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29 Sep There's 50 questions, and it's pretty tough, so good luck. To infinity, and beyond. After being expelled, the two were offered jobs as workers in the Monsters, Inc. mailroom nonetheless. They advance through the ranks until Sully is a scarer and Mike is his assistant. In Monsters, Inc., Mike runs Sulley's station on the scare floor and they are close friends and roommates. Mike is dating Celia Mae at this time. One of the most popular usages of the horse mask is by YouTuber TomSka in some of his videos. It is used for his character named “Mrs Johnson”, who first appeared in his Coming Out video (upper left, at the mark). Her origin was only explained, however, in the Meanwhile 2 video (upper right, at the mark) .

This is a list of characters from the Pixar media franchise Monsters, Inc. The monster characters reside in the city of Monstropolis. According to a DVD bonus feature, Monstropolis was founded after see more of the monsters who once co-existed with humans were all chased off the mainland and eventually moved to an island on an unknown world where they have lived ever since.

The only way for them to enter human-inhabited areas was via closet doors. The company Monsters, Inc. There are also companies that rival Monsters, Inc. The city also provides universities at which monsters can study to scare, the most prominent in the storyline being Monsters University for its outstanding Scaring Program. One of its rivals is a college called Fear Tech. Video Game is a bear -like blue-furred male monster with horns, purple spots, razor-sharp claws on his hands, furry talons for feet, a theropod -like tail, spikes running down his back and shark -like fangs.

Even though he excels at scaring children, he is kindhearted, thoughtful and affects a relaxed, amiable personality. In the film's beginning, he is "The Best Scarer" for several months running. Monsters University depicts the college-age Sulley as a please click for source but lazy student whose father Bill had made a name for himself as a proficient Scarer.

He and Mike start as arch-rivals in their introductory scaring class, but eventually form a friendship that lasts even beyond their expulsion from the university. Michael "Mike" Wazowski voiced by Billy Crystal in the film series, Carlos Alazraqui in the video games and Noah Johnston as his younger self in Monsters Universityis a green monster with a ball-shaped body, see more single big eyeball, two small horns, skinny arms and legs.

Mike had a lonesome childhood and struggled to make friends. On a class field trip Cartoon Horse Dating Characters From Monsters Inc Names And Pictures Monsters, Inc. Mike initially disliked Sulley for his arrogance and bad work ethic. Mike then works out a deal with the dean of the school to re-enroll in the program on the stipulation that he wins the Games. Mike and Sulley begin to build a friendship as they compete together. During the final event, Sulley cheats, and both Mike and Sulley are expelled from school.

After being expelled, the two were offered jobs as workers in the Monsters, Inc. They advance through the ranks until Sully is a scarer and Mike is his assistant. Mike is dating Celia Mae at this time. Additionally, Mike helps Sulley in his mission to save Boo. Mike is not only known for his humor, but also his intelligence. Randall Boggs voiced by Steve Buscemi in the film series, J. Manoux in the video gameand Peter Kelamis in the Disney Infinity video game series is a Cianfa Donati -inspired purple, impatient, multi-legged lizard monster with a chameleon -like ability to change skin color and blend in completely with his surroundings.

He is Sulley's nemesis and Mike's arch-rival and former best friend. The two jockey for position as the area's top scream collector. He secretly approaches Henry J. Waternoose III, the company's CEO, [ citation needed ] and offers to build a scream extraction device and use it on kidnapped children in return for solving the city's energy shortage. Waternoose accepted, figuring it would be the solution for the company's good. During the final battle, Randall is thrown through a door by Sulley into the human world and winds up in a house trailer whose inhabitants beat him senseless, believing him to be an alligator.

Sulley and Mike destroyed the door to prevent Randall from returning the monster world and foiled his plan getting Mr.

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Waternoose arrested in the process while Fungus reforms. In the prequel Monsters UniversityRandall nicknamed as "Randy" enrolls at the same time as Mike Wazowski and the two end up as friends and roommates. He is insecure and shy at first, having trouble controlling his camouflage abilities. Randall soon becomes more ambitious, confident, and short-tempered after joining Roar Omega Roar.

