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Worst Things That Can Happen on a Date! (w/ Sierra Furtado)

25 Things Not To Do On Your First Date

12 Aug On the way back from our first date (without thinking) I pointed at a motel we were passing and said "you can rent a room by the hour there". I must have wanted to share my useless knowledge with him. We've been together almost 3 years now and he tells me that was the moment he knew we would get. 4 Jun The least you could do is pay your half! 8. A friend decides to tag along. MTV. 9. You get into a fight. When you find yourself arguing (and not in a flirty, playful way ) on the first date, it's never a good sign. They show up an hour late. And then have the nerve to honk at you from outside when they finally do. 17 Oct Finding a date isn't hard, but dating sure is. In fact, with Tinder, Bumble, and hundreds of other dating sites out there, meeting people is easier than ever. But the dates themselves can still quickly end in disaster. Everyone has tales of terrible dates under their belt. Whether it's the girl who wouldn't stop.

We come bearing proof. On Thursday, the folks over on the Ask Reddit forum shared the very worst thing a date as ever revealed to them.

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Below, the 19 most heinous responses. If reading through these truth bombs doesn't make you feel better about your dating skills, we're not sure what will.

I'm actually still married, and not to alarm you but my husband is sitting over there watching us eat. Yeah, all my friends know I'm not really looking for a good man, just looking for good sperm. I couldn't decide which was the worst.

Paranoia and confusion ensued.

Men, these are the worst things you can do on a first date

Oh, I'm a little bit racist. The date started off well enough, and I found him to be really interesting. Then he threw out this gem: Like, I created you and everyone else for entertainment and pleasure. I secretly think I might be god, I just haven't unlocked my full potential yet.

I thought he was kidding.

Worst Things to Do on a First Date

I'd say cat person then. I was wearing flip flops and became really really uncomfortable. Well, after my first divorce I'm an amateur juggler" - FrancisBaconandEggs. That wasn't bad -- lots of people have kids. But he then went on to explain that he wasn't very involved. He described that she lived close but he just lived his life outside from his child and really just took her when things were good for him.

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Worst Things To Do On A Date

That's not exactly true of dating. Do you want kids? Some day, but a lot of things have to happen before that does. That's a mature response.

I love kids, I want one really bad.

Wearing really, really strong cologne. Like, can we wait until the third date to get into ingrown toenail talk? They show up an hour late. Rejected by dentists, denied cheap mortgages and insurance and treated like pariahs Never lie awake worrying again! While it's fine to make some innocent joke about the way you met, acting like you're going to have to throw yourself in front of a train because you met your date via a dating app that most of the source uses or has used at some point is a waste of time and also supes boring.

So what's with this Confederate flag keychain? So you a cat person or dog person?

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Forget the shelfie, now it's all about the 'fridgie': Asking questions is a great instinct, and you may have to ask a couple basic small talk questions to break the ice. This, sadly, is far more common than you think. You have nothing to talk about.

I find dog meat to be pretty good, never tried eating cat, though. Do you know about omutsu? No, what is it? Haha, that's so weird. There was more than one?

Worst Things To Do On A Date

I'm an amateur juggler" - FrancisBaconandEggs Go to mobile site.