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30 Sep If you are a man in a relationship with a beautiful woman, or a man with the ability to date a beautiful woman then you may find yourself asking this question. In all of the movies and stories we see that pretty people hook up with pretty people but in real life it never seems to work out that way does it? We may. 11 Jun Under this option, a man moves to a third world country where traditional lifetime marriage still (somewhat) works, marries a (often much younger) .. NOTE 1: While a highly rational man (a clear minority of men) can hookup on the side with FBs for *decades* without getting his feelings involved, it is far less. 7 Mar One of my buddies had a mutual co-worker, whom I'll call Dave, offer him $50 to swap rooms with him, so he could hook up with yet another (female) . If you're a man in a monogamous marriage or relationship, you will eventually cheat and you will get caught, assuming the relationship lasts long enough.

You will quickly find that while every option contains numerous problems, some are much better than the others. In the modern era and Western world, this is, by far, your worst option. The price for this very-likely failure for a man is ridiculously high, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

The men who choose this option are those who are either needy, ignorant, or highly delusional. Kids feel this and are affected deeply by it. This is the option most women choose.

However, as divorce rates click at this page to climb, it is gaining growing popularity with many over Alpha Male 1.

I acknowledge that there is a percentage of men out there like this. If you enjoy big highs and terrible lows, and get off on these ups and downs, then I guess you may go ahead do the serial monogamy marriage thing. This option means you stay in Charlie Harper mode forever, well in your old age, even as a very old Hall Of The Black Dragon Hookup A Married Man, eventually switching to paid sugar babies Hall Of The Black Dragon Hookup A Married Man hookers as your looks deteriorate.

This option is barely worth talking about because very few men will choose this option. The vast majority will chose to settle down and pair bond in some form or fashion.

The only big problem with this option is loneliness. I have never seen a guy choose this option and not wrestle with recurrent feelings of loneliness. Under this option, a man moves to a third world country where traditional lifetime marriage still somewhat works, marries a often much younger woman under a monogamous marriage, and stays in that country for the rest of his life.

This option is not when a man marries a woman from the third world and brings her back to the West. Other than monogamy and high odds of cheating and thus dramaI see nothing horribly wrong with it.

I just know that very few men actually follow this option even if they say they will.

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I just got a malevolent chill down my spine by even just typing those words. Like with forever player, very, very few men will choose this option. As problematic as women have become, the hard, undeniable reality is that men like sex.

More importantly, as I demonstrated in the Alpha Male 2. This option means that you have a constant stream of short-term three years or less monogamous relationships, one after the next, for the rest of your life, even well into your old age.

This option means that you have many short-term and long-term polyamorous MLTR relationships throughout your life. The man choosing this option never really pairs bonds with one woman into an OLTRinstead always has a steady rotation of FB s and MLTRs, or perhaps even a modern version of polygamy. There is no problem with this option other than the fact that you will eventually have strong desires for pair bonding and will experience some loneliness in this respect, somewhat like though not nearly as intense as the forever player.

This option is self-explanatory.

This is probably the ideal option for most Alphas seeing long-term happiness. You can still have sex with other women on the side, within whatever ground rules you both agree to. Legally married or not, your finances stay completely and legally separate. However, if does that would be great. This is the second least-worst option for having kids other than the third world option.

This will be less harmful for the kids.

Hall Of The Black Dragon Hookup A Married Man

If a man never wanted to pair bond with a woman, here are the options from best to worst:. You could find big problems with all of them. So YES, you need to consider this reality when thinking through how you want to pair-bond. Step dad, dad, or older woman? As usual, there are pros and cons for all three. Thanks, definately made me think.


I refuse to bond thusly. How short a term should I expect for my pair-bonding?

Hall Of The Black Dragon Hookup A Married Man

At the extreme end, it does indeed mean celibacy. In my open relationships ebook I provide many other here expensive options. Again I feel like OLTR would work best for me-I enjoy sexual variety and have no issue pulling multiple women no scarcity mentality from this guybut I also do enjoy the companionship of a relationship from time to time.

