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As long as you're at the helm there is very little you can do. Even if there was an app that can block you from the internet, you would still know that you had the power to disable it at any time. I think you would probably benefit more from som.. . 26 Dec I've tried for hours to get my Wii online. Auto settings. Manual settings. No luck. I' ve never had trouble connecting my wireless devices to my. 4 Sep A wireless network at home lets you get online from more places in your house. This article describes the basic steps for setting up a wireless network and starting to use it. Get the right equipment. Before you can set up your wireless network, here's what you'll need: Broadband Internet connection and.

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Connecting to the Internet

Reply Page 1 of 2 1 2. I've tried for hours to get When To Give Up On Internet Hookup Wii online. I've never had trouble connecting my wireless devices to my network in the past. But the Wii is being stubborn and because so, I'm not able to check out all of the extras available to me.

Thank God for Wii Bowling. It worked for me right away. I just have a standard linksys wireless router. Good luck with yours! Originally Posted by Chodite I've tried for hours to get my Wii online. I've read of troubles with specific routers, especially if the firmware hasn't been updated for a long time.

It might be worth doing some searches to see if the Wii doesn't play well with your router, or if there is a firmware update available for it.

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Also it's good to double check your encryption key, I messed mine up the first time 62 character random WPA key. If you haven't done this, try assigning a fixed IP address. That's what I had to do. You think you have it bad? You should see all the wifi usb adapter complaints for the read more. This wifi stuff is really tricky. When To Give Up On Internet Hookup everything is going fine with my ds pc and I cannot for the life of me stream pics music videos since the usb adapter uses ics.

Ics doesnt play nice with upnp. And that needs to be cleared in order for it to work with streaming from pc to The usb wireless adapter needs a Wirless router to work.

How to Set Up a Router

I found the problem. I have the Netgear version and because there has really never been a firmware update for it, the router is not compatible with the Wii's wireless.

When To Give Up On Internet Hookup

Kind of strange since the DS connects just fine. But here's the details of my problem - http: What model Netgear do you have? I see,you have the Cable modem Network router combo. I had one they are no good. Thats what the usb wifi adapter is for. If you DONT have a wireless router and have a wired one like myself. Anyways getting back on topic. Your best bet is like you said.

Buying a cable modem and router by themselves. Originally Posted by Vr. Rice The usb wireless adapter needs a Wirless router to work. Wireless adapter and wifi adapter are two differnt things.

I also had wireless problems until I configured the Wii to have a static IP. Just curious, but do you have any security set up on your network? I have mine set up so only certain devices can access my network. I added my Wii to that list and I was good right away. I have a netgear router, but it isn't a combo one. It was definitely a Netgear problem. I was on the phone with a specialist from Nintendo. I go here got home with a new Linksys wireless-G router and my Wii was online within seconds.

I got a new 2wire router a week ago. I typed in the WEP key and the Wii was good to go!

It is very anonymous and people often make cruel remarks they would never make in person. You may even want to set up a home wireless networkcommonly known as Wi-Fiso you can connect multiple devices to the Internet at the same time. Check for similar questions. BB code is On.

Doctor Krypton is offline. Originally Posted by Chodite It was definitely a Netgear problem. WEP is easily cracked within about 2 minutes from a laptop in a car in the street.

MAC filtering is something most people don't know about or think about, but it's one of the best wireless protection methods. It's like saying if I don't know the number of a person connecting, they can't connect. However, it's MUCH harder to hack the code.

A few countries, notably South Korea, have invested more in super-fast networks than America has. You think you have it bad? Getting older, there only so much energy and effort people want to put out there.

The code has to be entered on the client side and the router. Don't point the router's antennas straight up, the signal comes out from the side not the tip. Think of your finger is the antenna and put that in the hole of a donut. The shape of the donut is the signal coverage. Tilt the antenna so that your clients computer, wii, ds are enveloped within that donut space. People just stick the adapter into the wii's link part just click for source the back of the wii.

I had truble too but i just stuck the thing in the back of the wii and opdated When To Give Up On Internet Hookup few stuf then presto is was working! Originally Posted by stromm 4. My setup went very easy. Got 2 updates from Nintendo. Got Opera to work. I can't get the Wii to connect anymore at all. Weird, because it was working fine and now, nothing.

I will write down the error code and Google it -- good advice. I was kind of just assuming it was useless info. I may also tear down my WDS extended network and just turn up the power on my Linksys to compensate.

Maybe that will work better. Too bad though, because I now have my very long WEP key memorized Then it worked immediately. Doesn't make sense, but that's what it took. Wesley Hester is offline. My solution was the exact opposite of most peoples' here. I think it's finally working reliably now. It's not like you get crosstalk or anything between IP addresses! Originally Posted by jgerry My solution was the exact opposite of most peoples' here.

When To Give Up On Internet Hookup

Click here tip if youre Wii isnt seeing youre router, is to make sure you have youre SSiD set to brodcast not hidden,and you settings set to allow B and G not just G. Then turn on youre wii and let it see the router, once that happens and youre online, go back to youre router and hide youre SSiD and put the router back to G only.

You dont want B and G selected because anyone useing B in youre neighborhood including cars driving by will kill youre connection rate. After that you should be golden and youre wii should be talking to youre router even tho the ssid is hidden. Originally Posted by Column Another tip if youre Wii isnt seeing youre router, is to make sure you have youre SSiD set to brodcast not hidden BB code is On.

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