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(+). ucunt is offline. Originally Posted by jay_cutlet View Post. I never done anal. Wut does it feel like? A tight pussy? I would literally describe it as a tight pussy yes. The anus entrance feels more 'substantial' than a pussy entrance, more 'to it' if you see. And the hair on his ass tickles more wait what?. The reason anal sex can be painful is because the walls inside the anal canal are much thinner and more vulnerable than the walls inside the vaginal canal. The entrance of the .. Depending on several factors, including one's compatibility with the partner, anal may be preferred to vaginal simply because it feels better. Anal sex is nothing but it is a best way to express your love through physically. Most of the folks love to have anal sex. In anal sex, boy as well as girl both feel better and they enjoy it till the last time. And I most interesting thing when the penis penetrating the vagina, then girl feels a little bit pain in earlier.

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How does a vaginal sex feels in comparison to anal sex? Ok, there's a lot more detail and nuance than I can fit in here, but it basically breaks down like this:. It's lower down than you think it would be. When you're giving it from behind and she's lying down in the prone position, it's a bit more difficult for you to lie down on top of her and kiss while maintaining full insertion. The butthole is higher up from behind, so you can get it all the way in and still be cheek-to-cheek, so-to-speak.

The flipside of this is that in missionary position, it's easier to have full body contact while keeping your whole dick inside her, and you're not crushing anyone's balls to do it. With a condom, it's all the same, but without one on, pussy is built to please.

Does Anal Feel Better Than Vagina

There's been many millions of years of evolution to create the perfect "cum coaxer", and it's ribbed for your pleasure in a way unlike any ass I've ever been in. Butthole is tighter at the rim, but tends to loosen up an inch or so inside. Women can really train those internal muscles to hold on and give you a ride. Now, that said, after a few minutes of working it out, the little pink purse seems to relax its grip and can even seem a bit loose and slippery, whereas during buttsex, even after a boy unclenches, there's that tight feeling upon re-entry.

My best sex is almost always MMF. There's all the visual stimulation you could hope for, two dicks solves the loosening problem really well, plus, rubbing your dicks together inside an evolutionarily perfected pleasure chamber is the best feeling in the world. There's not even any poop. The vagina has erections, and although it lubricates and can relax, it still maintains firmer texture then when unaroused and at rest.

Why do some women want to have cum in their mouth right after vaginal or anal sex?

That being said, ignore any comments that come up in this post about not using condoms. Double blind tests have been performed again and again on men and women where neither party knew for sure whether a condom was present.

Trickery was used to make either party believe one had been added or removed, and in every study, we've found sex feels just as good with one on.

Does Anal Feel Better Than Vagina

There is a bias from both parties to say it was more pleasurable when they believed one was not involved. Sorry to burst bubbles with this, but every time barebacking gets brought up here, there's this popular opinion about it feeling better.

It's a proven placebo. If the symbolism of filling somebody with your seed is too hot to resist and both parties are clean, you only have bacterial infections to worry about from anal sex. Of course those aren't fun either, but if that's what you're into With a woman, you wear a condom unless you want kids. I don't care if she's on birth control, if you're the pull-out master, if she swears up and down she'll piss for a solid ten minutes afterwards, or if you're too fucked up on some drug or other to actually cum, you should wear a condom if you're putting it in the baby maker.

She was an Art History major. Five years later, she's divorced once with two kids split between that, she works at Starbucks, and rumor has it she's writing an erotic novel. I'm very glad I wore a rubber that day. Like I said, it's only a placebo.

Is there a slight discernable difference if you're focusing really really hard? To my knowledge, there hasn't been a study which measured focus. But, it's important to remember that most condoms are about. Two-point discrimination averages for your palms is about mm. This is simply the smallest distance you can discern different points of pressure from one another.

Guys, do you think anal feels better than vaginal intercourse?

On a woman, the clitoris is even more sensitive, though if I recall correctly the discrimination doesn't drop below a millimeter. Not that anybody is straight up fucking your clitoris. Most of your sensation is probably coming from the vagina, but we can pretend the whole vag is that sensitive The actual texture of the condom is likely more suspect than any miniscule change in the shape of the penis, which would only change by fractions of a millimeter.

There's an easy remedy for any difference you might notice in the old in and out of a nice hard member though: Condoms are meant to be used with it.

