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Statuesque Someone Compliment A Calling Is

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I would take that as a compliment. Being referred as statuesque can be a good or a bad thing; it depends on the implication. If they call you statuesque because of the way you act or carry yourself -very stoic and unemotional, then I would consider that as a bad thing unless you are shooting for the stoic look. That’s because the word “statuesque” means of a size and dignity of a well-hewned statue — a positive connotation. If someone calls you "cunning" is this a compliment? Is being called as a multifaceted person a compliment or not?. Define statuesque. statuesque synonyms, statuesque pronunciation, statuesque translation, English dictionary definition of statuesque. adj. Suggestive of a statue , as in proportion, grace, or dignity; stately. stat′u·esque′ly adv. adj like a statue, esp in possessing great formal beauty or.

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True they are just chracters, but is it Is Calling Someone Statuesque A Compliment to actually refer to a woman that way? I believe it is a compliment to tell a woman she is an amazon goddess. When I say that I am saying i admire her statuesque build and her confidence.

Are there any of you who refer to themselves as an amazon? The word has many different meanings from greek legend and just simply being the name of a river. To be it is A woman who does not hide from her height but instead embraces it and realizes that its normal and natural and that she is an amazon woman. A wonderfull beauty that should be cherised and loved just as God would have a man love her. What do you women think of this?

I got beat up for technically being a nerd. But I was actually taller than most guys in my class, I was just very skinny. Granted, the guys were only about 5' tall there, so that might be a reason no one made fun of me. If How To A Profile On Person did approach me, I knew they had confidence, but sometimes I was just seen as a challenge to be dominated.

I don't mind being called an amazon goddess doesn't happen often. I was enthralled with Skeletor at the time and Castle Grayskull so I didn't mind. I was also eight years old.

As an adult recently, in fact I had a close guy friend tell me, "Why would I want to climb a mountain?

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Now, if I was in the market, he'd have missed out for the offensive comment. I think you should just be careful.

Is Calling Someone Statuesque A Compliment

It used to be a compliment -in If I remember my superheros correctly Xena was the version. I don't think so. I always refer to myself as an amazon.

It's called self-depricating humor. As I change the brakes on my truck, I also try to remind my husband that I am a delicate flower.

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I am self-conscious of it even though I always wanted to be taller than my dad 6'4" and I do use my height to my advantage. I'd never admit to anyone other than the 3 million users that could potentially read this post that, at the same time, I realize some guys are intimidated by it and I miss out on a lot of people who are only interested in being friends with will 'o the wisps.

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She is a good super hero and always fun to read her just click for source. I will answer his question for him: Amazon Is Calling Someone Statuesque A Compliment me think more of the stereotype of the female East German olympian or the movie Amazon Women on the Moon.

Of course, I am only 5'5" so my opinion may be of no value. If you grew up being taller than most of the boys in class, like I did, you would understand. So if someone says you remind me of Wonder woman How is that an insult? Amazon women are hot! I may be rather tall, athletic and take care of business but to be called an Amazon, no thanks.

I don't call that a compliment. I know who She-Hulk is. Though my point was really that if I was in the market, he would have missed out by making that comment to begin with, I'll remember the comeback next time it comes up.

I think he knows not to go there, now. I was the third tallest girl in high school and that wasnt even my senior year. My brother was 2 years ahead of me. I was deeply tanned, tall, stacked in all the right places, long dark brown hair, honor roll student He was a short skinny red head with curles in wrong places and freckles who didnt even try to use the smarts he had He looked like howdy doody and hated it That and he didnt want me to date because he knew he would hear about it in the Is Calling Someone Statuesque A Compliment room so he liked to scare people away.

I was shy he was out going.

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I thought people were making fun of me until the following year. I did some research and started to change my own Is Calling Someone Statuesque A Compliment. I may have been tall but I had to be happy with who I was and Amazon did describe me adequitly. Very few guys dated me because of my height. So I dated the few that were curious about tall girls and accepted not eveyone is as comfortable with themselves as I was.

It didnt bother me anymore Back then I was only about here foot 9 and wore a size Had to trim down the waists on them but was the only way to get things to hang long enough so when I bent over I didnt moon people I wore shorts a lot so 1 I could show off my legs and 2 shorts can be short and not be called high waters.

Ah, Ah Dude looks like a lady Sorry just being honest. They really did exist as a source of woman warriors.

Is Calling Someone Statuesque A Compliment

Just not with superpowers and such. What do you think of the phrase Amazon Woman? Page 1 of 1. In My Opinion the word amazon referes to a tall and big beautiful woman.

Actually I grew up being made fun of and beat up because I used my imagination. I think it is an ideal type. Then clearly you don't understand my point of view. The question was about being called an "Amazon Woman. Well if people called you that as an insult, then truly I am sorry you endured that. I'm 5'10" and grew up in NM. Hey I loved she-ra princess of power and I still do as for she-hulk: I think Glamazon is better. Im used to it as well you just stop paying attention after a while because you heard it your whole life But being tall does make halloween easier I have been wonder woman and Is Calling Someone Statuesque A Compliment and Cleopatra link just a basic warrior before.

Well did you like dressing up as those characters? I have dressed as superboy,superman,flash, the shadow my favorite as an adult i have dressed as a girl of course then this was halloween I have also been a storm trooper, a jedi, the joker i have a devlish laugh eeeeeeee he he he he he.

When I hear the phrase "Amazon woman," I always think of a tall and athletic woman. I don't need that kind of name Glad you liked She-Ra. My brother started the whole school calling me Amazon.

A widespread habit of lightly taking offence can be a burden on everyone. Those who use it might think that the word connotes "spirited". When I hear the phrase "Amazon woman," I always think of a tall and athletic woman.

Ever heard the song from Aerosmith? You do realize that Wonder Woman is a fictional character?