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5 Sep In “Prom,” the summer finale of The Fosters, Stef Adams Foster goes from watching her straight daughter, Mariana, make out with Emma on a dance floor, to listening to her high-school crush come out after Mariana assumes the two are dating and glumly takes a seat on Sad Sack Row next to Emma. After he snuck into the Fosters' house and threatened to kill himself in front of Mariana, Nick was caught and he is now in a group home. He continued to love aren't together. In reality she goes back to dating her ex, and Jesus ends up enlightening Nick about this and telling him to stay away from her in Collateral Damage. Mariana is still mad at Jesus and Lexi for dating and doesn't want Lexi around her at all. Lena tries to tell Mariana that Lexi is Jesus's girlfriend and her best friend and that she should accept that. Mariana tells Lena that that's not what a best friend does. The conversation ends with Mariana leaving and saying "If that's love.

This article features the main, recurring and minor characters who have all appeared in more than one episode. Stefanie "Stef" Marie Adams Foster season 1—present is a police officer. She and Mike Foster, her partner at work, are Brandon's biological parents. They divorced shortly after Stef met Lena and realized she's a lesbian and wanted to be with her. In a flashback in episode 9, when she first met the twins, it is shown that she has a very caring nature despite her tough appearance.

At the end of episode 1x10, Stef and Lena are officially married, legally cementing their long-term union of ten years. Stef is very strong and tough, but is also very funny and loving. Callie initially doesn't feel comfortable around her due to her position as a cop, but gradually forms a close bond with her. While Stef likes to act tough around everyone, especially Lena, it is shown that she cares a great deal about her wife and family, although she won't hesitate to Who Is Mariana Dating In The Fosters her kids if need be.

While neither she or Stef are really the dominant one in their relationship, Lena has a more motherly nature. She is good with kids and tries often to reason with her kids more so than punish them, despite Stef's usually "quick to act" nature.

She is the biracial vice principal of the charter school the kids attend. In episode 8, she and Stef get into a fight about Lena wanting to be married and never discussing it, showing that while she is more a lover than a fighter she see more defend herself, but more so around Stef than anyone else.

It was Lena who decided to take Callie in after she was released from the juvenile detention center.

Who Is Mariana Dating In The Fosters

Lena is very aware of the people around her and takes on the role of caring mother to all of the kids. She is artificially inseminated with co-worker Timothy's sperm, desiring to have a biological child of her own, and finds out she is pregnant shortly afterwards in the season 1 finale. However, in season 2, she is diagnosed with life-threatening read article and, consequently, loses the baby.

Lena and Stef are thinking of adopting Ana's baby Maraina and Jesus birth monther but they don't and now Ana has the baby her name is Isabella. Stef and Lena are getting a divorce to save their house. Then they get married again. Jesus Adams Foster " season 1—present 16, was one of the twins that Lena and Stef fostered as children and eventually adopted.

He is the more laid-back of the twins. He had ADHDfor which he took medication.

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After a fainting spell caused by his pills in "House and Home", he decided with the suggestion of Mike to join the wrestling team to cope with negative effects of ADHD. He is close with his sister as they were both in the foster care system and he acted as her protector; however their personalities and values clash occasionally, causing many arguments.

He even went as far to take the blame for her selling his pills to have money for their birth mom, Ana, who he feels disgust and resentment towards because she chose drugs over him and his sister. He starts dating Mariana's childhood best friend Lexi, in "Consequently" after defending her from a guy. He falls out with his sister in "Quinceanera" when she finds out he's been secretly dating Lexi and feels betrayed by Jesus for doing so.

They make up in "The Fall-Out".

Lena and Stef are thinking of adopting Ana's baby Maraina and Jesus birth monther but they don't and now Ana has the baby her name is Isabella. He may have peaked. When Mariana and Callie arrive back home, Mariana makes a scene in front of the dinner party and tells Lexi's parents that Jesus and Lexi had sex. Full Cast and Crew.

He has sex with Lexi once in "The Morning After". His relationship with Lexi is on hold when she moves back to Honduras because her grandmother is sick and her family cannot find a way back as they are undocumented immigrants. He eventually moves on from their relationship and falls into a love triangle between wrestling mate Emma and popular girl Hayley. Jude Adams Foster season 1—present is Callie's year-old half brother, who Callie and Brandon rescue from an abusive foster home.

The Fosters

He is a quiet child with somewhat more optimistic views on foster homes than Callie, though he has been moved from foster home to foster home along with his sister and been abused as well.

Once he is moved into the Fosters' home, he quickly begins to adjust to the new lifestyle and becomes more talkative and energetic.

At school, he develops a close friendship with a handsome and kind-hearted boy named Connor, a growing relationship which prompts Jude to begin questioning his sexuality. He deals with the emotional impact of Callie becoming close to her biological family, but realizes that she will Who Is Mariana Dating In The Fosters be with him no matter what.

