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INSTADAILY: Diddy's Extravagant 46th Birthday Bash

29 Jun First he was arrested. Then he falls into a hole at the BET Awards. Diddy had a rough week, but hopefully he can laugh at himself with these 10 priceless memes !. 6 Nov Sean Combs, the rapper best known by his stage-name Puff Daddy, has changed his name again – choosing not one but two new monikers. having earned $ million (£m) in the previous 12 months, placing him ahead of other pop stars such as Beyoncé ($m/£80m) and Drake ($94m /£72m). Mase Delivers New Song “Rap Rushmore” With Puff Daddy and DJ Khaled. Ma$ e is back with another track. Nick Mojica. 2 months ago 0 · Listen to Jeezy's “Cold Summer” With Tee Grizzley and “Bottles Up” With Puff Daddy. The new songs are the first releases from the veteran rapper since 'Trap or Die 3' last year.

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Live Royal Rumble Discussion Thread! Check out the Wiki!

Who Is Puff Daddy Hookup 2018 Memes By Month

Check out the rules! Like other wrestling promotions? Perhaps you're looking for other subreddits related to wrestling?

Who Is Puff Daddy Hookup 2018 Memes By Month

There's a sub for that! Did you enter the Wreddit Rumble Pool Pairings? Go check your number! See you guys in there! Also on behalf on all the mods who will be modding the immediate reactions to tonight. Part 2 of the Royal Rumble Discussion Thread here. Did people see Seth's cash-in coming that night? What did people think was gonna happen?

Part 2 is up!


I would like to at this time admit I forgot Jason Jordan was even a thing. Like, if I try to fart, it's yellow liquid. Can we all respect that Ceasaro and Rollins just had a great showing in the Rumble and still are going to do this match? Whoever scheduled these matches should be fired.

How is the actual Royal Rumble not the main event?!! The women just don't have the work to sustain, we are supposed to go this crazy for Rhonda? I'm actually surprised Jason Jordan wasn't in the Rumble as the other 3 guys in this match were.

Nakamura is the first men gets eliminated at men Survivor Series match, then wins the men rumble, while Becky is the first woman gets eliminated at women Survivor Series match Still surprised no one has had the balls Who Is Puff Daddy Hookup 2018 Memes By Month come out in a Patriots jersey for unholy levels of heat.

I just wanna get to the Women's rumble. I hope these next two are quick or really really good to get my energy back which I can't really see being the case. I'm reminded that we're only halfway through the show. Two more title matches and another Rumble match.

I don't mind double duty, when they have a match then go in the rumble after, but I am not a fan when it is the other way around. Man I feel bad for this match but I'm still pumping from that Rumble, that shit should've gone here last for damn sure. I'm so damn giddy right now. I love the gravity Cole treated that with. Being the Colonel is up there with being a 16 time champ. I can't imagine having to go through the Rumble, especially for how long Rollins did, and THEN go on and wrestle another match after.

I would've been OK with Finn winning. But thank Christ almighty Nakamura won! I'm surprised Jason Jordan wasn't in the rumble. Come out late and eliminate Seth Here. That would have built a lot of heat. So Styles V Nakamura is main eventing Mania? You know, that main event that comes on third last Nothing will beat the time Shawn Michaels started running around the place as the Colonel out of nowhere, that was something.

Damn, I work at night so I sleep during the day. I planned to get up at 9pm to catch the rumble and its already over?

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This crowd is gonna be burnt out as fuck and I don't blame them, I feel sorry for these guys having to have their match now. The mens main event really needs to be last, the crowd is probably way too exhausted at this point.

I know its easier for production if guys are laying down but guess what, shoot around it because it looks like fucking shit to have ten guys laying down at once so we can do the soul train dance line with two guys in the middle. Fun seeing hurricane and Rey. I feel sorry for Seth.

AJ story doesn't it? Any link post not featuring wrestling itself, or in relation to a wrestling show or the wrestling industry, is subject to removal. Diddy now—my man Biggie gave me that name," he said.

He went like 20 minutes in the rumble and now has a match like 20 minutes later. I know who I'd rather see. That was the best rumble is so long and the finish was perfect. I'm okay with Roman vs. Brock Lesnar at WM and I don't dislike Roman much at all but desperately not wanting him to win the Royal Rumble every year adds a nice Who Is Puff Daddy Hookup 2018 Memes By Month of tension.

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Diddy After a few years of "P. Perhaps you're looking for other subreddits related to wrestling? Even Macho Man would ask him to tone it down.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This post is locked. You won't be able to comment. Wells Fargo Center Capacity: Want to add to the discussion? Damn it, Jason, pick a color. Calling himself Jason Angle? Does anyone care in that arena lol.

AJ story doesn't it? Even Macho Man would ask him to tone it down. I feel sorry for the guys who have to follow the rumble. Not hating on either teams. And I'm already exhausted! Nak won thats all that matters. Lets us savor this. Jason Jordan-Angle will let some of the air out of the building.

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RAW needs new tag teams.