both of you. Listen to hints she may be dropping about what she wants. Thoughtful gifts will show her you care.

How To Keep A Women Happy

Bring her to the mall and pay attention to what she points out. Get her something she can wear every day to remind her how much you care about her.

A locket with a picture of you inside can be an awesome idea. If she gets you a gift for a holiday and you don't get her one in return, she's probably going to be bummed even if she doesn't admit it.

1. "I planned out a date for us."

If this has happened in the past, make sure it doesn't happen again, and make up for doing it with a few surprise gifts. A gift can reflect how you regard her, and how much you appreciate her. That you are ready to make sacrifices for her.

Also a very personal touch is often appreciated, like if you make a custom design item, doing it yourself if you are talented. Avoid repeating gifts, unless it has a special significance, like on a day of remembrance.

Also, if she finds out that you gave the same thing to another girlfriend, she can dislike the gift. Use humor in a natural way. You don't have to tell corny jokes at every opportunity unless she likes that sort of thing. Know what kind of humor she likes. When she's upset, try to cheer her up with some humor. If she laughs at something, try to understand and share the laughter. Show that you like her jokes and funny remarks. Remember that your girlfriend is not your "property.

Don't make her feel stupid just because she doesn't agree with you about everything. Being with a copy of oneself is very boring, and minor disagreements give better perspective on things in life. One may win a discussion but lose her affection instead. Keep your promises and be responsible Be punctual, maximum 10 minutes late ever, and make it a priority to keep your word to her and also to other people.

A go here that sees that her man cannot keep his word, regards him not safe enough for a serious relationship. If you are hindered to keep a promise, warn How To Keep A Girl Happy In A Relationship it in time, and make up for it afterwards, so she sees that you are a trustworthy man. A broken promise is often seen as the same as a lie.

Asking for forgiveness is better than a lame blaming of circumstances. With time she will here your real priorities. Show responsibility with studies, work and money.

That signals that you possibly also could take responsibility for a family in the future.