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How to Take Better Photos on Your Phone: 18 Tips & Tricks

Do you wish you were a better photographer? All it takes is a little know-how and experience. Keep reading for some important picture-taking tips. Then grab your camera and start shooting your way to great pictures. Look your subject in the eye; Use a plain background; Use flash outdoors; Move in close; Move it from the . 14 Oct Camera phones have come a long way in the past few years, but they don't always take point-and-shoot quality pictures on the first try (let alone While most phone cameras suffer from similar weaknesses (most notably the inability to take good pictures in low light), each has its own idiosyncrasies as well. Here's a step-by-step guide showing you exactly which tools and apps you'll need to take great product photos with your iPhone or Android.

To help launch your social pages — from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram — to higher levels of engagement, you have to use photos that are comment and share-worthy read: Try to use natural light sources, such as large windows, to help brighten your images. Shaded light is key for soft skin in portraits and will eliminate harsh shadows.

How to take Professional Looking photos for Instagram

Although more seasoned photographers can make this look really cool, direct sunlight can be too harsh for most skin tones and it makes people squint. Never take a photo using the flash on your smartphone. Flash can click here out the vibrancy of your image and create a harshness in skin tones, and because the strobe flash hits the subject directly, it can be very unflattering. But what do you do when you don't have the lighting?

Almost all cameras on smartphones are equipped with great low-light technology, but you How To Take Good Quality Pictures to use it correctly. You can start by turning off the flash and tapping the darkest area of your photo, which allows the camera to focus on that specific spot, as opposed to its auto-focus settings, and the camera will automatically adjust for proper lighting. If the image seems too bright, try selecting a medium toned object to help even it out.

The main subject of your photo whether a single person, multiple people, or an object should fall into one of the grids. This can help create balance in the image, create interest and allows more creativity. When deciding what to photograph, think about How To Take Good Quality Pictures many different ways you can show the subject and still get the same point across.

As an example, instead link taking a photo of your team in a planning session, why not take a close up of a whiteboard and hands, or notebooks with coffee and calendars laid out on a table. Abstract photos like these can increase engagement, and they can make your brand seem a little more creative and interesting.

Instead of using pre-made Instagram filters, try fine-tuning the settings of your image using the in-app editing software. By clicking on the settings the wrench in the editing platformyou can adjust the brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation and so much more in your photos. Although we just told you to stop using filters, black and white filters are the exception.

Ask permission When photographing people, especially while in countries with different cultures and languages, it can be hard to communicate. The latter is worse, since it is sometimes possible to extract details from parts of the image that are too dark, but click to recover blown highlights since there is no detail therein to extract. The camera is on the screen at the bottom of the app. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories.

It has a different tone and feels a bit more artistic. There are also other great apps that you can use to edit photos for any social page. Apps like VSCO help you find the sweet spots for perfect lighting, sharpness and color adjustments.

Sharpen every photo you post on Instagram at least 15 percent. This will help combat the loss of quality when posted online.

How to Take Good Pictures

She has worked with national retailers like Walgreens, CVS, ALDI and many more over the past two years to deliver dynamic content and ads across platforms. With a professional photography background, she still freelances on the side and loves doing engagement, wedding and family shoots.

You just need to know how to take great photos with a tool you probably already have: Face the Light Try to use natural light sources, such as large windows, to help brighten your images.

How To Take Good Quality Pictures

By simply moving your subject to face the light rightyou'll improve the quality of the photo, making it look more like a professional shot than a random smartphone photo.

Use Your Smartphone's Features Never take a photo using the flash on your smartphone. By tapping on different items in the frame before taking your photo, your phone will adjust the focus and lighting toward that point. You can see in the photo on the right that the photographer tapped on the subject's face once you do this, a yellow box outline pops up, as you can see on the subject's face, showing what the camera is adjusting tocreating a better shot. You can use the grid to align your photos and create points of interest at the grid's intersections.

How To Take Good Quality Pictures

In this photo, the main perspective is in the middle third, and the river a color standout in the composition lies in the bottom third of the grid.

Think Differently When deciding what to photograph, think about how many different ways you can show the subject and still get the same point across. Instead of taking a photo of your meeting, look for something a bit more interesting, like the photo on the right of the backside of a frosted whiteboard. It's clearly still showing "work", but in a much more intriguing way.

How to Capture High Quality Product Photos With Your SmartPhone

Instagram filters can be intense and skew reality a bit too much. The photo on the left has a heavy filter, while the one on the right has a few minor source, contrast and saturation settings to improve the original photo.

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There are many ways to make a portrait photo have more interesting lighting. Carlos Copertone ; Paul Octavious. According to Wirecutterthe best camera lenses for iPhone photography are made by Momenta manufacturer of mobile lenses. There you have it, folks. I used to live in Southern California, and indeed there were 2 windows of hours each of good light per day — in the morning and in the evening.

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