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Chris Geere at the Premiere Of FXX's You're The Worst Season 3 at NeueHouse in Hollywood

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4 February Kam Heskin and Chris Geere photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. 28 Oct Will they get the hook up or fall flat on their faces? . The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon When King Edvard (Chris Geere) and his new bride, Queen Paige ( Kam Heskin), honeymoon in the idyllic woodland of Belavia, they discover that Prime Minister Polonius (Todd Jensen) is secretly planning to. Singer/Pianist/Songwriter. WEDDING SINGER OF THE YEAR Mrs Chris Geere & Mum to gorgeous Freddie. 'Fighting The Fairytale' available on iTunes now or at: Chris Geere Fans - ChrisGeereFans. Actor in FX's You're The Worst. Also starred in The Prince & Me, The Spa, Waterloo Road, Trollied & After Earth.

Dean Teaster's Ghost Town This hard-hitting "Western" set in 19th-century North Carolina reunites Herbert Coward and Bill McKinney, the villainous mountain men from the brutal film Deliverance, in a tale of revenge and family loyalty. Writer-director Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup Teaster weaves characters from his own family tree into the story, which was filmed in its entirety at Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup Town in the Sky, a historically accurate theme park in North Carolina.

Hell Ride When rival bikers savagely murder his woman, Pistolero Larry Bishop and his cohorts Comanche Eric Balfour and the Gent Michael Madsen round up the crew and take to the streets in search of some old-fashioned revenge.

Produced by Quentin Tarantino, this gritty nod to biker B-movies of the s also stars Vinnie Jones and the legendary Dennis Hopper as leaders of the satanic biker gang the ers. Care Bears Give Thanks The Care Bears are all about sharing and kindness, which is what makes them particularly happy that Thanksgiving has arrived.

The gang celebrates the season with their brand of good-natured charm in six episodes of their heartwarming animated series. Christmas Caper A botched heist sends professional thief Cate Shannen Doherty into hiding in her tiny hometown.

When Cate's sister, Savannah Sonya Salomaais stranded on vacation due to bad weather, she asks Cate to watch her kids until she returns. Cate reluctantly agrees, planning to work out a new scheme in the meantime. But in a cozy read more safe house, with a niece and nephew to care for and Christmas approaching, Cate finds her priorities shifting.

An American Girl Featuring a star-studded cast that includes Julia Ormond and Stanley Tucci, this Depression-era drama follows aspiring young journalist Kit Kittredge Abigail BreslinChris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup ingenuity and courage help save her family's house. With Kit's father Chris O'Donnell away looking for a job, her mother Ormond takes in boarders to make ends meet -- and when the family savings are stolen during a series of robberies, Kit sets about finding the thief.

Little Tikes Land Inspired by the beloved Little Tikes line of toys and outdoor products, this lively, computer-animated series follows the fun-filled backyard adventures of Lily Tikes and her imaginative friend, L. Follow along as the Little Tikes explore an amazing underwater world and build a train in their own backyard. Tinker Bell Peter Pan's famed sidekick Tinker Bell gets a story all her own in this enchanting tale set in the magical world of Pixie Hollow.

Joined by her friends Iridessa the light fairy, Rosetta the garden fairy, Fawn the animal fairy, Silvermist the water fairy and tinker fairies Clank and Bobbie, the super sprite is up to her old tricks -- and some new ones -- in this animated charmer. Voice talents include Kristin Chenoweth and Anjelica Huston. Back to the 70s Get ready to go retro with this nostalgic compilation from the Emmy-winning PBS children's series.

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Written and hosted by kids, "Zoom" stars seven youngsters from varied backgrounds performing material and activities suggested by the TV audience. Included are segments featuring all the hosts from the show's six seasons, along with four complete episodes. So, join the fun as the Zoomers stage plays, engage in life discussions, sing, dance and more. Affairs of the Heart: Series 1 This collection of romantic dramas includes seven stand-alone episodes made for British television, based on stories and novels by Henry James, including "Washington Square" and "The Wings of the Dove.

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Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup In the Folds of the Flesh Sergio Bergonzelli directs this over-the-top, gore- and violence-filled exploitation centered on guests staying in an Italian villa who are killed off one by one by their hosts. Featuring undertones of incest and pop psychology, plenty of gruesome entertainment abounds, with pet vultures, decapitations and even a cyanide bath awaiting the helpless victims.

The Complete Series Nostalgia buffs and fans of the beloved Our Gang series will relish this fully restored and remastered collection of 80 theatrical comedy shorts spanning the years to As always, lovable mischief makers Spanky, Darla, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Froggy land article source one predicament after another. The array of extras includes several featurettes, commentary by film historians and interviews with former Little Rascals.

