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I took down my Autumn link log and put up a Winter link log. Here's what I had posted. Lately, I've had too much going on to write out real blog posts. Quick tweets or Facebook updates are all I've had time to write. I'm starting to get my stuff organized, though, and I might get a chance to start doing some real blogging again. Since I've been out, I've more or less had this to say: Nice recruiting class, USC. Way to go, Massachusetts voters. Those jobless numbers are insane.

See how seven different ways of drawing congressional districts across the country — from pretty fair to seriously gerrymandered — could change the partisan and racial makeup of the U. Eaters Go Down Again Beavers. If your lifelong dream is to meet Patrick Swayze in person, it's not a good time to procrastinate.

So is Rodney Alcala, but we should convict and inject him anyway. Wow, how about that rain? My link log for Summer. Summer was a busy time, and I didn't really pay as much attention to the funny news links. I have a bunch of photo posts I put together on my netbook and phone since we started our vacation last month, but I haven't uploaded them previously because I obviously am on an inferior 3G network and every upload attempt failed.

Now that I'm back at the office and all, they all get splashed onto the blog in a few minutes, bearing their original dates. I did little blogging in April, even on the demiblog. Here are the few links I shared last month:. My link log for March. Okay, I'm deleting my bad joke.

Halloween Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Dna Database

Actually, I do have a post like that, set to post at the end of each year, which I change the date of every year. That way, when I really do kick off, if I'm still a blogger, you all, or both, as the case may be, will know. Don't believe me if I post such a thing on April Fool's Day, however. Life varies, and lately, I've been more consumed by other things, but I'm going to start posting stuff again. If Halloween Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Dna Database haven't posted lately, I'm probably dead or in a coma somewhere.

My link log for February. Not as many this month, because I'm putting more of them on Twitter: Then I might quit blogging. I hitsometime yesterday.

My link log for January. Not Halloween Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Dna Database, given that I've never really strived to make this anything more than me going on about whatever stuff my friends, family and I are paying attention to at any given moment. With a score of 8. That sounds even better at a blogger's cocktail party, if such things exist. Do bloggers have cocktail parties? I'm not sure how the ratings work, and I question the reliability, because I also maintain a professional blog this web page, unlike this thing, is somewhat well-regarded and is the 1 google search result for its subject matter.

It scored a 6. Brendan being the popular blogger that he is, got a plug on Instapundit the best plug I ever got was from AOL. They could have been even more famous with just a bit more planning. Remember the Daylight Saving Twins story? That story can be topped easily.

Halloween Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Dna Database

All you need to do is i have twins, not just one baby; ii have the first one born on New Year's Day, just after midnight, in Bullhead City Nevada; and then iii wheel your butt across the bridge over the Colorado River to Laughlin so your younger twin can be born in California, in the year prior to the year in which the older twin was born in Arizona. Brendan and Becky were just one baby, half a day and a few states away from that sort of magic.

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I'm sure they are happy nonetheless. It was the second-to-last picture taken of me before doctors removed part of my bodywhich is now no longer complete, as God designed it. I like to read Fark.

One of the most popular cliches is to find a news story in which some captain obvious reporter "scoops" something that everyone else on the planet has known for a long, long time, and then attribute the story to Ric Romero. I was doing a google search about blogging last night, and stumbled upon this Ric Romero story from October about this "new thing" on the Internet called "blogging.

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I got my ,th hit this morning at It was someone doing a google search for "digital rear view mirror. Congratulations to the USC degree holding, Notre Dame law degree holding, documentary featured, studying for the bar exam, dying to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, blogging, self-described weather nerd from Tennessee, Brendan Loy, whose new bride Becky is 13 weeks pregnant. He is now, among other things, a juris doctor. Now go study for that bar exam and don't worry about how Harry Potter dies in book seven.

I have a new favorite blog: Check out this post on rental car bullshit: Some are probably dead already, and many more will be gone soon, but here were the Demi-Blog links for November: Some are probably dead already, and many more will be gone soon, but here were the Demi-Blog links for October: Some are probably dead already, and many more will be gone soon, but here were the Demi-Blog links for September: Way to go, Brendan! And if you are coming to the USC Notre Dame game this year, drop me an email and come party with the Herd before the game.

Some are probably dead already, and many more will be gone soon, but here were the Demi-Blog links for July:. Ready to Start Arcade Halloween Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Dna Database Thank You Happy Birthday. Helena Beat Foster the People: Peter Pan in Scarlet.

Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter. Other Good Blogs Watson, come here, I need you. Weblog Wannabe Low culture Twinkle twinkle blah blah blah etc.

Weblogs December 26, Spring and Fall Linkin' Log Here's my complete list of funny or interesting links in the demiblog this spring and fall: Rahm Emanuel's rent-free D. Whose Blowout Is It, Anyway? BP Spill as "Obama's Katrina".

He is now, among other things, a juris doctor. Andrew Bynum gets knee scoped Chicago Bulls get their first big win since Jordan's second retirement. Pirates vow to take motorized boats on next raid. Playmobil unleashes legal action against toy Bible Ducks clinch a spot in the playoffs with win over Dallas. Boys only hip hop dance class uses breasts to attract enrollees Next big idea for Hollywood?

This Fixing oil disaster my responsibility, Obama says, hours after BP reports stoppage of gusher Liberal gay activists are now obviously racist, rude here lying Republicans, since only racist, rude hate-filled lying Republicans heckle the president.

Private wages sink to new lows Another Democrat from a jurisdiction with a law just like AZ's decries the passage of Obama succeeds where Bush failed: GOP puts up transgender candidate for Congress.

Wright says he was wronged: She wanted to go into political science. Races Obama "Tea-Baggers" Rahm: Yeah, the stories were mostly bullshit. Reid casts wrong vote on health care. For the second time. State economic recovery a year away Spending less on spring break? Money only makes you happy if it makes you richer than your neighbors Naked man tries to lift taxi Patrick Molesti is Accused of Attempting to be Obama Health Care Reform: My demiblog is already working.

Winter Linkin' Log Here's my complete list click here funny or interesting links in the demiblog this winter: Don't want cell phones in your establishment, in this one, the shh meant a stabbin' Old and busted: Halloween Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Dna Database Silence of the Left Is China broke?

Abortion should be funded by Obamacare to keep the number of users down. Curry house owner arrested after burglars claim he hit them Man kills girlfriend, 2 men after walking in on their threesome School Cancels Entire Prom to Prevent Lesbians From Attending Robber Risks Years in Prison for Six Bucks 1, on the list of a million great ways to off yourself - stabbing the groin with a big dull pencil.

DNA Testing for Genealogy

She's just not that into you. Rodney Alcala death penalty trial: About the Pentagon shooter -John Patrick Bedell was a registered Democrat If you've been looking forward to the Reggie Bush depos, you get to wait some more.

Your days are numbered. Are sago palms killing our pets? If a train comes while you are on the trestle, jump! The Aussies Finally Get a Saint Notre Dame pisses off the gays with cartoon joking about bashing gays with baseball bats School-issued laptops with webcams used to spy on kids inside their homes Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder and arson.

The answer to the question: Autumn Links I took down my Autumn link log and put up a Winter link log. Hood Shooter I want this for Christmas: Photo Changer Obama's Fox hound quits.