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11 Feb What Your Favorite Color Says About You, Because Color Psychology Is A Real- ish Thing. ByAmanda That's totally me!” moment, then I will have succeeded in my task. Somewhere between black and white, grey is the color that just can't commit, and the same goes for those who love it. From the. 9 Mar Katherine Owen — 'My favorite color is black because I love the night sky, black licorice, and I feel sorry for the color black because no one ever choos. 28 Oct Red is often used for the flags of nations and sporting teams because it shows great strength and pride. Fun Fact: Looking at red makes your heart beat faster! Green: Ah lovely green; the color of the trees and meadows full of grass. This is my personal favorite. If green is your favorite color it may mean you.

The color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world. In color psychology this read more gives protection from external emotional stress. It creates a barrier between itself and the outside world, providing comfort while protecting its emotions and feelings, and hiding its vulnerabilities, insecurities and lack of self confidence.

We all use black at various times to hide from the world around us in one way or another. Some of us use it to hide our weight; others among us use it to hide our feelings, our fears or our insecurities. In color psychology, black means power and control, hanging on to information and things rather than giving out to others.

Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. You may require more of a delicate, trusting touch. Welcome new, meaningful ideas to your inbox. Some of us use it to hide our weight; others among us use it to hide our feelings, our fears or our insecurities.

Black is intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable because of the power it exudes. It can prevent two-way communication because of its intimidation.

The salesman wearing all black will make a lot of sales, but no friends! It radiates authority, but creates fear in the process. Black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power. Black absorbs negative energy. It is useful to carry something black with you to protect you from harm and negativity when traveling or when going about your usual daily activities outside your home.

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People who like black may be conventional, conservative and serious, or they may think of themselves as being sophisticated or very dignified. The color black is often seen as a color of sophistication, as in 'the little black dress', or 'the black tie event'.

My Favorite Color Is Black Because

Affluent and success orientated women often choose black as it can give an impression of elegance, sophistication and confidence. Black is often associated with sexiness and seduction, as in the temptress in sexy black lingerie creating an air of mystery and intrigue. It can also imply submission to another including a sexual partnersimilar to the priest wearing black robes in submission to God.

Black is the end, but the end always implies a new beginning. When the light appears, black becomes white, the color of new beginnings.

My Favorite Color Is Black Because

It signifies the ending of one part of their life and the beginning of another, allowing them to hide from the go here while they discover their own unique identity. It is important they go through this stage but a worry when it continues on into adult years if they continue to wear black to the exclusion of other colors.

Too much black can cause depression and mood swings and create a negative environment. Combined with white only, it can create an argumentative atmosphere. If your favorite color is black, it will reflect in your personality! Black is the unknown. It is secretive, keeping a lot buried inside, unwilling to show its real feelings.

Black is power and control of the self and others. It creates fear and intimidation. Formal, dignified and sophisticated: As in the little black dress and the formal dinner suit.

Black sets itself aside from others with its heavy and intense energy. It keeps others at arm's length.

Red lovers have a flame inside them, ready to ignite with just the slightest wind. People see you as serious or conservative and you put a mask over your emotions. The lines I chose in particular were from a scene where the character Laertes is speaking to his younger sister Ophelia, and telling her to beware of Hamlet and any other man that tries to win her heart, for she is only safe in fear rather than standing up for herself.

Black can close us to the positive aspects of life, forcing us to look at our disappointments and the black or negative aspects of our life. It can create a fear of the future. Too much black encourages us to look at the negative side of life. To go to the meaning of colors: To go to Personality Color. To return from the Color Black to the Home Page. Like to join our Facebook community?

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