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HARRY STYLES DATING CAMILA CABELLO! One Direction & 5th Harmony Love Story 24dating.me if?

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7 06 - Preference #67 - You're In A Fake Relationship With Him, And You Fall For Each. Zayn: After his break up with Perrie his management had hired you to be his ' fake ' girlfriend. “I really like being with you,” he confesses one day. # one direction preferences # one direction preference #zayn malik #liam. "Well-" she began, her reading was cut off by all the fake girlfriends laughing. +. " What?" Elsa, Niall's girlfriend (and your best friend) asked coldly. 9. "Oh nothing. I just would of thought that y/n has had enough today" Perrie said earning a giggle from Eleanor, who stopped after getting harsh looks from louis and continued. I got asked out on a date the other night while out with friends, and I said yes, since technically I was single. And because a certain pop-star fake boyfriend of mine is never going to realize that I would really love for him to hold my hand without a camera around. "Because this is your job! What if management finds out.

Liam kept rubbing his hands together, and after being around him so much for the past few months, I knew he was nervous. Why, I wasn't sure. We were doing a press-line for the first time as a 'couple'.

Cast Niall Horan as himself. It got said a lot, and thats why you were surprised and perhaps slightly hopeful as to how passionately he'd responded this time. A member of 5SOS gets a little to touchy. His girlfriend doesn't like your kids or he ignores them.

One Direction Preferences Your Fake Dating were a few of these in my contract, but I wasn't really sure what they were at first. Liam informed me that they're going to ask lots of questions about the new album and such, but I would be a focus too, since I was his brand new girlfriend. I wasn't too worried, this is what I was good at. More info, pretending to be something I'm not. But lately, my performance is slipping.

Every time Liam glances at me, my stomach flips and I silently curse myself for getting wrapped up in a boy who is off limits, which makes every fake kiss that much harder to let go of. And so can some of the fans out there. I just don't want you to get hurt. I care about you. I cough to clear my throat and my surprise. And I really hate being away from you sometimes.

And now I'm being obvious too, aren't I? He nods, grinning at me. You guys have gone a week without being spotted, so amp up the 'love' there, please and thank you. Louis and you shared a link glance and smirk, knowing you two purposely hid out from all the flashes for a while.

You're hired to date him

He was always annoyed with them, so you two just avoided going anywhere too public, but yet were still in each others company. You both nodded, being summoned out of the office. You cast your eyes downward, knowing how much you wished you never took this job.

Being Louis fake girlfriend was fine for a while, and it got the good press the band wanted. But it also took a toll on you. So, coffee shop later for our little photoshoot? You knew he felt guilty, you being forced to hang out with him. But it was now on eof your favorite things to do.

You nodded and smiled at him, waving before heading towards your car. I hate that the girl I think I'm falling for is getting paid to be around me. I know you like me as well.

1D Preferences: Your first date

You blushed, grinning slightly. I mean, what if One Direction Preferences Your Fake Dating get spotted. Then where are we. Why are we making a huge deal out of this.

I got asked out on a date the other night while out with friends, and I said yes, since technically I was single. And because a certain pop-star fake boyfriend of mine is never going to realize that I would really love for him to hold my hand without a camera around. What if management finds out. I spend so much read article with him lately, I can read him like an open book.

He was currently unhappy, if that wasn't already unclear. I was just confused about why he was so worked up. Our relationship confuses me. Cause right now all I want to do is punch whoever asked you out, but I can't.

Cause you're not mine. I almost laugh because he has nothing to worry about. All he has to do is ask and I'm his. Now his tell-all eyes look hopeful. I think I've gone through 8 boxes of tissues at this point.

I cough again and try to get myself comfortable in bed to sleep a little. And it sucks that I had to call my boss and tell him I couldn't go with Niall to the movie premiere because of the flu. I just wanted to be around Niall all the time now, even if what source had was fabricated.

I was pulled out of my usual thoughts these days to a knock on my door. Ugh, I have to move. I kept the blanket around me and trudged to my door, swinging it open. He grinned, and held up what looked like some movies and a can of soup.

One Direction Preferences Your Fake Dating

And to be honest I was a bit peeved you wouldn't be there. So I came here. I nodded, unsure as to why a celebrity event was lower on his priority list than me.

He nodded, blushing again, staring at One Direction Preferences Your Fake Dating Supras. I shoved through the cameras that always seemed to be near me now, trying to get to the ER doors. It was around 3 am and I was woken up by some doctor, telling me to please come see Harry in the ER. I had no idea what happened to him, so i hopped into my car still in my PJs and drove as fast as I could. I wish I couldn't say I wasn't worried about him, as I shouldn't care about him I was just the fake girlfriend.

But I needed to see his stupid green eyes and hear continue reading of his crappy stories to know he was okay. I told the nurse at the desk his name and she pointed me towards the room he was in. I walked in, expecting him to be pale on a bed, but there he sat, just blinking at me, his sweatshirt rumpled and a cast on his arm.

You look good in plaid, love.

One Direction Preferences Your Fake Dating

I half expected to see part of management here, wanting me to help my sick boyfriend hobble to the car for good press.

But no, just Harry.

Our relationship confuses me. So, coffee shop later for our little photoshoot? You people trying to control me didn't work, and I fell for her.

Which I was happy about. All I want is just Harry. As usual, Harry sat calm, his eyes watching me closely.

60-A fake relationship, with real feelings...

I was more worried than a fake girlfriend should be. I smiled, touching his apparently broken arm. Log in Sign Up. Read this story for FREE!