After an embarrassing failure at the Scare Games to Sulley, Randall vows to himself to never be outdone by Sulley again "That's the last time I lose to you, Sullivan!

Boo voiced by Mary Gibbs is a 2-year-old human girl who becomes Sulley and Mike's friend. During Randall's secret late-night work on the Scare Floor, Boo gets into the factory and Sulley tries various attempts to get visit web page back, eventually placing her inside a duffle bag.

When Sulley brings this up with Mike at Harryhauser's, Boo gets out and frightens the patrons; the CDA have to "decontaminate" the restaurant. While Mike and Sulley are at home, they discover that the girl is not toxic after all. Sulley quickly grows attached to the girl and Cartoon Horse Dating Characters From Monsters Inc Names And Pictures her "Boo".

Horse Head Mask Uploaded by Dunelion. G 88 min Animation, Adventure, Drama. Among the members of Slugma Slugma Kappa are:.

The next day, they smuggle her into the factory disguised as a child of one of Sulley's relatives, and Mike attempts to return her through her door. Randall tries to kidnap Boo, but kidnaps Mike by mistake. When Boo was brought into the simulation room after Mike and Sulley escaped from Randall, she ended up severely frightened by Sulley's roar.

When Mike and Sulley tried to return Boo to her home, Mr. Waternoose had Mike and Sulley exiled to the Himalayas. Sulley returns to the factory and rescues Boo from Randall's Scream Extractor. During the chase through the large storage vault, Boo's laughter ends up causing all the doors to operate. Eventually, Boo gets over being afraid of Randall, and helps to defeat him. Sulley and Mike are able to access Boo's door, but Mr. Once Sulley and Mike have returned Boo to her room, her door is put through the shredder.

Sometime later, Mike takes Sulley aside revealing he has rebuilt Boo's door requiring only one more piece which Sulley had taken as a memento, the one taped to his clipboard. Sulley inserts the last piece, reactivates the door and enters to find Boo there.

Cartoon Horse Dating Characters From Monsters Inc Names And Pictures

The company has been in Waternoose's family for 3 generations as he had inherited the company from his father at the age of Waternoose also previously had a mentoring relationship with Sulley. Waternoose is first seen where he reminds Thaddeus Bile and the other trainees about the dangers of a human child getting into Monstropolis after Thaddeus left the door opened.

He has been impressed with Sulley's progress. Waternoose is distraught to learn that the impending energy crisis is increasing, due to many children being desensitized and being unable to be scared by monsters, which might put the company on the verge of being shut down. When Sulley tells Mr.

Waternoose that he can get the company through the energy crisis, Mr. Waternoose tells Sulley to tell that to the board of directors. When Boo is eventually discovered and Sulley and Mike wanted to return her home, Mr. Waternoose agrees to help them, but he later reveals that he and Randall are hand in glove, and that Randall is actually planning to kidnap Boo and several more children to extract their screams to fight the energy crisis.

Waternoose himself is just an accomplice to Randall's plan. At that point, Mr. Waternoose betrayed both Sulley and Mike by exiling them to the Himalayas on Randall's orders to ensure that they don't interfere with their plans any further as they have found out too much about their schemethough Waternoose would later regret his actions; he even argues with Randall about how he should not have trusted him since Randall had forced him to banish Sulley and Mike.

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Waternoose is forced to accept Randall's plan and watch him proceed. Before Boo's screams can be extracted, Sulley having traveled to a nearby village to return to the monster world via closet door returns and rescues Boo while destroying the machine and using it to trap Randall, Waternoose, and Fungus to the wall although Randall was quick enough to dodge it before escaping as Randall gives pursuit.

