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Nationwide Moving Services LLC DESTROYED ALL OUR PROPERTY, Internet THEY: BROKERED OUT OUR MOVE TO LOCAL UNLICENSED UNPROFESSIONAL MOVERS- THE COMPLETELY DAMAGED MOST OF ALL OURBELONGINGS. After giving NWMS a credit card deposit, they immediately BROKERED our. TONY OWNER AMJ COMPUTER ASSOCIATES INC IN HACKENSACK NJ Ripoff Reports, Complaints, Reviews, Scams, Lawsuits and Frauds Reported. Your Search: tony Intuit, Inc. Intuit Merchant Services, Charges monthly fee under a different name and then refuses to credit them all back, Internet We were seeing to. Two of Us in Hackensack NJ. Review of Two of US They claimed that they had countless happy customers and. I have been to their singles parties and also speed dating. Two us dating service hackensack nj hotfrog Business Directory. Find Two of Us business details including phone number, location and services relating.

Wondering if a report is missing? Showing 2, Showing Page 91 of Advertisers above have met our strict standards for business conduct. Tried to resolve for hours on the phone with company. They refused to honor our agreement so I cancelled their services. They immediately charged my credit card which was only used to reserve the reservation without my authorization.

Extremely fraudulent and unprofessional buisness practices. Was told after the fact that they have numerous DOT violations. Do Not Use this company.

Hercules Moving Systems is the world's worst company Los Angeles, California This companys service on my recent move from Hawaii to Florida was, to say the least, atrocious. My wife and I did all the packing ourselves. Their movers blanketed the furniture and boxed a few large items such as our mattress and box spring. We had no choice but to accept it since our escrow was closing in 2 days and we were leaving.

Obviously, I should have done my homework beforehand because I have subsequently found out that this type of deception is a common practice for this company. Be that as it may, I would have opted to just forgo the bad judgment on my part and their questionable business practices if they had not lost some of our items during the move.

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Among those missing were ALL of our priceless family photos and mementos from 46 years of marriage. Included in those were some documents such as my college diploma and masters degree certificate and pictures from my wifes and my childhood. Also unacceptable was the 47 days it took to receive our shipment here in Florida July 18 to September 3. This was 6 days over the maximum time they said it would take and much longer than they advertise on their website. Our possessions went from Hawaii to California by ship and obviously sat in Los Angeles for several weeks before they decided to truck them to Florida.

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We contacted them several times during that period, and they said they did not know when they would be loaded and sent. They were waiting for other shipments going that way. The day after we finally did receive our delivery, I contacted their customer service department the first of several times regarding the missing boxes. I got the usual brush-off promises to look for them, but after almost two months, no one had gotten back to me. They did tell me that if they could not be found, I could file a claim and I would be reimbursed.

I asked them how I could put a price on a lifetime of family photos and memorabilia. The only answer I got was the clause in the contract that relegates them to paying 60 cents per pound for damaged or missing items.

I filed a formal complaint with the U. In their response letter they visit web page they would forward my complaint to Hercules and urge them to contact me. Of course, that never happened. I wrote a letter to company officials, and that was never responded to. I also contacted two attorneys, and neither one was optimistic about ever collecting anything from Hercules.

One aspect that works against ever finding my possessions is that with this company, the shipment is loaded, unloaded, and reloaded several times in this distance of move. It is obvious to me that, being faced with misplaced or unidentified items, in all probability they dump them or steal them. This companys lack of concern regarding our family treasures is deplorable and, to us, completely unforgiveable.

The machine really hurts and I got 0 results. Not a Topix user yet? I expressed concern that he did not return my calls or computer at the exepected time.

Miami, Florida Click here absolute worst movers I have ever used! First of all they said they were going to send us a 26 foot truck. When they arrived they brought a 24 foot truck that was already a third of the way full with somebody elses stuff. I told them that there was no way our stuff would fit on that truck.

They kept saying Oh no problem, we will get it on there We had sent them a very detailed list of things that they were going to be moving. They had the list Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Blotter them. But their leader kept asking, is this going? I would reply yes, that is going. A few minutes later he would ask, Is that going? I would reply yes, it is on the list you have with you.