He later develops a romance with his best friend, Connor, and the two begin dating in the season 2 finale. In the mid-season 3 finale the two admit they love each other for the first time after Connor considers moving to Los Angeles to live with his more accepting mother.

Who Is Mariana Dating In The Fosters

Then a little more after that Taylor asked if Jude wanted to Who Is Mariana Dating In The Fosters to church then meets a boy named Noah then he asks Jude if he wants to try pot so they are not allowed to see each other but now they are. Jude and Noah are article source some trouble.

Brandon Foster season 1—present is the year-old son of Stef and her ex-husband, Mike. He is one of Callie's love interests. He is very talented musically, specifically with the piano, and writes piano pieces which he presents for chances at scholarships. He has been shown to have an unsteady relationship with his father, Mike, due to the fact that Mike is a struggling alcoholic and has disappointed him many times through his childhood and teen years. At the start of Season 1, Brandon has a girlfriend named Talya, but breaks up with her because of his growing feelings for Callie and his annoyance and anger at her harassment and jealousy directed at Callie.

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For most of the first season, Brandon continues to pursue Callie romantically, even though she warned him that she could be kicked out of the house if they got involved.

Brandon continues to make reckless decisions, included violating a restraining order, in order to be with Callie. Ultimately, he accepts that Callie needs a family more than a relationship, and eventually agrees to a mutual break up. He eventually joins a band and begins a relationship with bandmate Lou. Callie Adams Foster season 1—present17, is one of the Foster family's new foster children.

Callie is headstrong and tough as a result of being in the foster system since she was a child, but holds a soft spot for her younger brother Jude. She was sent to Juvie click at this page destroying a car in order to protect him from their foster father's abuse. After she is released from Juvie and placed with the Fosters, Callie and Brandon rescue Jude, who is subsequently fostered by the Foster family as well.

Callie has had a hard life— her mother is dead and her father is in jail and she has been abused in many ways in the click care system. She initially has trouble opening herself up to her new family, but she slowly comes to love and accept them as her "forever" family.

Initially, Callie opens up mainly to Brandon, and the two develop a romantic relationship, although it is forbidden by the rules of the foster system, which soon meets a Who Is Mariana Dating In The Fosters end.

Callie also holds an on-again, off-again relationship with a classmate named Wyatt. Unfortunately, after the Fosters decide to adopt Callie and Jude, Callie learns that the man she thought was her father Donald Jacob is click. She then pursues to meet her biological father, as well as her half-sister who looks as if she could be her identical twin.

In the episode "Lucky" from season 3, she is officially adopted and an "Adams Foster. Michael "Mike" Foster season 1—present is a San Diego police sergeant, Brandon's father, and Stef's ex-husband and ex-police patrol partner. As the series progresses, it is revealed that Mike has a drinking problem, but joins AA to cope with it.

A frequent visitor to the Foster household, Mike is familiar with his son's family.

Toward the end of the first season, he started dating Dani, who helped him to keep his sobriety. However, he soon discovers that Dani http://24dating.me/j/what-not-to-wear-on-a-date.php sex with a drunken Brandon one night and arrests her for statutory rape. Since then, Mike helps Ana come to terms with her addiction and live a clean life.

Edit Details Official Sites: Teri Polo is a champion. Kids in the Hall Mariana had foolishly ditched her friend, Zac, just to spend time with the boy she had a crush on. She is often seen wearing a mixture of floral dresses and skirts with colorful cardigans and heels, and dark jeans and jackets over bright colored shirts. All police vehicles in California are required to have a steady red light on when the police lights on the front of police vehicles are on.

Mariana Adams Foster season 1—present is Jesus's year-old twin sister. She was fostered as a young child, and eventually adopted, by Lena and Stef. She is very smart and girly, and cares about her appearance very much. Link is popular and social, likes to gossip, and speaks Spanish fluently.

She is naive when Who Is Mariana Dating In The Fosters comes to certain topics - especially her birth mother, but she smartens up about her when finally realizing she was using her for money. She changes herself for guys and friends like in "The Morning After" when she sees that an old friend, Garrett is cute now and writes poetry, she goes to a Poetry Slam with him, and pierces her nose herself for him since he was hanging out with a girl who was dressed much edgier than Mariana.

Also, in season 2, she dyes her hair blonde to fit in when making it on a dance team only to overhear the other girls say she only did because she is Latina. However, she eventually gains the confidence in herself to not give in to what other people say and make her feel.

Mariana has a thing for the bad boys later on in the seasons and she gets caught up into some trouble. Her ex-boyfriend Nick gets put into a mental hospital because he was hearing voices. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A In season 5, Danny Nucci is only credited on the episodes in which Mike appears but still in the opening titles.

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