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14 Aug Self-proclaimed Massachusetts mean girl Jaclyn Swartz came to Bachelor Pad with dollar signs in her eyes and disgust for Blakely in her heart. But now Swartz, 27, admits the game show and her “default partnership” with Ed Swiderski changed her for the better. Not that she doesn't still want the prize. 11 Aug There are just so many Bachelor Pad hookups happening. She claims on Monday's episode of Bachelor Pad the Chris/Blakeley/Jamie triangle expands!! even after the Pad hook-up, since Ed is seeing someone back home that he was seeing prior to the show and he is supposedly still seeing her. 30 May The country has watched Harrison matchmake countless hopeful singles, and he's been there to walk contestants through every step of the way for over 30 seasons of the ABC show and spin-offs (21 Bachelor, 12 Bachelorette, three Bachelor Pad, and three Paradise). But the man himself still remains.

Who Is Still Hookup From Bachelor Pad 3

Check out the full list of contestants below. Her grand Night 1 entrance on a horse and being rejected by Ben in the finale. Watch our interview with her here.

As the game progressed, I saw a side of her that I never saw before. Jaclyn could do so much better! You saw my reaction to her being in the house.

Ben's "exes" count down our Top 5 moments from this season of The Bachelor. Using her "blessings" to woo Ben only to be axed by Ben on the two-on-one date with Rachel. Apparently making out with Reid during the recent Las Vegas reunion.

The most awkward kiss in the show's history, which we rehashed here. Bachelor Pad winner Michael wants Blake to prove him wrong. Calling Shawntel "Brad's dumpster trash" watch the clip here and shameless plug alert! Beating out Blakeley on the dreaded two-on-one date and joining Jaclyn in our Top 5 countdown. Which Bachelor Pad 2 contestant will shock viewers?

Who Is Still Hookup From Bachelor Pad 3

Former cast members weigh in. We're not really sure Calling Emily's daughter Ricki "baggage," which prompted Emily to immediately kick him out. His insanely ripped body he's also a trainer. Bachelor Pad 's Chris Harrison: Holly should've told Michael about the engagement. Going home because he missed his son. So, why is he leaving him behind for this show?

Returning after his elimination to propose to Jillian. Michael told us why he's not a fan of Holly's now-husband Blake here.

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Proposing to Jillian on the finale and his unforgettable "mankini. Will be revealed after elimination. Chris Bain ABC's description: Chris is an animated, good ol' country boy from Georgia. He thoroughly enjoys rush-kicking in doors, taking down criminals and flashing his tats. Chris hopes to leave Bachelor Pad with both. David Mallett ABC's description: David is a fan of the show, but an even bigger fan of women and money. As an MMA fighter, David feels right at home being competitive and has earned the name "Kamikaze" because when he fights he either wins or dies trying.

Bachelor Pad is the perfect arena where he will be able to dominate in both fields. He would like to hook up with Lindzi. Paige Vigil ABC's description: She may look sweet and innocent, but do not underestimate her because Paige will use her knowledge of the cast to her advantage. Though she will put up a good fight for the money, she ultimately hopes to find the love of her life and visit web page down.

These two are the definition of double the trouble and double the fun. They are in it for the money and maybe to find a guy, but nothing serious. Erica has the reputation for being the smarter, more conservative twin.

She is still a virgin and has not dated much. Brittany, however, could not be more opposite of Erica, she is the flirtatious, Who Is Still Hookup From Bachelor Pad 3 twin. As fans, the twins think Erica is snobby, boring and not pretty. Donna Zitelli ABC's description: This sight for sore eyes is a trifecta of beauty, personality and brains. Donna graduated third in her class, and loves drawing and writing songs. She knows people underestimate her intelligence because of her beauty — little do they know she has no problem playing it up and using her beauty and brains to win the money.

Donna would love to go on a date with Michael Stagliano. Breaking NewsCelebs. Which Shows Are Canceled?

The most awkward kiss in the show's history, which we rehashed here. But it plays on that past vendetta and it probably would have been liberating to see Ed go before he goes. He didn't need to rub her face in it like he did. Three Queens, Two Tigers 6. She may look sweet and innocent, but do not underestimate her because Paige will use her knowledge of the cast to her advantage.

Michael Stagliano and Lindzi Cox. Jan 8, Watchlist The Bachelor Premiered: Mar 25, Watchlist Erica Rose Watchlist. Arie's Weird Reaction to Lauren B. Krystal Enters the Parisian Thunderdome Scenes from a very dramatic two-on-one.

Bachelor Pad hookups: Chris and Rachel?! Chris and Sarah?! Jaclyn and Ed?!

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Three Queens, Two Tigers 6.