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No video (black screen), just audio on instant movies

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Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc What Happened To Monday Netflix

Okay, so two weeks ago I had 3 movies from Netflix. I watched one on Friday night and another on Saturday morning, then put both in my apartment building's outgoing mail. I watched the third one on Sunday afternoon, then dropped it in a sidewalk mailbox on my way to work on Monday morning.

The weird thing is that Netflix still hasn't received the two movies I put in the outgoing mail on Saturday, leading me to suspect that my mailman stole them. No experience with swiped ones, but just file a report on the website and they shouldn't charge you any penalties.

You may have to wait a week Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc What Happened To Monday Netflix two and then file the report. I'm still renting everything I want from Hollywood video as I keep on getting their free rental coupons. And yes I know this is a pretty useless reply but I'm bored and have nothing better to do.

Netflix has been slow lately. The idea of my mailman watching Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance is hilarious, though. Hey, if he becomes a Park Chanwook fan, it'll all be worthwhile! No, don't use Netflix yet, but for a while I thought my mailperson was reading my Entertainment Weekly because I always got mine a couple days later than everyone else in other areas.

If you seriously think there's a problem, file a complaint with the Post Office. If this dude is ripping other people off there may be other complaints logged on his routes. At least you'll know and you did something about it. Maybe they can track them somehow.

At least then you won't have to pay for them. I've had that problem before but not often. I've watched probably movies off of Netflix and have had maybe 2 or 3 that took more than a week for them to receive.

In one case a movie took 3 weeks for them to show it checked in. I think sometimes they just miss scanning them back in and they don't catch it until someone else gets the movie. I try to make sure the bar code shows through the little window in the envelope, that may help. The mail gets all fucked up at Christmas. I'd guess that's what is going on here. Just go more info your queue and click the Report Disc Problem link under the movies you currently have out.

If you tell them you mailed the discs back, they'll send you the next ones on your list. When they eventually get the movies if they do they'll email you. And if they don't ever receive them, they'll probably just give you a slap on the hand. Yeah, that's true as well.

What Happened to Monday

I never send my movies back in my personal mailbox anymore. I mail them from work.

Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc What Happened To Monday Netflix

Everytime I put one in my mailbox I live in a subdivisionit either disappears, or it takes like a week or more for Blockbuster. Whenever I mail it from work, it's there the next day. A friend has the exact more info problem with Netflix--anything he mails from home is back to them in a day, but if he mails it from work, it takes a week or more. I just re-activated my account earlier today.

I hope this doesn't happen to me. A few months ago I got a Blockbuster. Com envelope with a DVD inside in my mailbox. It was supposed to go to some other lady somewhere in the area. I stared at the damn envelope for a good hour and thought about opening it. I wasnt going to swipe it but I just had a strong curiosity as to what the person rented. So I open the damn thing hoping to get something good. I immediately returned the dvd from whence it came.

It all depends upon where the nearest Netflix facility go here located and the popularity of the DVD. For example, try renting a more obsure film from, say, the s.

Netflix probably only has a couple copies and those copies might be at a remote Netflix facility. A recent DVD, though, is bound to have copies at every facility, so it gets shipped much quicker. My average is getting a new DVD two days after I mail one back - as quick as possible. All of which is beside the point in this case, though, since the problem is Netflix not receiving the DVD. I'd let Netflix know about it and if it happens repeatedly consider complaining to the post office.

Thanks for all of the tips, gents. Netflix finally received the two missing DVDs yesterday after 12 daysso I guess I'll tell the ninja I hired to stalk my mailman to hold off his attack Well there you go.

My only gripe since I started using Netflix is the amount of time a DVD takes to get to me, which is the fault of the Black Hookup In Raleigh Nc What Happened To Monday Netflix service. The depot that ships to me is all of 15 or so miles away yet sometimes it can take 3 days to get here! I've also noticed if I want to get a new release it's better to return a movie on Saturday.

The mail seems to take forever on Mondays here. This is why I love Netflix. I've been insanely busy the last few weeks, but finally managed to get through my 3 DVDs over the weekend, and sent them off on Monday morning. Yesterday, I see the following 3 messages in my email inbox: Pan's Labyrinth For Wednesday: The Fountain For Wednesday: Smokin' Aces God, I can't wait to get home tonight I live in the neighborhood that was voted with the worst Post Office in the country.

So, yeah, I don't get my Netflix on time, sometimes never, and I can't have any packages shipped to my apt. I've been waiting for them to recognize the last disc of Boston Legal, Season 1 for 2 weeks now I always had a problem with Netflix and Blockbuster. The USPS is just extremely unreliable. But as someone else suggested, I would just go to the website, click on I sent it back or I never got it, and they'd send me the next one.

I wouldn't be shocked if postal workers decided that the mail was their own personal video store. I'm lucky, I live close to a Netflix distribution center, so I get one day turnaround almost every single time. If I put mine in the mailbox on Monday, Netflix gets them Tuesday, and sends out the new one which I usually get on Wednesday.

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They've been really great so far knock on wood I figured some jerk-o here the PO was tearing them and taking a peak to see if there was something he wanted. I had BB online when they first started it, and it was a pain in the ass.

DVD went to Houston and it took like days for turnaround.

While that may be one possible reason for this error, it'd obviously not in my case and it doesn't sound like it is in yours. If you only want local channels, an HD antenna would be fine. Enter your email to get updates when people reply.

Last year, I got Netflix, and while there are times like right now where the DVD will suddenly vanish, it's usually a day turnaround. I've had a cracked dvd show up from Netflix, returned it and received the replacement and the replacement's replacement cracked as well. You wanna talk about pissed. I don't think I ever saw that movie. Damn if I didn't try.

No video black screenjust audio on instant movies Posted in the Netflix Forum. Subscribe Search This Thread. So, after testing out this theory, I found that silverlight the Netflix viewer will work if I shut down any other programs that use a lot of CPU.

I complained like crazy because of the wasted rentals and they upgraded me for a month free. I thought my mailperson was reading my Entertainment Weekly because I always got mine a couple days later than everyone else in other areas.

Is that what's happening to our Rolling Stone? We get pretty good turnaround on our Netflix, generally speaking.

The only real incident we've had is the time the mailman slammed our mailbox on a DVD.