A few minutes later he would ask, What about this, is it going? I finally replied; I dont know what part of moving you dont get All this stuff is going! That is what we hired you guys for, to move our stuff from this house to another one. They got out some blankets, and boxes and tape from their truck.

Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Blotter

Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Blotter of the movers told the leader that they needed to get out more, but the leader said they had more than enough.

So they began loading the truck and burying the rest of their blankets and boxes and tape in the back of the truck. Half way through the loading of the truck, they ran out of boxes, blankets and tape and were asking us if we had any, I told them no that is why we hired movers and paid for packing material that is now buried on the back of your truck and you cant get to.

The movers were out in the parking lot yelling at each other and arguing with each other several times. It took them three times longer to load the truck than it would have if they had just sent an empty 26 foot truck. They had to try and strategically place each item on the truck and figure out where it could fit. The last movers I used, two men and a truck, were wonderful. They had the truck loaded in less than two hours.

The part wasn't delievered on Monday but he would pick it up that day and fix it overnight. He asked why the bathroom door was closed and learned there was a woman in the bathroom, who turned out to be Tokina Williams. Show 25 25 50 All.

Sky moving took nearly six hours. They were not able to get all of our stuff on the truck.

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When we arrived at the new house, they just dumped the majority of our stuff in the garage. They didnt set us up and unpack us like they were supposed to. They just dumped everything in the garage. Then their leader had the nerve to ask for a tip!

I told him, first of all you didnt move all of our stuff. I now have to go rent a truck and go back and get the rest of it. You took three times longer than you should have. You literally piled our stuff on your truck without blankets or protection, I have already noticed scratches on some of the furniture that you dumped in the garage. You have to be out of your mind if you think you link or are getting Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Blotter tip from us.

The leader even had the nerve to call back the next day begging for money. I told him he was lucky we didnt persue a law suit.

The absolute worst moving experience I have ever had in my life! As AM PM and I click at this page drawing up the contract this item-based company began singing the praises of weight-based companies, and convinced me how the latter would be the better option for me.

The rep was excellent until the day of the move. Thats when the love affair ended. I could no longer get in touch with the rep, nor did he reply to any of my calls or messages.

I called AM PM several times to find out what was going on. But I was always told the movers were on their way. This is a serious offense, and not just on a military base. The driver had to hire two other movers.

Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Blotter

As the move was drawing to a close, the driver kept talking about how there was not much space left in the truck thats poor calculation on his end not mine ; he said my move would probably exceed the weight estimate. In the end I paid more than the original contract stated; I had to leave items behind a computer desk set, all exercise equpiment and a very large and expensive 3-tiered cat tree ; the movers had my husband and mother packing boxes that were placed on the lawn isn't this what movers are for???

There were some boxes with no numbers, and the driver said those were probably the ones my husband and mother packed. I have never had this happen with any other company, and with the military we've move A LOT! When my mother told the mover this was a total scam he patronized my mother and I by stating that if you have one light box and another and then begin accumulating more light boxes, at some point those boxes become heavier and heavier.

I understand the concept. I learned it in elementary school, if not kindergarten. And then he said we might understand it better if he explained it in a different way. That's when the binding vs non-binding issue came into play. Although I know my move was less than Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Blotter lbs I was bullied into accepting the non-binding contract.

This is just the beginning, I'll update as more details surface! Original Moving go here Storage Total ripoff artists Grandview Avenue, Maryland I first contacted this company to make a temporary move for us while we did somethings in our home.

They moved us out, the home is Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Blotter ft. The majority of Of In Oxide Food Nitric Sources stuff went into a self storage unit, and the rest went into a one bedroom apartment. I did all the packing and purchased my own packing material from the self storage unit. I would note that I have a baby grand piano, and that was put into the one bedroom apartment.

The cost of the move went up to almost three times the amount originally quoted. But it was the end of a long day, I was tired and emotional and didn't pay much attention. We paid the bill and went on. In November, just two months later, I called to have them move the stuff back into the house.