Spit won't do the trick, nor will precum, vasoline, or I swear to god I've run into this before olive oil. Some of these even break down the integrity of the condom on top of making link viscous fluids during penetration. The vast majority of people put condoms on incorrectly and treat them as Does Anal Feel Better Than Vagina rather than awesome penis super hero costumes anyway.

Most men don't even pinch the tip while putting on their penis suits to ensure there's adequete room for their semen. Not doing this is one of many reasons condoms break during intercourse.

Not using lube is another. For men, a little lube inside the condom is also nice. The bottom line is that lube usually makes any kind of penetration article source better. Going in dry may sound sort of rough and kinky, but it doesn't feel that way. Two-point discrimination was covered in one of my psych courses on the nervous system.

As for condom application, Web. Straight sex partners are luckier, of course. If they're clean and having kids is something they click opposed to, vaginal penatrative sex won't Does Anal Feel Better Than Vagina the same risks as anal intercourse without a condom.

The bottom line is that you poop from there. Feces is full of all sorts of dangerous bacteria, and it can get into your urethra.

On Does Anal Feel Better Than Vagina of this, the lining of the anus is easier to tear than that of the vagina. Even a clean click here can tear you without enough lube, and even a condom can't prevent a bacterial infection if you have an open wound in there. Oral contact is, sadly, a risky practice for anal simulation.

I love rim jobs. And dental dams are annoying and overwhelmingly difficult to ignore during anilingus. If you think condoms are annoying, dental dams are going to infuriate you. They certainly piss me off. But they're great at avoiding unsafe contact with the types of bacteria held in the rectum. As well worded as you are, I hesitate to believe the "can't tell about condom thing" without a scientific study behind it.

You might find that you enjoy it less then PiV, but you may also find that the hotness of it does it for you. It feels great to us, we both cum super fast once we start that, and simultaneously finishing at the same time your partner does is such a good feeling. I actually prefer that. In conclusion it honestly wasn't that bad, but I'll always prefer the firm ass of a man or a man in my ass. I think the fantasy of anal sex is what makes it awesome for most dudes.

There is a big difference. I can feel the difference. I don't need much lube because I get so wet. The texture is clearly different than when a bare penis is inside me. I really don't care where your information is coming from; I have a vagina and I know what it feels like.

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With a condom on, there's warmth and pressure, without a condom there's so much texture and feeling. When my girlfriend started taking birth control and we ditched condoms it was like a completely different experience. Maybe woman can't tell the difference I doubt that though but men certainly can. Besides, how on earth would Does Anal Feel Better Than Vagina man not know he's wearing a condom?

Have you never worn a condom before? You can feel it from the moment it's applied to the moment it's peeled off. There's no way you could practically "double blind" test that. PS, I don't advocate unsafe sex. Even with birth control STDs are still a huge concern. But if you're with a long term monogamous partner, I say ditch the sheath and have some real fun. This was my thought. I can feel a condom on me even when not actively having sex, of course I am going http://24dating.me/kexi/what-does-being-in-a-relationship-mean.php notice it during sex.

As I said above, in double blind studies both penetrators and receivers are guilty of the bias and consistently fail to successfully recognize whether or not a condom is actually present. I've personally Does Anal Feel Better Than Vagina had sex with a girl without a condom once, but this pretty much sums up all of my bottled up feelings about actually kind of liking pussy. You probably mean that you want more detail about the two of us flipping coins to see who got to eat her ass and who got to eat her pussy we liked to both eat her out at the same time, and kiss while doing itor how fun it was to fuck his ass while he was inside her.

But I want to get this out of me, so I'm going to tell the story of how it started and what read article to its end. Him and I met through a friend and started hooking up when we were 17, just before he went into the USMC, and just before I graduated from high school. I was his first guy other than him playing doctor as a little boy and he was one of my firsts too.

We weren't a couple, but we played around a lot. Sometimes when he had a girlfriend, we'd kinda share her, sometimes we wouldn't.

He went off to Iraq as part of the infantry takeover of Fallujah I'm not sure if it was the first incursion in April, or the second one in Novemberand I went off traveling. First Tokyo, then the Southwest US. He came back a little fucked up and began getting aggressive with the girls he was with, and I wasn't really having it. The girl that he and I were sharing at the time his boss! Eventually, her and I split off from him.

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He's a good man, but combat can and will fuck with you, particularly if you are committed to telling yourself that it hasn't. He got engaged to a different girl, and went off to Afganistan as a Forward Observer, and I split up with my girlfriend amiablyand went off to college to study agricultural business.