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A Widower's Powerful Love Letter To Those Who Cared For His Dying Wife

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The ripple effect of loss is exponentialfor every person included as part of the " mass", there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, whose lives are unalterably changed by the cruel, untimely death of one they know and love. Recently I had the opportunity to sit quietly for an hour with a man whose wife had died. In a note . If your grandmother has died, you can call your grandfather a widower, or a man whose wife is no longer living. 2 May At p.m. on Oct. 7, , two days before their fifth wedding anniversary, her husband, Aaron Nicolaides, died. Last fall, it seemed as though they had everything to look forward to. They had just welcomed their second daughter into the world and bought a house for their growing family. Then one day.

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Anyway, I've lurked around these forums before, but never had a question of my own. Here is my situation: I am a 35 read article old female that recently started dating a 42 year old widower, John. I'm totally crazy about him. I've dated a lot in the past, and have never felt so nuts about a man so quickly. I also know he feels the same way about me. We enjoy spending time together, talk for hours upon hours ever day, like doing the same things My problem is this: I can't stop thinking about his wife and how soon he started dating me after she passed away.

She had battled cancer for a couple of years before she died. When I originally started talking to John he told me that she had died two weeks prior.

So he went out with me for the first time two weeks Hookup A Man Whose Wife Is Dying his wife passed away! I was shocked and taken aback by this, but he was very up front about it, and he explained that her battle had been long and she'd been mentally "gone" a long time before her body gave out. He felt he had grieved before she died, and felt he was ready to get on with his life.

I accepted that explanation and went out with him. I had no idea at the time I'd end up being crazy about him, or that just a few weeks later he'd tell me he loved me! And honestly, I feel go here same way. Recently, however, I started over thinking the whole time frame thing He went out his first date with me one week after her memorial service, for crying out loud!!! It's really bothering me all of the sudden.

I can't explain why.

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But I just cannot seem to stop thinking about it. How do I get past this? He is a wonderful man, and I don't know why this keeps cropping up into my head all of the sudden. I think part of the problem is that I worry what other people are going to think as I've now started to meet some of the people in his life - we've been dating five weeks now.

I don't get any "cold" or "unfeeling" vibes from him at all. Maybe because I'm meeting his family now. The other instance was a man whose wife died from cancer. Are you using FireFox to try to sign up? Are you about to undergo a major life change, like start your own business or deploy overseas in the military?

I've met his kids and they seem ok with things. So far I'm the only one with the problem. I just don't know how to get it out source my mind, or if I even should. I know this is a somewhat unusual situation. I don't want to mess up a good thing Does he just need someone, anyone, so he won't be alone? Things have developed quickly between us, and I'm just starting to question things like that. But I feel so different about him than I have with anyone else But there's that nagging doubt lingering Sorry about the length of this post.

Your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.

It's possible that during her battle with cancer, he resigned himself to her death if it was apparent that she would pass away due to the illness - God bless her and rest her soul.

I'd be a little I have heard that married men who lose their spouse often try to find another woman to 'replace' the presence asap It's also such a short time, it's no wonder you feel her presence in your more info like a shade or ghost so to speak. Do you want to be in this place? I think I can hear your gut yelling from here.

Listen to your instincts and look after YOU. Don't feel guilt or anything, just make sure you're taking care of you first.

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Regardless as to whether or not he had grieved during her illness, the fact that he was looking for love and dating two weeks after she was buried seems colder than she probably is. Maybe it's the two years without sex he is mourning. He has been dealing with the loss of his wife for a long time, he mentally and emotionally let her go and now wants to move on with you, whats so bad about that.

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When two people divorce the party that instigated the divorce can typically move on faster than the party that did not Because they have had time to grieve the loss of the relationship while being in the relationship they have emotionally disconnected prior to physically disconnecting.

Sounds like you have a real keeper here, don't blow this by over analyzing it, finding what you are experiencing is what we are all looking for. Be careful on the kind Hookup A Man Whose Wife Is Dying advice you want from people here in the forumsthere are a lot of bitter, angry people here always looking at the negative side of things. Honestly, my instincts keep telling me that I shouldn't mess up a good thing.

I can't even begin to describe the way this man make me feel. It's the stuff of romance novels - you know, ever touch sends shivers, can't wait to see him or talk to him His wife was "out of her mind" ill for the last six months. I don't know how bad it was before that, but I get the impression they knew for a while her chances were slim and had resigned themselves to her passing him and his children. He says they talked about it and he knows her wishes for him to date again.

I have a son myself, and I don't intend to marry him any time soon or become a "replacement wife" Maybe because I'm meeting his family now.

I just don't know how to deal with my own insecurities I guess.

Hookup A Man Whose Wife Is Dying

Thanks for your thoughts. I think I needed to hear that! And honestly, I don't think from little things he's said - not that we've talked about her at length - we don't really that their relationship wasn't the strongest in the first place.

He mentioned that he'd considered divorcing her, but that he didn't want his children growing up in a broken home like he did. I know he loved her He's just mentioned that they had their fair share of problems I just get the impression things weren't "perfect" even before she got cancer POF won't allow me to create one of my own today. I have read stories of cancer - a long, ongoing, but losing battle It is possible that he's mourned his marriage and his wife and is ready to live his life.

Hookup A Man Whose Wife Is Dying

His wife probably gave her blessing for him to move on Put off intimacy for a while. Be a listening ear when he needs it, enjoy fun activities together, but just treat the relationship like an old fashioned courtship.

She married, the two couples kept contact and were good friends and her husband had passed a couple of years before his wife died. Don't worry about what others think, they are not him and not you. But while coping with those emotions, you have to juggle caregiving responsibilities along with work deadlines and other family obligations.

It may give you guys source time you need to build a friendship and relationship without feeling haunted by the past. Good luck to you hun! That must be the problem. Actually, he's so warm and caring, it boggles my mind.

I don't get any "cold" or "unfeeling" vibes from him at all. I think the problems he was having in his marital relationship happened before she got sick, and he resigned himself to sticking with her for the sake of the kids. Then she fell ill and he took care of her, of course. Personally, I don't have a problem with that. I don't think he wanted to leave or had any intention of here her when she fell ill, and from what I've seen and heard he was an excellent caregiver to her.

Secondly, keep in mind that "GUYS" are so different, they can break up one day and go out with the new woman the next day, they get over breakups so easily, like changing their underware. No, he wouldn't wait anytime getting someone else if you were dead in your grave.

Just let that go okay, it's all in their chemistry. I would take it easy, he may have not gone through the grief process of loosing someone in his life.

While it is easy for anyone to seperate themselves from their terminal ill spouse that doesn't mean he is ready for the next relationship. I would guard my heart and proceed with caution. I guess it worries Hookup A Man Whose Wife Is Dying that my heart is already so heavily involved that I'm afraid I can't guard it.

And it scares the crap out of me. I do worry that he's not as ready as he thinks, and that he'll realize it and things will end and I'll be left torn apart. Just thinking about makes me tear up now I'm already in over my head. I guess I'll just have to pray that doesn't happen. I know because I lost my partner very suddenly 18 months ago, and at that time I too was thinking of leaving him