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27 Jul What to do when assessing a man's online dating profile when looking for a relationship. With that in mind, there are ways to discover what he really means in his online dating profile. 24dating.me “And, 'open-minded' means he's either baggage laden, or he's into some kinky stuff,” she said. Dating websites are sales pitches for the people behind them. "Open-minded" means he or she is willing to overlook your shortcomings because they are aware that they have them too. As to hinting about money, it is because they are trying to show that they aren't deadbeats and can afford to court you. ok i see the phrase openminded in a lot of profiles around here so i would like to ask you good folks out there what that means to you when you read and when you write it.

What does 'open minded' mean anyway?

It's common to hear people, especially girls, say that they are open-minded. What does that mean? Is it code for something?

What Does Open Minded Mean On Dating Sites

P The only thing it's code for - is that generally girls who say it are a tad more genuine at heart. People who aren't so open minded don't care to express that theme, because in their heads it isn't neccessary, and will conflict with their set in ways.

I guess to give their life purpose or something I've only encountered the open minded term in relation to non - judgmental people. Like a close minded person would be homophobic because they don't understand homosexuality.

And open minded person wouldn't care about sexuality or race or anything. They're more for the person - not any of the smaller stuff. That's certainly a good point. Some people seem to use it to refer to more than simply the absence of being judgmental or being understanding. I'm a person of pretty strong beliefs, but at the same time I'm a very understanding and sympathetic person, so I'd consider myself open-minded even while being fairly opinionated.

A lot of people say they are open-minded without being so, though, certainly. Yea - I didn't know it had sexual grounds, I mean, I'm sure in the right context it could be sexual - but that's a lot of words too ha ha: P I can use banana sexually or even puppy.

When a guy says, "I want a woman who takes care of herself and eats healthy," he means exactly that. So to me, open minded means one of two things. Again, if you're seeking a casual hookup, this might not be a big deal. If he talks about sex, repeatedly, throughout his profile, he may not necessarily be looking for a booty call. Next, look at the photo itself.

But I won't use puppy because that'd be kinda creepy: P Yea, being opinionated doesn't mean not open minded - usually open minded people have opinions, but their also flexible to the views of others. More close minded people aren't so much. I definitely see that as a proper understanding there. It makes the language more ambiguous, though. Most of the time I see it seems to have sexual grounds, though the way I use it, it does not necessarily have it though sometimes it would too.

One has to ask more questions to give content to the phrase. If you asked me if I liked water play and I was like ": I'm very open minded But lol, my teacher has called me open minded before, and I hope it was in the proper context lol: I don't even know what waterplay is, so I wouldn't be able to do more than ask questions as to what that involved: I would agree that in the context of your teacher, I would expect it to mean that you were able to respect different views in an intellectual environment.

At least I hope that is the context that comment referred to in that situation. You would probably know better than I xD. Asking your professor what he or she meant would be very awkward. In the absence of better evidence it's better to learn more here What Does Open Minded Mean On Dating Sites the context was entirely above board.

Are You Open Minded?

Oh I know its confusing right? Yeah, that's the issue I have with it, that it's vague. Some people use it to talk about sexuality in particular, while others mean it for new ideas or experiences in general but maybe not sexulity at all.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Ziva1 In the middel of nowhere. It is who they be. Since I have that I am open-minded on my profile, I feel like I should reply.

How would you say that you're open-minded? I would mainly use it to do with experiencing something newsomething that I have never done before. I'm "open minded" to learning something new or experiencing it with someone". That experince could be sexual or it could be me learning how to cook meat. No need to apologize.

What Does Open Minded Mean On Dating Sites

The vagueness was what I What Does Open Minded Mean On Dating Sites trying to point out. It's a question that invites further scrutiny about exactly what someone is open-minded about. And that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned, even if the adjective itself isn't very helpful. It means they have a hole in their skull that exposes their brain, or it could mean that theyre understanding and open to experimentation. I've never heard a girl say she was open-headed or open skulled, so I'm going with the second option.

Yes, it's a well-known code word to let you know they do anal. I'm not from NYC, and I wouldn't assume that at first. I'd assume a more general openness and then ask questions on the boundaries of that openness. Also close this question.

What click here most girls mean when they say they are open-minded? What Girls Said 2. That's what I take it to mean. Would you say that's true of you?

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