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Dayton Daily News July 03 2017

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January - December Tue, 2 Jan My name is Marc Frattasio. My old squadron is being disestablished in November I have some experience writing books and have taken it upon myself to document the history of the squadron before it disappears later this year.

In the book I describe the reorganization of the Naval Air Reserve that took place in the wake of problems associated with the poor training of reserve squadrons activated as part of the Pueblo Incident. This reorganization caused the creation of my unit, VP Mon, 8 Jan I was formerly with the Adjutant General's ofc at Ft Lewis, Wa during l to l and was involved with Deployment of units.

During this time we learned of 3 ships, intelligence, whom were put into Korean waters so one would be captured and thus the United States could declare a LEGAL war instead of the Viet Nam conflict so they would have access to National Guard and Reservists units.

I had phone conversation with Cmdr. Bucher in the 80's and also with Gen. His letter to me to me l was out of line but now am going to be awarded, after 38 years, with full benefits from PTSD and Morgellons Disease after l found a soldier who was in the AG when the CID tried to let the press know what was happening.

You were the guinea pigs and I've always been sorry. Johnston Both the CIA and Sen Cantwell have responded but apparently the government, perhaps you, wish for the public to never learn the truth. Thu, 11 Jan I had the extreme honor of piping your skipper ashore for the last time as his body left the church at Poway Ca. Allthough I check this out a member of the KofC honor gaurd I felt it a much higher honor to be ablr to pipe The casket through the [side boys] with their drawn swords at salute.

Charlotte sun herald

I also provided the bagpiper that played at the national cemetery, and I have never had such high an honor as to be able to do that. I have piped many a dignatary ashore during my Navy career, but none more worthy than your Skipper.

This was the result of negligance and incompetance on the part of the prior officer and non-commissioned officer in charge at this site. Buy the Full Version. The oldest veteran was years old and the youngest is presently serving in Iraq. I just found your page. Korea gets anything from the U.

I now have a similar ocassion to use the pipe, and although I sent it to you for thr Pueblo I would return it as soon as the coming ceremony is over if you would please send it back to me.

Tue, 16 Jan Houston Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Roadshow We are trying to find any crew members in Washington Statethat we could interview. Also, I know that Hal Holbrook was in a television movie about the Pueblo. Do you know how we could possibly buy, borrow, view, a copy learn more here this movie? Thanks for your efforts on this effort of keeping the memories of the Pueblo and her crew alive.

If you are interested, please take a look at the Veteran's day videos we have on our site. Click on Media Galley from our website listed below. Fri, 26 Jan The 29th annual reunion of the Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association www. Expanded information will be provided. Sat, 27 Jan Wed, 7 Feb I am writing a book about the Washington Senators.

One Houston Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Roadshow their players was deployed to Japan as an indirect result of the Pueblo Incident. I do not intend to use material directly from your web site, but did use it for research purposes.

I will cite the web site in the book's bibliography. Also, if I decide to use any direct material, I will first obtain your permission to do so. Is this acceptable to you and your association? Tue, 13 Feb I am a college student doing a research project on the Pueblo Incident.

I'm trying to get information on how it has affected members of the crew and I'm wondering if it would be possible to interview any of them. I have an enormous amount of respect for all the men involved and I would consider it an honor and a privilege if any of them would talk to me.

Genealogy Roadshow S03E01: Albuquerque

I understand that they are busy people with their own lives and do not want to waste their time. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thu, 15 Feb My father was a CT3 in Kamisaya Japan on duty when the Pueblo was captured and was in communication with the crew apparently.

Houston Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Roadshow

I do not believe that he has seen your site or knows anything about your association. It would be great to get him in touch with the CT that he talked to when the incident happened. From remembering the story he told me of the event, he was scheduled to go TAD to the Pueblo but got "bumped" by a CT2 that wanted to go.

Fri, 29 Jun My name is James Scott, and I am writing a book on the U. I have also been to WashingtonD.

He later ended up communicating with him during the incident until the ship was lost. If there is any way that you could assist me I would appreciate it. Thu, 22 Feb Gentlemen, I had heard of your excellent web site through one of our associate Roadrunner members Francis Gary Powers, Jr.

One of our original Roadrunners, Lt. Viewing it was like old home week. You absolutely must hook up with Frank. Frank has written an account of his http://24dating.me/kexi/two-girls-fucking-in-the-shower.php accompanied by some of the CIA documents. It is posted at: Jack will also be at our reunion. Gary said he was getting some items from you for his Cold War Museum.

We Houston Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Roadshow starting to recover items pertaining to our legacy for display at the Atomic Museum here in Las Vegas. As you can imagine, obtaining CIA memorabilia from Area 51 is quite a challenge. This October we will have a public display at the museum during our 20th Reunion. Gary will be attending and can perhaps loan us a few items for the occasion.

If you have any members in the Las Vegas area, perhaps they would like to participate. It will have a lot of media coverage and it would be great to have some photos of our guys meeting with members of the Pueblo crew.

NONE There are two classes of men. Men of Action 2. All the Others This e-mail and any attachments may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail, delete this e-mail Houston Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Roadshow destroy any copies. Any dissemination or use of this information by a person other than the intended recipient is unauthorized and may be illegal.

Thu, 01 Mar The Pueblo has been part of my history as a person for the last 38 years and now that I'm 60 years old and time is short, I hope that I see the ship returned home before I die.

Houston Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Roadshow

Is the Pueblo on the table for normalizing relations with North Korea? Take care all, msrodzUSS Ranger - Mon, 5 Mar I am interested to make a model of the Uss Pueblo in 1: Would you know from where I could obtain a line drawing of the vessel? Chris Paris Malta Europe. Thu, 8 Mar First of all, thank you for your service. I operate the large website at www. Towards that end, my site includes the citation for the Navy Cross awarded Posthumously to Sergeant Hammond.

I am presently expanding Houston Speed Hookup Pictures Genealogy Roadshow database to include the names and citations of all recipients of the Silver Star for all branches and in all wars. Of course, this is going to be quite an undertaking. My present database, which is far from here and in progress, lists the following 2 men of the U.

Pueblo as receiving the Silver Star. I am wondering if you would be so kind as to advise if you are aware of others who should be listed. Also, any help in obtaining copies of their citations for the Silver Star would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for any assistance you can render in this.

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Welcome Home and thank you again for your service. Fri, 09 Mar I am a freelance writer based in ArlingtonVa. Until last month, I worked for Navy Times and its sister publications as a staff writer and editor for 25 years. Lloyd Bucher, and his pursuit of art. Sat, 10 Mar I served under Lt.

I thought highly of him.