American Hormones Three high school friends desperate to score see their perfect opportunity when a classmate decides to throw a party. Nothing will stop them from reaching their goal as they try to sweet-talk their love interests at the year's hottest bash. Will they get the hook up or fall flat on their faces?

Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup

Corder's hilarious coming-of-age comedy. Mencia crosses a host of comedy borders as he riffs on gays in the military, the N-word, his recent trip to the Middle East, the hypocrisy of vegetarians and women's bizarre attraction to losers in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

Hank and Mike When the multinational corporation that owns all holidays gives them a pink slip, beer-swilling, cigarette-smoking Easter bunnies Hank Thomas Michael and Mike Paolo Mancini are forced to brave the cold, harsh world of unemployment. But when Pavel's increasingly crazy schemes fail to result in Colin's death, the would-be killer's efforts attract the attention link a hulking mob boss Robert Polo in this inky Czech comedy.

Still Trippin' Drawing on funny experiences of his own life, comic giant Steve Harvey sounds off on family, work and travel in this stand-up set, which he delivers before a packed house in New Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup. But the trip turns Gillian into a soccer widow when Mark learns that England's team is in town for a big match.

Although Mark tries to hide his enthusiasm, a series of coincidences leads Holly to believe that he married her just for this honeymoon -- and the soccer games that accompany it. Obsessed with getting Shalae back, Trump enlists the help of his childhood friend Malika Jazsmin Lewis to help him lure his dream "wifey" back into his arms.

A Love Story A camping trip goes very wrong when five college students are kidnapped by a secret cult that plans to sacrifice them to a mysterious hairy beast called the Yeti -- who turns out to harbor a deep attraction to young men -- in this raunchy comedy.

The situation starts to improve when one of the victims begins to examine his own desires and finds that the Yeti doesn't seem so unappealing -- but can the group escape from the crazed cult members? Death Defying Acts When legendary escape artist Harry Houdini Guy Pearce offers a handsome reward to anyone who can contact his dead mother beyond the grave, a sultry Scottish psychic and con artist Catherine Zeta-Jones takes up the challenge.

But when the two fall click here love, the boundaries between truth and deception become blurred.

In a suburban neighborhood, teen Jimmy Donovan Alex Goode sells pot to keep his 6-year-old sister in private school. When his addict mother lands in the hospital, Jimmy feels pressured to expand his business and begins peddling heroin.

But he soon learns Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup there's a difference between hash and his new product -- one that endangers those he meant to protect. Allison Henry and Lucas Ellman also star in this engrossing read article. Mysterious Creatures Timothy Spall and Brenda Blethyn star in this compelling drama based on the true story of Bill and Wendy Ainscow, a working-class British couple who spend their lives caring for their daughter, Lisa Rebekah Statonwho suffers from Asperger's syndrome.

Driven to desperation by 30 years of Lisa's Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup and often hostile behavior, Bill commits suicide, and Wendy makes two unsuccessful attempts to end her life. Red Emmy winner Brian Cox heads the cast as Avery Ludlow, a simple, affable man driven to extremes when a group of teenage miscreants kills his beloved dog, Red. When it becomes obvious that the boys won't be held accountable for their senseless act, Ludlow takes matters into his own hands.

But when a series of mysterious numbers appears on the wall, followed by a bloody attack, they quickly catch on that somebody -- or something -- doesn't want them there. Soon, they're fighting for their lives. Does the clue to survival lie in the strange string of numbers that keep showing up everywhere?

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Dav Kaufman directs this taut supernatural thriller. Rain of Fire Despite doomsday warnings from throngs of locals, wealthy industrialist Robert Caine Kirk Douglas makes the controversial decision to build a nuclear power plant near a sacred cave in the Middle East in this gripping thriller.

But before Caine can reap the benefits of his latest bid for global domination, he discovers that his son, Angel Simon Wardis the Antichrist, who is planning to use his father's project to trigger the end of the world.

The Edgar Allan Poe Collection: Suarez, featuring cult horror legend Paul Naschy. The Thing on the Doorstep In this adaptation of H. Grillois exerting psychic powers over him, a fear fueled by stories of his late father-in-law's sorcery.

Whether his torment is real or imagined, Edward is losing his grip on sanity, and only his down-to-earth former professor J. Lloyd may be able to help. Chambers -- the influential horror writer known for his "weird" tales -- as well as the documentary "Chambers in Paris. Zombie Strippers A deadly government-controlled virus strikes a small Nebraska strip club, where the head dancer is quickly infected and transformed into a flesh-eating zombie -- and becomes an instant hit with the customers.

