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Question: If you are dating someone for 2 months and then she decides to end things, could this be considered a “break up”? Here is the PROBLEM: If you thought you were in “a relationship” and the other person thought that you were “ just hanging out” or casually dating, and after the relationship ends, and you try to get. For me, after one or two dates it's acceptable to just not contact them again if things aren't working out. I've gotten a few thanks-but-no-thanks e-mails after 4 or 5 promising dates, and I didn't think that was distasteful, even if we've just made out. Every other breakup was more the several-month sexual. 17 Apr But after three months, you still sometimes wonder what she's thinking as she searches your eyes. After three months, you begin to have routines. You see each other on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. You sleep at her place two days a week. You wake up, get dressed, go to work together. You make.

Community Links Members List. Anyone here had a four month relationship breakup? Things were VERY intense from the start. Four months later it was over. Its is taking me forever to get over this one. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Otherwise, when you state your reason for the break up add in what positive things you honestly can i. Still so longing for her, still mixed up from why it didnt work out. Especially not a visual reminder that will die soon. Don't put too much of the "you're awesome" in the front end of your dumping, because I'll get a little woozy.

More info, A big yes from me. A very recent break up of a relationship for me that only lasted 4 months also. But the time I spent with her were the most memorable, exciting and passionate times of my life. We clicked immedetiately, had so much in common, everthing to me was like a dream, had to keep telling myself that yes you do deserver this, enjoy it make the most of it!

I never wanted it to end, I fell for her big time in no time at all, like I had never felt before. I really did try not to get carried away however, Ive learned that from the past, but after a couple months it became clear to her that my feelings were stong. I did everything I could to maker here happy.

Alas pretty much out of the blue, she ended it only a couple of weeks ago nowSaying that she just didnt feel the same strong feelings as I obviously had. I was devasted, stunned, just didnt see it coming. As far as I felt, she was happy to.

I look back now and think maybe if Breaking Up After 4 Months Of Dating had continue to play it cool, that things may have been different. But I cannot doubt myself, I just went with my feelings and never thought that it wouldnt be enough for her.

Now she doesnt even want to know me any more, she has become completely cold to me, so hard to take. Sorry I have ranted a bit! But yes from me. It will also take a long time to get over and comes to terms http://24dating.me/j/my-ex-is-dating-a-felon.php this one, far more than any other time Why cant love it be simple! A friend of mine mentioned this quote to me, which I found very apt. I'm really hoping that this is normal yes.

I also have been in a 4 month relationship, my first, and it was such a long time coming that I loved every minute of it. Now it's 2 months later and i'm still not over it. I guess some people can have such an affect on you that Breaking Up After 4 Months Of Dating a small amount of time spent with them can embed itself deeply within you.

In most relationships the first few months are when you begin to fall for someone and chemicals kick in and make you think this person is amazing in every way. A little further down the line you start to see them in a more realistic light, and decide whether you want to stick it out as a serious relationship. If someone broke up with you before you ever got to the reality kicking in stage, then I guess youre still going to be seeing them as a perfect fantasy.

Couldn't agree more Spind.

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Some relationships begin with a bang When you feel something like that it can be the best feeling you've ever had and naturally you believe something this good will last. Then poof it goes up in a cloud of smoke usually right at what feels like the beginning, just as things are getting started.

Breaking Up After 4 Months Of Dating

It takes a while to let go of that was all the time you had, that was all you were going to share and get to know of that person and you'll feel like there was so much more you wanted to do and need.

There was very little time for you to see flaws in the other person and very little time for you to see it coming to an end or for the relationship spark to fizzle out. Probably there was no arguments or problems that early on either But you will, Breaking Up After 4 Months Of Dating time. I too had a blazing 4 month relationship.

But to me it was a long-term thing and I took it slowly, my ex didn't want that, she let herself get carried away. Then she got into the 'Do I want to be with this person' and she told herself 'No'. Her excuse was that I wasn't into her like she was into me and eventually that she couldn't give me the love I 'wanted'. I actually believe that these sort of relationships leave you with more questions than answers and are some of the hardest to get over.

Don't worry though, its taken me 4 months and I'm nearly there. And you'll get there eventually too! Best of luck, Reactor.

Yes, before my current relationship I was with someone for 4 months. I was basically his rebound a month after he ended a 3. I was really in to him and for a while things were looking great. I was pretty bummed for a month a long time for me Though I was hurt I'm glad and thankful he let me go, he wasn't right for me.

By not wasting anymore of my time he let me move on and meet a man who was a much better fit for me I think ending a relationship after months is difficult because it feels like you didn't give it a fair shot just yet and like you're falling for the person. Originally Posted by Spinderella. Continue reading had more fun, felt more love and passion, and more happiness than the 5 year relationship I had been in previously.

The worst part is all the untapped potential that just click for source realizes itself when these whirlwind romances end. And the love Breaking Up After 4 Months Of Dating you have no idea where to put once it's over.

My relationship ended calmly, but confusingly. Breaking Up After 4 Months Of Dating still trying to figure out what came over me that I got caught up so intensely in it. We were on the same page from the get-go, totally bonkers for each click at this page. Then three weeks ago, he just up and ended it.

Its like the whole time we were at this fever pitch that just burnt itself out or something. Those are the ones you remember. Those are the ones that blindside you and then stick with you always. We only dated a short time but we were still in the "honeymoon stage" when he left me and everything had been perfect. To this day this guy was the best boyfriend I ever had.

He was sweet, attentive, loyal and so much fun. He left me because he was older 19 and wanted to get married. I was no where near that place in my life at age Two months after he left me he was engaged to someone else and I was devastated!! I think that those intense short relationships are sometimes hardest to get over because everything is so perfect and wonderful when you are dating and when it ends its like you are going thru withdrawal symptoms from a drug.

You haven't been together long enough to lose the excitement or for things to become monotonous. So, yes, I can see why it is hard for you to get over. Hi I recently 2wks ago broke it off with the most wonderful man i have ever known. We only dated for 3. I broke it off because i did not feel an emotional connection with him, i was falling for him and i dont think he was for me.

We could have worked thru it i link, but by the time i had got to tell him how i felt i was drunk, it all came out wrong, and next minute he was gone. Previous relationships for me were never shorter than 3 years.

Breaking Up After 4 Months Of Dating

When someone comes into our lives, they can touch us in a way that we didnt even see, and we dont notice it untill they are gone. There is no time constraint on feelings Don't think that you should not be feeling this way just because you were with them a short period of time.

I was pretty bummed for a month a long time for me Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think Allina might have used the magic word; "rebound". Still finding it the hardest relationship ever to move on from.

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Still so longing for her, still mixed up from why it didnt work out. Its like I am coming off the most amazing high of my life, a drug I can no longer have. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All times are GMT The time now is The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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I work for a florist. You do you, and take things as they come. Do NOT send flowers for this. He left me because he was older 19 and wanted to get married.

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But you will, in time Share Share this post on Digg Del. Originally Posted by Spinderella In most relationships the first few months are when you begin to fall for someone and chemicals kick in and make you think click person is amazing in every way. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode.

New post about 2 month old breakup First contact in month since breakup, need analysis of her actions!!!