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27 Jun Smashing Pumpkins is mentioned a few times in the PJ20 book but nothing about Stone Temple Pilots. I could've sworn when I saw STP in concert back in ' 93 that Weiland said he wrote this song on a bus with PJ and then they played Plush. Anyway, not sure if there was a relationship between these two. 7 Sep Right from when Stone Temple Pilots began, they were pilloried like no other band before or since. They became one of the In it, those two unlikely arbiters of cool, Beavis and Butt-head stare blank-eyed out of the screen as the video to STP's hit single Plush plays. “Is this Pearl Jam?” cackles Beavis. Stone Temple Pilots (often abbreviated as STP) is an American rock band from San Diego, California, that originally consisted of Scott Weiland (lead vocals), brothers Dean DeLeo (guitar) and Robert DeLeo (bass, backing vocals), and Eric Kretz (drums). From the band's formation in , its line-up remained unchanged.

We were trying to Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots the best music we could make, the best songs we could make. I think with the landing of Nirvana, I think there was no way around — the whole Seattle thing, we were just excited about making a record.

I just went off what everyone else Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots saying. But there was so much excitement in our bubble, that it was what it was. We knew what we were doing, we knew what we had, and moreso than what we kind of contributed on Core, we all kind of knew what we had in our pocket for the forthcoming albums.

We made that clear with Atlantic Records, of having a career, doing five records, six records, or ten records. The Nirvana and Pearl Jam accusations fucking infuriated me. Neither band has the testosterone to make something like Piece of Pie, Crackerman, Sin or basically any song on Core.

It was just the vocals which is also bullshit as Weiland sings way clearer than Vedder. Im continue reading sure how you figure Pearl Jam doesnt have the testosterone to make songs like that when those songs are really nothing special.

Technically they are the only band kickin it still with testosterone out of all 3 of them. Could really care less for Scotts voice. I agree im sorry ive always felt it sounds like a rip off of Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots

Ive had people ask me if it was Pearl Jam or just assume it was more then once. Heres a example for me. Ive always felt this way. Not saying they dont have talent, because they certainly do. I just dont feel it anywhere near as much as the other 2 bands.

Stone Temple Pilots: "We wanted to make an indelible mark on the face of music" - Classic Rock

In terms of rock music, Stone Temple Pilots are the better band, they played the genre better and unlike Pearl Jam always made music for the fans to enjoy and not critics. In terms of experimentation Stone Temple Pilots were also better. Since they never catered to critics like Pearl Jam did, thier music felt more natural. Technically Pearl jam should be the ripoff, they just got a record deal faster. But neither band sound alike so its still a stupid thing Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots say.

Pearl Jam were out a lot longer while Core was being written? STP used to be a hair Metal band and have always jumped on the bandwagon. That is essentially the complete opposite of what they have done throughout their career. Haha well you got VS. I just wish Eddie gave Mike and Stone more creative lead.

Since Vitalogy he seems to have taken the primary role. He really can be a bit of a dick sometimes. Look at the lifestyle he leads now, constantly rubbing shoulders with the beautiful people yet one of the reasons he had Dave A.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - "Plush" (Official Music Video)

Little hypocritical if you ask me. I completely agree about the creative lead. After Evacuation Cameron should never be allowed to write, ever. I think its funny how Pearl Jam has always had bad drummer relationships. Haha just seems like something out of a tv show.

I still think STP is better, but I always admired how Pearl Jam never pissed everything away like their contemporaries did. The only band in recent history to follow their footsteps in that aspect is Korn.

Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots

That would be awesome, but that would put them into their eighties, right? I can only imagine the gems they have in the vault. I just wish that they would release something. They have plenty of songs just lying around gathering dust. Eddie did play with the Doors, and in my opinion he sounded much better than Scott does above. I think that Eddie Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots it more of his own thing, whereas Scott sounds like he is doing a Jim Morrison impression.

You mean Ian Astbury, the dude from the Cult? Are you saying that you think that he sounded better doing those songs too? Best examples in my opinion: I really like Core. It is without a doubt a great album, but it pales in comparison to Ten. Not even in the same league IMO. I never really thought that Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots sounded like Peal Jam at all, but i do recall way back when i first saw the video for Plush that i wondered why the singer was trying to look not sound like Eddie, because it appeared that he was trying to emulate those weird duck faces that Eddie did in the early years.

That whole cheekbone thing. I must go and look it up, see if i still think the same thing.

However, instead of letting this come between them, they developed a bond here formed a band after they each subsequently broke it off with the girl. Was it from Ten Redux or something? The Pearl Jam songs that I tend to end up liking most are the mid tempo songs, ballads, that kind of thing.

It was an exaggeration referring to heaviness. I guess it was a poor choice of words but just on how STP was always a harder rock band than the other two. Its not bad, but its true. They always distanced here from that while STP immersed themselves in it. Hence why the comparisons are poor. How heavy a band is is no reflection on ability or quality though. If it was, some mad death metal band would be the best of them all: The Pearl Jam songs that I tend to end up liking most are the mid tempo songs, ballads, that kind of thing.

Check out the Plush video if you have time. Its not so much that being heavier means they are better, but more so it debunks the comparisons people Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots make with the two.

Personally, I think even the softer material by both bands is drastically different. Better Man and Big Empty sound nothing alike too but people just shut down once the yarling begins. That album would be even bigger had they been imcluded. I just looked it up because I was curious myself.

This demo version is from the Spring of so I guess it was written before releasing Ten. They sure sped it up when they re-recorded it for Singles! Was it from Ten Redux or something? I thought that they had written it especially for Singles.

There is a painfully slow demo of Breath too. It was written with the intention of being released for Singles. They demoed it before Ten and then recorded it for the actual movie.

The band was probably all familiar with the script and story for Eddie to write about it that early on. Purple is my all time fav album. I do agree with the duck faces though especially in Jeremy wtf was that all about? Ten would be my all time favourite album, with Release being my all click here favourite song.

Love the chorus on that song! Yeah the Jeremy video is a great example of the Eddie duck face. Clearly it was something that he was putting on too, as he Pearl Jam And Stone Temple Pilots stopped doing it. Perhaps he thought that it was angsty? Technically, i lost my virginity to my cousin.

Before you wretch, let me explain. Years later, the girl i had been with married my cousin, so technically she is now my cousin through marriage. It had nothing to do with the sing. I lost it late in life because I really cherished it.

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I never saw him after that he skipped town and made money off it with his friends. Must be at least 15 years since I saw her. That guy sounds like a real asshole! I can totally see why you might have issues with Black!

I saw him like 4 yrs later at a Stabbing Westward concert.

The lyrics of the band's fourth album were written to provide closure to his marriage and addiction to heroin. Stone Temple Pilots developed a fan base in San Diego clubs. That whole cheekbone thing.

I was in the front row and he was passing by and he was like. My little brother knew who he was and was like move along dickhead. Scott Weiland was a joke…. He can actually sing classically. Listen to Atlanta on No4 and his Christmas Album. The other singers had more range changed their voice during songs, Eddie is like David Gilmour, a guy like Syd Barrett and Roger Waters blow him out of the water any day of the week.

He really did look so very different in the last few years.