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In my view, the Atkins Diet is a recipe for a revolting feeling of bloated over- consumption, coupled with a disgusting, fatty taste in your mouth and breath like For a typical Atkins breakfast, I had sausage, eggs and bacon or a cheese omelette. . A big cat poacher has been killed and eaten by the pride of lions he was. Mama's Iraqi Kubba't Hallab. Kurdish FoodArabian FoodMiddle Eastern Food Middle Eastern RecipesMediterranean FoodEthnic FoodArmenian Recipes Arabic RecipesRamadan Recipes. Mama's Iraqi Kubba't Hallab — add a little lemon. I just came here looking for that bottle of gas you were going to get me. now my queasy stomach is making confused sounds and I don't know if I want to run to for ITLAPD last year, so i half-assed it. wanna hear something funny? for a week before the holiday, i pasted that, word-for-word, into my online dating profile ! if.

Week after week the Wikiworm brings us his haul from the dark belly of Wikipedia — curious, often astounding stuff you would struggle to find in most conventional reference books. And yet — and here I show my age no doubt, and a mind-set formed by 25 years in print reference — there is something about this ultra-inclusive policy that can bring on an itchy disquiet, almost a sort of vertigo.

Cat Dating Profile Pepperoni Recipes For Atkins

Take away the constraints of time, space, and money that impinge on even the most voluminous of print encyclopedias, and there is a liberation; but also, surely, a risk of losing something basic — the very principle of selection. What goes west is the whole notion of an accepted this web page of knowledge, with all its taxonomies and fine-tuned judgements of value.

But I dare say the scribes said something like that on the advent of the printing press. And yes, I grow old. Looking at the stuff that the Wikiworm worms out for our delight — male lactation? Well, it turns out there are; and you can find most of them here — a page listing several thousand articles that have been deleted from the encyclopedia since its inception.

These might not seem like the most daunting of hurdles, but it comes as no surprise that there are radical Wikipedians who consider them too high.

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But I am aware that we are talking in click Cat Dating Profile Pepperoni Recipes For Atkins, and that particulars should be addressed. Here, then, is a highly abridged but otherwise unedited list of entries that have been bounced from Wikipedia, A to Z: Kanchi kamakoti pitha or kanchi kamakoti peetham or kanchi mutt orkamakoti mutt or kamakoti peeta; Keith keith the magical teddybear jesus; Kevin the Kleptomatic and Ever So Slightly Flatulent Koala.

But apart from that, everything here seems to be the deliberate work of a more or less sentient human being, however addled by drink or drugs. You might have noticed a few recurring themes and these become more obvious as the alphabet proceeds: Oh My God Hot Springs; Once you jump a fence, an ocean is no problem; Once anyone fill a program into a bag then you should press start end in addition to a heated clamp associated with sealer; Onion Bridge; Orange pants; Orion is bankrupt now; Oscillating penguin of ultimate seduction.

Radioactive Pedophile on the Loose! Sa paglipas ng panahon, may mga makikilala tayo na magiging parte ng buhay natin gustuhin man natin o hindi: Gustuhin man nila o hindi: Alam man natin o hindi: Walking Microwave; We did not invent the algorithm. The algorithm http://24dating.me/j/young-christian-man-dating-older-christian-woman.php finds Jesus.

She doesn't believe in abortion, something he knew at the early stages. Anyway, may the axe not fall on your tree and if it is not too late to ask where your voice can be heard, remind us all Good headphone info, and vur' much appreciated! So glad we won't have snow. The trip that you took to the beach c'mon man, give me a pass

The algorithm killed Jeeves. Oddly mixed feelings then. And the more I think about it, the more I reckon that these have something to do with the list form itself, as well as the bonkers content. Lists in Literature — a splendid anthology of lists from Thurber to Robbe-Grillet that comes with a very stimulating introduction.


As Spufford sees it, a list always implies an idea of order, even as its elements take on a disorderly life of their own; if there is method in the madness, then the converse is also and equally true. Even the most systematic or methodical list is never quite safe from collapsing into hotch-potch, mish-mash, and gallimaufray. And however lively and profuse, a list always involves a kind of entropy, a Cat Dating Profile Pepperoni Recipes For Atkins perhaps of nihilism.

You can find all this, I http://24dating.me/j/how-to-have-a-nice-conversation-with-a-girl.php, in our list of missing Wiki articles; that combination of a wild profuseness with a disturbing emptiness. There will be more about lists in the next few weeks — specifically, some lists of missing, imaginary, or otherwise non-existent works of literature some other kinds of phantom library.

Actors who have open-mouthed kissed their real-life siblings; Category: Articles not related to sociology; Category: Baseball players with kidney stones; Category: Belgian cycling teas typo? Bisexual clown painters; Category: Films featuring umbrellas; Category: Generals whose names sound like car brands; Category: Mythological things at least in part based on chickens; Category: Permanent Residents of Hell; Category: Political posters using an octopus; Category: Songs about goats; Category: Towns with Zombie Problems; Category: Vice Presidents who have shot people I believe there were two: Villages in Oxfordshire without Lamp Posts; Category: What do Monks Eat for Breakfast?

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Wikipedians who can divide by zero; Category: Wikipedians who crack boiled eggs on the rounded end; Category: Jonathan Law grew up in Westonzoyland, Somerset. He gained a degree in English from Oxford University and has subsequently followed a career in reference publishing.

His books as editor or co-editor include European Culture: Since he has been a director of Market House Books Ltd. As well as being a regular contributor to The Dabbler, he has also written for the literary quarterly Slightly Foxed.

Jonathan lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and three children. Some of these could be straight from the mind of Frank Key, which reminds me of one of my favourite lists:.

I met my husband on MySpace! I love your wife 2. My heart breaks for you. So far, so good! Two days later he shows up at my work begging for me to come out to his car and suck his dick in exchange for pizza.

Dabbler legend Jonathan Law returns with a new series of posts about Phantom Libraries, beginning with the thing that set him off on an exploration of strange or imaginary lists of books: He makes people laugh.

The revival starts here. The Slang Guide to London: Sep, 08 Phantom Libraries — Part 6: Sep, 01 Phantom Libraries — Part 5: Aug, 04 Phantom Libraries — Part 4: Some of these could be straight from the mind of Frank Key, which reminds me of one of my favourite lists: Phantom Libraries — Part 1: From Rabelais to Swift The Dabbler.

Cat Dating Profile Pepperoni Recipes For Atkins

Conflicts of Interest by Terry Stiastny Aug, 09 First-rate Monsters — the Mapp and Lucia novels of E. Benson Jul, 05 Decline of the English barrister May, 25 Post-Truth set in early May, 22 Hello, I am the owner of a Edsel Ranger and could I enjoy learning about these social shibboleths. However, I'm convinced that only Ah, the golden age, when the local Palais was but a twinkle A fine post — and the first I've seen in my RSS Neither have I, Worm - though, if you're interested, the very short