Waternoose has called in the CDA to help apprehend Boo and arrest Sulley and Mike, attempting to frame them as the criminals responsible for the crisis. Mike, carrying who they think is Boo, distracts them before running off. Waternoose follows Sulley to the simulation bedroom before Sulley jams the entrance shut with a metal pipe to hold back Waternoose long enough for Sulley to install Boo's door and supposedly activating it. He eventually manage to break through and Sulley argues with Waternoose over his and Randall's wrongdoings, declaring he will do anything to save the company from being shut down while attempting to end the energy crisis, even if it means kidnapping many children for Randall's plan and doing away with anyone who stands in his way to ensure that their plot remains a secret.

Brutishly knocking Sulley out of his way, he tries to grab Boo from the bed, but instead grabs the simulation child. Just then, the wall goes Cartoon Horse Dating Characters From Monsters Inc Names And Pictures to reveal that Mike is behind the controls and he records Sulley and Waternoose's confrontation, exposing Randall's plan as Waternoose watches in shock.

With this incriminating evidence, the CDA turns on Waternoose and arrests him. As he is being dragged away, Waternoose yells at Sulley and claims that he destroyed the company and that the energy crisis will only get worse because of him.

In the Scare Games, Jaws Theta Chi was disqualified for using a sting ointment that would prevent them from getting swelled upon coming in contact with the child's toys represented as sea urchins during the "Toxicity Challenge" event. After stranding Randall in the human world, and exposing Waternoose's plan to the CDA, Mike gave Boo his own fond farewell, tell her it had been fun, showing he too had come to care about her when they shared a hug. Horse Head Mask Uploaded by carollyne.

Despite not appearing in the prequel Monsters UniversityWaternoose is seen in a photo at the end of movie with an Afro hairstyle and a mustachewhich he had lost before the original film shaking hands with Mike and Sulley as they are being promoted to becoming a Scare Team, which may have started the mentor-like bond between Waternoose and Sulley.

Celia Mae voiced by Jennifer Tilly is a one-eyed monster with snakes -like hair and tentacles for legs. She works as a receptionist at Monsters, Inc. When Mike is at a date with Celia at Harryhausen's,a sushi restaurant.

Boo made herself known as the CDA raid the place and use a device that caused an energy dome that "decontaminated" Harryhausen's. Celia was among of the monsters who were decontaminated at that time, which then forces her and her snakes hairs to wear neck cones after enduring the decontimation, much to her embarrassment. As a result, Celia is now angry at Mike and she confronts him the next day, and she unintentionally slips Mike's involvement in the incident the previous night while scolding him.

When Mike and Sully were being chased by Randall, Celia angrily grabbed see more Mike threatening to break up with him if he did not tell her what was happening until Boo appeared with Mike stating that they are trying to get her back to her room.

Cartoon Horse Dating Characters From Monsters Inc Names And Pictures

Celia does a diversion by announcing that Randall had broken the Scare Record. She is seen again at the end of the film, having fully recovered and made amends with Mike, and tells him that a box full of magazines has just arrived. Both she and Mike are surprised to see that Mike has made the cover of the magazine although his face is covered by a bar code. She kisses him and her hair snakes tickles his face. Mike seemed to enjoy the tickling and click from Celia and her snakes.

Despite not appearing in Monsters University read more, Celia is seen in a photo in Mike's locker room, where he puts up a new photo of himself and Sulley in their first day as a Scarer Team, next to Celia's near the end of the movie.

Despite being partnered with Fungus, Randall seems to be annoyed by his antics and would often abuse him and boss him around. Fungus also is terrified by Randall's behavior and his involvement in Randall's plot to kidnap human children and extract their screams forcibly, but feels either blackmailed or too intimidated to confront Randall, and is inwardly glad that Mike and Sulley are sabotaging Randall's sinister conspiracy.

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When Randall attempts to test the extraction machine on Mike, Sulley puts Fungus on the chair and rescues Mike. The scream machine renders Fungus unconscious and blanches him white implying the machine will cause considerable physical harm if used on a child. In the end following Randall's defeat and Waternoose's arrest, Fungus is forgiven for his involvement by Sulley who becomes the company's new CEO and is now happy taking on a job of making children laugh to collect more power.

Roz voiced by Bob Peterson is a slug -like monster who is the key master and administrator of Scare Floor F.