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'Bachelor Pad': Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi's drama lives on

24 Jul On Monday's Bachelor Pad premiere, Bukowski got especially close to fellow contestant Jamie Otis — and their hookup sent shockwaves through the BP3 Bachelor Pad veteran — and last season's champ — Michael Stagliano, argued that if Otis and Bukowski's hookup is any indication, the third. Holly Durst, a competitor on Matt Grant's season ofThe Bachelor, showed up to the second season of Bachelor Pad with former fiancé Michael Stagliano — the two had a difficult relationship. Blake Julian from Ashley Hebert'sBachelorette season also appeared on the spinoff. As Holly and Michael sorted through their. 13 Sep "Bachelor Pad 2" went to new heights - or is it lows? 'Bachelor Pad 2' finale: Holly, Michael win - and she announces her engagement to Blake The topic of course starts off with his hookup - and subsequent breakdown - with (Hurricane) Melissa, who lost her mind after he kissed her and then fell for.

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The Bachelor Pad - Elizabeth Kitt Threatens Jesse Kovacs to stay in love with her???

But Is It Too Late? Jake was eliminated from the show, and he went out with guns blazing. He said to the group that they need to do the right thing, vote out the power couples, and that they knew who to start with. He told Kasey it was great to meet him and said to Vienna that he was sorry again.

Bachelor Pad 3 Relationship Updates: Who’s Still Together?

Then, it was time for some kissing! Michelle decided to not take part because she thought it would be a bad example to her 6-year-old daughter. Ella, who also has a young son, said that she needed to do it and win to stay in the competition so she could win the money for her son and change their lives. Most notably, Michael kissed Holly and she knew who it was right away.

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But, when Blake kissed Holly, all bets were off. They had a little make out session in front of everyone, and Michael got upset.

Who Is Michael From The Bachelor Pad Hookup

When Blake kissed Melissa, she foolishly thought that it meant he had feelings for her again, but in reality, he was just doing it to get her vote. Erica went up and put on a display of how not to kiss a guy: While all the girls said that Kasey had the worst breath ever, except for Vienna who loved his kisses and voted for him of course. They were all shocked at her behavior, especially Melissa who is starting to hate Holly more and more. In the end Ella and Blake won the competition!

Spencer Matthews New Zealand 1: On the season finale, Michael was shocked as Holly and Blake announced their engagement. We kept Kasey and Vienna around. They also became the first Bachelor -born couple to get married.

They each got a one-on-one date with the contestant of their choice. Ella picked Kirk and they went and had a nice dinner and talk. They talked about their pasts and what they would do with the money. Then, she gave him the date rose and they went on a hot air balloon ride! These two are really sweet together! They also did a little more kissing up in the air. Back at the house, Erica gives Kirk a message with some oil and tells him that he should not take Melissa out on the one-on-one date and that he should consider her.

Then, he drops the bomb.

Holly and Blake leave for their date. They head to the airport and fly to a mountain to do some skiing. They have a fun time, but it was really getting on my nerves listening to Holly scream the whole time. Source ends up kissing Blake and having a romantic evening with him.

Michael, meantime, is stewing.

Who Is Michael From The Bachelor Pad Hookup

He confronts Holly and spills out his heart. He tells her he loves her and wants her back. He later tries talking to her again, but her feelings seem to remain the same, but I get the feeling that Michael still thinks that he can win her back. The night of the elimination, everyone is pretty much ready for Melissa to go.

Melissa of course is voted out, and so is William!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But vacation is first on the list. In the end, they choose selflessness and Vienna and Kasey are sent on their merry way. During the course of his season as Bachelor, Jason Mesnick went from the single dad whose proposal was rebuffed by Bachelorette Deanna Pappas more on her later to the bad guy.

The poor guy hardly got any air time! Track the success and failure of the shows' many hookups and love connections!