To be or not to be a zombie: That is the question facing the remaining jealous strippers in read more outrageous horror comedy, starring slasher icon Robert Englund best known as Freddy Krueger and adult-entertainment icon Jenna Jameson.

Unrated John Cleland's ribald novel comes floridly to life in Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup Gerry O'Hara's adaptation of the classic tale.

Are they mercenaries -- or merely civilians performing military tasks? DFDVD II In addition to a collection of performance clips, interviews and backstage footage, this compilation video from cutting-edge metal band Dog Fashion Disco features the group's farewell appearance in Baltimore. Collection 6 Strange and bizarre secrets emerge in this collection of early "Dark Shadows" episodes filmed before the introduction of Barnabas Collins, the pining vampire who Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup one of the supernatural soap opera's most popular characters. Mencia crosses a host of comedy borders as he riffs on go here in the military, the N-word, his recent trip to the Middle East, the hypocrisy of vegetarians and women's bizarre attraction to losers in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

As soon Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup buxom country lass Fanny Hill Lisa Raines lands in the city, she begins a tryst with the son of an affluent family. But while preparing to wed her paramour, Fanny discovers his infidelity, setting her off on a succession of sexual adventures.

The unrated version has about 25 minutes more footage. Now the royal couple must fight for Belavia's lovely ecosystem before it is destroyed forever. Catherine Cyran directs this entertaining romantic comedy. Journey to the Center of the Earth Science professor Trevor Brendan Fraser has become the laughingstock of the academic community thanks to his outrageous theories. While on a trip to Iceland, Trevor, his nephew Sean Josh Hutcherson and their guide Hannah Anita Briem find themselves at the center of the planet, having discovered a whole world within our world.

Adapted from the Jules Verne fantasy novel, this film marks the directorial debut of Eric Brevig. Jake's Closet With his parents sliding toward divorce, the life of 6-year-old Jake Anthony De Marco begins to come apart. As he struggles to make sense of his evaporating home life, a friend Matthew Josten convinces Jake that something evil is lurking in his bedroom closet.

Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup

But confronting the vile presence soon leads to an unnerving discovery in this taut thriller also starring Brooke Bloom, Sean Bridgers and Ben Bode.

Quench Looking for solace after a tragedy, grieving college student Derik Bo Barrett hitchhikes home to reconnect with his childhood friend Jason Ben Schmittonly to find that he's joined a kinky cult in this disquieting indie chiller from director Zack Parker.

Chris Geere And Kam Heskin Hookup Jason's new persona and the sanguinary sex he engages in with his girlfriend Samantha Eileen DeTurk shock Derik, he soon finds himself drawn into the creepy sect.

Shiver When a sunlight-phobic teen Junio Valverde moves to a remote mountain town -- coinciding with a series of mass killings -- everyone naturally suspects the strange newcomer. But the forest holds a spine-tingling secret that explains everything. Academy Award-winning production designer Pilar Revuelta Pan's Labyrinth applies her artistic eye to this atmospheric Spanish-language horror film that premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in Dead Space A feature-length prequel to the Electronic Arts' video game, this animated sci-fi horror adventure follows a group of space miners who uncover evidence of humankind's creators then unwittingly release a violent alien race from within a faraway planet.

Now it's up to a special team of miners and space crew to stop the most ruthless, evil alien beings from wreaking havoc on the human race. Night Head Genesis After spending years isolated in a laboratory, psychic-powered brothers Naoto and Naoya escape to the outside world. While using their abilities to protect people, the pair unwittingly incites other psychics called Night Heads to start a revolution.

A powerful psychokinetic, Naoto has the power to injure people with his thoughts, while Naoya is a clairvoyant who can enter people's minds by touching them. Ouran High School Host Club: Part 1 After knocking over a pricey vase inside her school's exclusive Host Club, working-class scholarship student Haruhi finds click to see more in the club's debt.

The only way to pay her way out is by working as a host.

But there's a problem: They think she's a he. Should Haruhi fess up to the club's snooty members and tell them she's really a girl? Or is it more advantageous to go along with the charade? Only time will tell. Psyduck Get to know Psyduck in this specially created anthology of three episodes, part of a series spotlighting favorite individual characters.

Most recent customer reviews. Dav Kaufman directs this taut supernatural thriller. First Spaceship on Venus American Brinkman Gunther SimonAfrican Talua Julius Ongewe and Japanese Sumiko Tani lead an international crew on the first manned flight to Venus, where they learn a valuable lesson about nuclear terror in this fan favorite from the beloved cult series. Video embeddedThe Prince Me.

First, in "Wobbapalooza," our heroes journey to a festival in a town inhabited by nothing but Wobbuffets.