I need to check out your books on getting women on board with this situation. Personally, my plan is to play the field until my fifties or sixties. I really have no desire for children. It just seems like a path to slavery to me.

Once I hit my sixties, the plan is to buy a cabin in a forest or a house on a hill or by the sea and spend my endgame in meditation. This continues until you hit somewhere around age 30, or whenever you are far along enough in your life mission, that you are ready to start a family. Could be age Meaning the dissolution rate of open relationships is greater than the dissolution rate of monogamous Hall Of The Black Dragon Hookup A Married Man over a given period of time. If during this time, the lady completely withholds sex, or it dips to less than every 2 weeks barring periods around childbirth you:.

She can make the choice to breakup with you, deal with it in silence, or put out. After the kids turn 13, you begin to push for the Open Relationship as outlined in Option 8 or Option 9. But you get to have more than one friend, and you can always make new ones. That was a necessity in the past. The minority of people who like to live alone should live alone. And everyone else should live with their friends, since it is easy to maintain long, stable friendships over decades, much easier than maintaining sexual attraction and romantic love.

Women Get BORED With Their Monogamous Men – Even More Scientific Proof

This seems like the obvious solution. Most people are going to end up divorced with split custody anyway. So why not just start out that way? Pick your co-parent on the basis of actual good parenting ability rather than sexual attraction. I never wanted kids, but if I DID, this seems like the best Hall Of The Black Dragon Hookup A Married Man to go. Sometimes the kid lives with mom, sometimes with dad, and both mom and dad like and respect each other and get along well and are mutually devoted to loving and raising the kid well.

Pick someone based on their parenting attributes, shared values, good genes, and ability to work well with your parenting style. Then draw up a child-rearing agreement, get pregnant the old-fashioned more info or through artificial means, and have the kid and raise it separately.

I never personally found family to be enjoyable. Sachmo, your option is simply a slightly less horrible version of option 2: Serial Monogamy Marriage; getting married and monogamous with the intention of getting divorced later. Indeed, most men who choose option 2 do it for the exact reason you stated: Which means the entire plan failed. That certainly can happen, but I personally know a hell of a lot of women who have been married longer than 10 years, some longer than 15, with wide-open marriages with kids, who are perfectly happy and still love their usually beta husbands.

Most of your friends will be married massive peer pressure conducive to loneliness.

I was never lonelier than when I was married. After the kids turn 13, you begin to push for the Open Relationship as outlined in Option 8 or Option 9. It is easier said than done from a bystander with lack of knowledge of a situation and very easy to criticize. Nature and female core feelings didnt change in the last century or two. So I may fit some criteria and not others….

You check this out will have less friends and engage in less social actives. Because that directly opposes the massive Societal Programming which states the exact opposite. I have a male coworker who I think is an Option 2 guy. I suggested he look into getting a prenup this time since he expressed concern about getting divorced down the road and having to pay MORE alimony.

BD — I love your work. I have read your book and all the archive posts. I have been lurking in the background for about a year and have only recently started posting here. I do think that your view of older years is a bit gloomy. In your book you state that an Alpha 2. I am not as horny as I was when I was 20, but I am a damn sight hornier now than when I was I have 3 women with whom I have sex. They are all under Any drama, they get shoved aside.

I did get married once when I was That lasted 4 years. We had bugger all when we met and when we parted, so it cost me nothing.

But that was enough for me. So now, I am placed quite well financially. Off topic perhaps but financial strength will help men get through any of the 9 Options.

Marriage is hard work. What would you want to do to a guy that was screwing your wife,for 2 years. I don't own SPN stories or it's chars, just everything else.

This is a MUST for any man. I have a male friend who is His wife is They have been married 20 years. I have watched these two for all this time. They offer no drama to each other whatsoever.