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Luxembourg and Switzerland

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This site uses cookies to help deliver services. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies. Learn more Got it. Posted by Dan Cirucci at Recommend this on Google. AmericaClintonGore. AmericafaithfreedomGodReaganreligion. About That Wedding Cake Imbroglio. Remember That North Korea Agreement?

From our link at Save Jersey: I could, and have, given you a ponderous list of examples on the domestic and foreign policy fronts.

Once again, here is our review of the current production of The King and I on Broadway:. Turns Out Adult Diaper Hookup Njmvc Gov Registration Nails It!

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We need to secure the border. Posted by Dan Cirucci at 5: Thank you for more than 4, pageviews! Entry Pageviews Get Ready: You're Actually Complaining About Summer? Posted by Dan Cirucci at 2: The spectacular read article of these great athletes has brought a tremendous amount of pride to our State and has served as an inspiration to young female athletes from New Jersey and around the nation.

Chris ChristieNew JerseySports. Please call your local member of the House and your senators and voice your opposition to the proposed Iran nuclear deal. Call and the operator will connect you with your member of Congress.

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Everyone has three members of Congress: Two in the Senate, one in the House. Every phone call counts! You can even call once a day.

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Please encourage your email contacts, social media contacts, friends, family and neighbors to do likewise. Please see background information below. If you have any questions or for more information, please call the Philadelphia ZOA Office at See the flyer at the bottom of this Action Alert for more details. Please consider attending this rally.

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Congress to vote against the impending Iranian nuclear deal which, according to all reports, will represent U.

The ZOA notes that, even now, a senior Iranian military commander has made it clear that this massively concessionary and disastrous nuclear deal with his own country would not result in Iran regarding America as anything other than an enemy. This will surely be used to increase funding of Iran's long-standing campaigns of international Islamic terrorism, backing link proxies such as Syria's Assad regime, the Shia Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Shia forces in Yemen that recently toppled the pro-American regime there, and elsewhere across the globe.

Hezbollah and Hamas are likely to get tens of thousands of new missiles and other armaments with which to attack Israel. This is a Adult Diaper Hookup Njmvc Gov Registration for America's most loyal ally, Israel, as well as for America and the West. US will remain our enemy despite emerging nuclear deal' Jerusalem Post, July 6, An Iranian regime that unswervingly regards America as an enemy will not act in good faith, will not seek reconciliation with United States or act peaceably in the Middle East.

But President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, with powerful armed forces, foolishly contend that, due to this agreement, Iran click relinquish its terrorist ways and become part of the civilized world.

Posted by Dan Cirucci at 8: The South's Sublime Summer Seduction. Each summer we're drawn back to the South here and especially to South Carolina's lush low country. Here, on a remarkable island beset with live oaks, tall pines, Spanish moss and winding paths dotted with pine cones, waxy magnolia leaves, twigs, branches and pine needles not to mention the occasional alligator or exotic bird we follow our way into the steamy summer symphony of intoxicating sights and sounds.

The long days and humid closeness bring everything into greater focus. The moist, saturated air envelopes us and forces us to slow down. In the process, we discover the allure of the season in all things natural.

Adult Diaper Hookup Njmvc Gov Registration

We gain a new sense of perspective. And we haven't even approached the majesty of the nearby ocean which humbles us in a multitude of ways. It's all part of island life -- but with a distinctive southern flavor. And the two seem to go together like shrimp and grits. For us, well -- it's heaven! Posted by Dan Cirucci at 7: Hilton headSummer. Our pension crisis is ruining the budgets of school districts across Pennsylvania, but Tom Wolf would rather keep his head in the sand than join with Republicans in enacting meaningful reform.

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While Governor Wolf may stand on the side of his liberal special interest benefactors, our Republicans leaders in the General Assembly will continue to fight for Pennsylvania families. Wednesday, July 8, What? Posted by Dan Cirucci at 9: Create Blog Sign In.

Adult Diaper Hookup Njmvc Gov Registration