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Culture of United States of America - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family To-Z. 25 Oct It's easy to forget that what's normal for us is completely strange to others, but it's nice to take a step back and hear what's considered odd, straight from the mouths (or fingers) of foreigners. For more check out the original post on Reddit here. The region that you are staying in may have some different customs that are not mentioned on this list (for example, in the south, it's considered impolite if you do not refer The United States has its own type of English, frequently referred to as “American English” which varies depending on the region that you are living in.

The person who put this must not of heard about the American West, philly cheesesteaks, or Hummers? I vote hippies to stop making dumb oxymorons here.

Tough penalties for violent crime are often perceived to be a solution, and it is on this basis that the death penalty is defended. In fact they were drop offs in about the middle of the migration of man as he spread from Africa to the Americas. I really love this website such nice things the american culture is very nice, actually love that place http://24dating.me/ha/hookup-someone-who-is-emotionally-unavailable.php will deftly see that place and especially i love poems thank you.

A culture made up of different cultures is also considered a culture. To take up your theory is to say the all the countries in the world don't have their OWN cultures because they're made up of different ethnic groups migration is what makes cultures and countries.

List Of American Culture And Customs

Europe was made by Homo erectus travelling from Africa, Hispanics are a mix of a bunch of ethnic groups…you, my friend, don't have culture! American Indians were not the first here.

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In fact they were drop offs in about the middle of the migration of man as he spread from Africa to the Americas. However the poster who said that culture is created it correst. Groups that dropped off and began living according to values they created, along with languages they created and more. Anthropologist here… This is a load of crap.


Second anthropologist opinion here. Under your theory, one might possibly say that the only human settlement on earth with a culture is the San tribe in Africa. Everyone can from somewhere. American culture is not,in fact ,an oxymoron. Americans are a culmination of people who have immigrated as well as the American Indians.

Culture is what a group of people decide how they wish to live and develop what we call a democracy.

The simple proposition of cultural continuity helps explain the generally conservative nature of intergenerational socialization and the ubiquity of ethnocentrism—beliefs that value insiders and traditional culture more than outsiders. The opportunity to pursue graduate training at prestigious American universities, historically considered to be the best in the world, is a very attractive option for students in developing countries. Today, African-American culture has become a significant part of American culture and yet, at the same time, remains a distinct cultural body.

Ever here of the constitution? We Canadians could have had it all: British government, French culture and American productivity; instead we ended up with French government, British productivity and American culture. Can we define the greatest gift that any country can provide, as a disision made by one culture or another? Who cares who arrived first. We are free to call America what ever we want, and continue reading the guns to back it up.

Go liberate the socialistic independence of Europe. I do not expect to received an answer to my statement! Can someone tell me where the writers before me learn to write. The same way they write is the same way they think!!! In addition, just because the culture of the US is younger than most countries does not prove that the US has no culture.

List Of American Culture And Customs

All of our cultural practices, customs, and habits are derived from a previous practice, custom, or habit of a different culture. Besides the fact that American culture is not originally American, there cannot really be a single culture or ethnicity, even, labeled as such. America is such a culturally diverse region, consisting of cultures from all over the world.

The practices, ideas, and beliefs of almost every culture in existence can be found, to some degree, in America. In America, our culture sets us out as individuals, and we are rather unified through our strong sense of nationalism.

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America does not have a culture. America has a sense of nationalism in the place of culture, and lets its citizens hold onto any individual culture they might choose. Discuss this oxymoron in the comments below.

Ever hear of the American Indians? Is it Oxygen Moron? Could anyone explain to me what does this really mean? Ever hear of a little thing called Rock and Roll, what about Jazz or the Blues? When you say Hispanic you mean Latin.