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7 Jun Today the building serves as the City Hall of Zamboanga City where the Mayor holds office. 4. Cawa-Cawa Boulevard – A good place to visit early in the morning to take a quick walk or jog. The place is also good to go to in the afternoon for its gorgeous sunset and at nighttime you can also spend some. 12 Feb Being one of the earliest cities established dating back to the Spanish colonial times, any history buff will have a grand time here. As for those Fronting the sea , the Paseo offers the best spot to watch that stunning sunset in the city. The best way to get to know a place's culture is by partaking of its food. Best Dining in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay Province: See TripAdvisor traveler reviews of 54 Zamboanga City restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more.

The 3rd largest city in the Philippines, Zamboanga City operates as the commercial and industrial center of the south. The city is bustling Best Dating Place In Zamboanga City a factory district, plenty of businesses, shops, and markets where you can find any good or service that you desire. For a while, Spanish was even an official language of Zamboanga City. Guerilla groups live in the south of the Philippines, not too far from this gem of a city.

Security has been boosted with the National Guard all around checking IDs and keeping a close watch of suspicious activity with the aims of maintaining peace. Travelers tend to keep their distance lately, but if you do decide to go to Zamboanga City, go with article source Filipino that knows their way around the safest areas.


Locals will definitely be surprised and happy to see you. One could argue that the most majestic falls in Zamboanga city are the Merloquet Falls. This natural beauty looks more like an ancient ruin where a waterfall has magically decided to run through it, rather than Best Dating Place In Zamboanga City wall of rocks. There are a couple platforms under the biggest section of the waterfall where you can give yourself a waterfall massage or just hang out and listen to the soothing sounds.

Paseo del Mar offers just that with the addition of small shops, restaurants, and food carts for you to browse. From the boardwalk, you can see the big and little Santa Cruz Islands, as well as the Basilan Island just to the south. You can most certainly see the Spanish influence in Fort Pilar, a 17th-century fort of defense built and used by the Spanish military. Fort Pilar is adorned with dozens of bright white stars surrounding an outdoor shrine for Roman Catholics who believe that the Christian mother Mary appeared here many years ago.

A collection of shanty wood houses built on stilts over the water, this village gives you a glimpse into how a large percentage of Filipinos live below the poverty line. Despite their humble quarters, the people of Rio Hondo Village are extremely friendly, especially the children who spend their days fishing in small boats and playing in the water.

At Yakan Weaving Village, you can observe colorful textiles being made on the spot.

Best Dating Place In Zamboanga City

There are plenty Best Dating Place In Zamboanga City handicrafts to be purchased such as hand carved Basilian Pira Swords, satchels, scarves, and textiles to take home as souvenirs. A natural paradise in the middle of Zamboanga City, you could easily spend all day here at Pasonanca Park. Most tourists come to visit the picturesque Zamboanga Tree House built back in Climb the stairs to enter as you daydream about living the tree house life.

The main event for your kiddos, however, will be the Pasonanca Kiddie Pool equipped with tall waterslides that spit them out into a cool pool of water next to a natural waterfall. For the whole family, there are 3 public pools including one Olympic-sized swimming pool and one natural-flowing pool. Visible from the mainland is Great Santa Cruz Island. This small piece of rock, sand, and mangrove is absolutely worth a day trip.

To get there, head to Paseo del Mar where boats are waiting to jet you to the island on an enjoyable minute ride.

Best Dating Place In Zamboanga City

Your boat will navigate through the dense mangroves as you do a little bird watching for Purple Herons, egrets, and other graceful creatures.

In the blue lagoon, keep an eye out for jellyfish, coral, and interesting water vegetation.

Sana maging ok lahat. Im bhash, a psychology student - Why i am here? No trip to Zamboanga City is complete without a visit to Nancy Falls.

Imagine pink sand next to turquoise water. From the air, Little Santa Cruz Island is just a small sand bar in the middle of the sea. This is literally a beach in the middle of the warm, clear, turquoise water.

Boats leave the mainland to Little Santa Cruz Island twice per day: Bring snacks and beverages with you, as there are no stalls, clean drinking water, or shops on the island. Underwater, visibility is nice and there are tons of fish to be seen.

This strange little island consists of an unusually wide beachy perimeter and a small patch of jungle in the middle. There are 11 islands to be exact, all of which are perfect to incorporate into a day of island hopping. Bring a snorkel and discover the marine life Best Dating Place In Zamboanga City below the surface. Alternatively, you can rent a kayak and go on an island tour of your own.

There are a few islands within reach from the shore- just wear a lifejacket! A minute Jeepney ride from the city lays Caragasan Beach, a spot that is quite popular with the locals. You can watch a flurry of boats coming in and out, some with tourists and others with merchandise.

But click main attraction at Best Dating Place In Zamboanga City Beach is the night market! This night market has some of the freshest seafood, vegetables, and local delicacies.

No trip to Zamboanga City is complete without a visit to Nancy Falls. There are wooding plank bridges that you can climb along while exploring the brush. This covered market is full of stalls selling colorful Filipino handicrafts and souvenirs to take home. For the ladies, there are dresses and traditional Filipina garments everywhere you turn.

Her work has appeared in local and international publications. Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Feel free to share your tips and recommendations. For the ladies, there are dresses and traditional Filipina garments everywhere you turn. Add gelatin, shaved ice, milk and a scoop of ice cream and you get a healthier, more refreshing version of the usual halo-halo.

For the men, you have a nice selection of sunglasses, flip-flops and a few stalls with clothing. The Canelar Barter Trade Center specializes in doorknockers and manual doorbells that are shaped like deer, oxen, chickens, and lions.

Dating place in zamboanga city

This would certainly be a unique memento to walk away with. Take a guide with you who will lead you through the unmarked jungle paths until you get to the natural swimming pool and tall falls.

Off the beaten path, this site is as raw and unspoiled as it gets. Locals are most familiar with these falls as they are closest to town and many tourists like to visit. Here is the perfect place for you and your loved one to have a romantic dinner in a quite and peaceful area.

La Vista del Mar is Best Dating Place In Zamboanga City seaside restaurant that captures stunning views of the sunset, receives a refreshing breeze off the sea at night, has a lovely boardwalk to take a stroll, and of course, serves up some incredible dishes that turns visitors into regulars.

Try the tuna belly, Lapulapu sweet and sour, and vegetables cooked in coconut milk.

Top Ten Places to Visit in Zamboanga City

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