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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson J Frame Revolvers Pistol Handgun

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9 Feb Finally able to take the ugly plastic Pachmyers off and put somr Tylers on. Founs a stash of 2 J frame sets, 2 K fram set, 1 N-frame set, all in black. Explore Mike Coviello's board "Smith & Wesson Magnum Model Revolver" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about magnum, Economic model and Model. The Smith & Wesson J-Frame has become the most popular small frame personal defense revolver on the market. With decades of reliable performance to its credit, this J-frame line offers models capable of firing S&W Special. The LadySmith is also included in this line of model revolvers.

The last few decades have seen a significant leap forward in terms of light, powerful, concealable handguns, laden with features made possible by advanced technology and manufacturing.

The Safety Hammerless, so designated by the fact that the hammer was completely enclosed by the revolver frame, became the first really practical pocket gun. The other is quite the opposite, a three-inch Centennial Airweight. I agree that most J-frame. Read some of the Blogs on the various Forum.

Introduced in at the International Association of Police Chiefs convention, where it was enthusiastically received, the J-Frame in. My introduction to the J-Frame came from TV and Hollywood, where you could see cops, criminals and other characters using these distinctive little guns to good or bad effect on the screen.

My familiarization with these revolvers came as a result of my friends who carried them, and they were all unanimous in their praise of these diminutive, reliable wheel guns. One aspect that might account for their huge popularity is the fact that they can be found for very low prices on the various gun forums and gun shops around the country.

But on one occasion it was his young grandchild who put it over. Slow fire accuracy, on the other hand, was a bit of a challenge. Last edited by sarg; at They are seen at target ranges, in the hunting field, worn openly on the belt of peace officers, as well as campers, hikers, fisherman, in fact, all types of sportsmen. Over the years from before the turn of the Century untilthe I-frame was offered in.

I found my Model 36 on AR At the range, this little gun never disappoints, and it shoots better than I can hold. This translates into even greater accuracy up close, where this little handful of.

My lovely wife surprised me on my birthday with a DeSantis Summer Heat inside-the-waistband holster, and it fits the bill quite nicely.

Hookup Smith And Wesson J Frame Revolvers

Good used holsters can be had for these revolvers at very little cost, and some vintage designs from legendary names like Bucheimer, Bianchi or Berns-Martin are still useful to this day. Thumbing in individual rounds, flexible plastic speed strips or switch-activated speed loaders. The third solution is push-button or knob activated speed loaders from Safariland and HKS, which take a lot of the time and fumbling out of the equation, getting you back in the fight faster.

Practice is the thing with revolver reloads, because there is an art to doing it quickly and correctly. Snap caps, dummy rounds or even empty cases will help you master the art of the revolver reload, but make damn sure you separate your practice ammo from your live ammo, preferably storing the live rounds somewhere away from your practice area.

Smith& Wesson J Frame; The Ultimate Combat Firearm!!!!!! (HD)

Safety is something to keep in mind at all times when handling firearms, because it only takes one mistake to ruin your life forever. Carrying your reloads off-body might be an option, but as with anything, you have to experiment and find the solution that best suits you and your situation. Even so, any gun is better than no gun at all.

Hookup Smith And Wesson J Frame Revolvers

With that in mind, the little J-Frame is more than adequate to get the job done. We just need your email. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Gun Review: The Smith & Wesson J-Frame is still a contender

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