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20 Dec TERRYVILLE. Main Street. Terryville, Connecticut. Member FDIC ERH-. WATERTOWN. Main Street. Watertovm.. Connecticut. HARWINTON because you can share something with someone less fortunate than you. Anne Marie Salerno. Heminway Park, Grade 6. This Is It! It's Our Final Week!. "If automobiles drive in an area, there shouldn't be children [Continued on page A15] i ««11 Jtgn Life Youngsters at St. John the Evangelist and St. Mary 10 Property A - Town Times, April of 16,the Watertown Historical Society Down East Odds 'N 1 Ends West Main St., Rte 6 Terryville, CT C.B. RADIO. 19 Mar MAPLE PARK County Line Group Big Book AA (C) Time: 8 p.m. Friday Place: St. Mary's Church, N. Sycamore St. Information: or The memo said Republican Comptroller Leslie Munger “provided the method” for the plan, which Munger spokesman Rich Carter said is not correct.

Serving Watertown and Oakville Since Striking workers from Bristol Babcock Inc march in picket line infront of plant on Buckingham Street Monday protesting terms of proposed contract. Times Photo, Faber Local Company Goes on Strike Union employees of Bristol Babcock Inc went on strike Monday after the company's negotiating team walked out of article source talks with union officials Friday, according to employees.

Thecompany, located at Buckingham Street, makes computer equipmentand recording instruments. We are disappointed that our union employees have chosen to strike. We hope they will be back to work shortly. The four-year-long debate between residents of Guemseytown Road, who say they don't want sidewalks in front of their homes, and members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, who say sidewalks will improve the safety of the area, continued at Monday's Town Council meeting, but the argument came to a halt when Town Council Chairman Paul Jessell said he needed more information about available funds.

Council members voted to refer the money issue to the town attorney. Developer Richard Quatrano had originally planned to spend the money to build sidewalks for the Bal Moral subdivision, but the Planning and Zoning Commission felt the money would be better spentinconstructing sidewalks on Guemseytown Road, where it would service more people, commission members said.

The money would be released from an escrow account once the town assigns the contract, said commission member Bill Skyrme, and if the council decides against the sidewalk plan, the money Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup revert to the [Continued on page A17] Recital to Inaugurate Park Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup open air dance recital will be the first non-sports activity to take place in late spring at Veterans Memorial Park's ball fields off upper Nova Scotia Hill Road.

Rain date would be June No admission would be charged to the spectators, although recital participants will pay a nominal fee to help cover sound equipment costs, stagerental,and other small expenses.

Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup

The Daddonas said about 50 students would be performing in the hour-long show. The spectators willbe allowed to bringblankets and fold-up chairs to place on the lawn, which is a left field area for the ball diamond closest to the maintenance building at the park.

Sheryl Mala and daughter Alicia buy a cake from St. John's School eighth grader Nicole Salomone atfudge and bake sale heldat theelegantgift Shoppe onmainstreetsaturday.

connecticut terryville lions country fair

Money raised at the event will be given back to the school, according to room mother Linda Tortora, who said proceeds are the eighth graders' see more to the school.

John's mothers and students baked cakes and cupcakes and the Elegant Gift Shoppe donatedfudge and bags ofpotpourri. He and his wife, Joann, own and. Even though Bob lives ni Waterbury, much of. He is a Watertown Lions dub member and helps coordins IP upcom - ing events. Currently, nc s working on the club-sponsored charity auction, flea market and crafts fair that will be held next month.

One of the things Bob enjoys most about the town is the people who live in it "I have fun working here because I meet a lot of nice people, and because Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup town is so nice and quiet," he said. He also feels there is a camaraderie that package store owners have with one another.

Instead of feeling threatened by the competition, he believes that owners want to help one another whenever they can. In his spare time, Bob plays various types of sports. The April 12 event, open to the public, will take place from 1 to4pm.

There will be tours of the center, a line dancing demonstration, and the pool room will be in full operation. Donald Stepanek, parks and recreation director, said examples of sewing, knitted and crocheted goods by senior citizens will be on display as well.

Refreshments and coffee will Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup served. Next Thursday, Town Times will publish a special supplement acknowledging some of the contributions of the senior citizen community. The public is invited ID drop in the center next week, from 9 am Clarification There was a misunderstanding over the fees for curbside pick-up of recyclable materials in the story on the planneddropof f center in the April 2 issue of Town Times.

It was incorrectly reported last week the bloodmobile was March: The visit is open to the public. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call v ' to 4 pm Monday through Thursday, and meet with the staff and senior citizens, and look in on any of the activities.

On Monday, Po-Ke-No is the name of the game from 1 to 3 pm. Tuesday, the exercise class is scheduled from 9 to 10 am, and the knitting and crocheting circle meets from 1 to 3 pm. Blood pressure readings will be taken from 11 am to noon. The ceramics class gathers Wednesday from 9 to 11 am. On Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup, the macrame class assembles from 9 to 11 am, and cards and bingo will take center stage from 1 to 4 pm.

The center will be closed next Friday for Good Friday. The serv- Jimmy s The minibus will be in operation as usual during the special week, and inquiries about rides may be obtained by callingexl The center has a well-stocked display learn more here containing free brochures and information on many topics pertinent to senior citizens, ranging from medical programs and insurance updates, to energy saving tips and out-oftown programs.

Residents may come in and browse through the selections.

It's a shame they didn't even receive a hint of praise for this. Call, we'll beat any. Now conies the real mystery: With a low number of girls, it would take a herculean effort to win many meets.

Watertown residents Livingston and Florence Crowell, who have taken an AARP-approved and certified tax consultants course, have been assisting senior citizens with their income tax statements and returns, by appointment, Wednesdays at the center. A light breakfast of coffee cakes, cereal, juice, coffee and tea will be offered at the United Methodise Church, Main Street, following the service. More than 40 vendors will be featuring handmade crafts, woodcrafts, Easter crafts and candy, and handpainted and handsewn clothing.

Also featured will be Easter plants and a men's speed bicycle raffle. Food, beverages and ice cream sundaes will be available throughout the fair. The public is invited. The committee will further continue discussions with Robert Bryan, zoning read more The public is invited to sit in.

There had been a lot of talk about Saturday meetings over the years and the summation that the ncois of a segment of Waiertown voters who did not attend night meetings were not being addressed. Well, sorry to say, not much is new despite the gallant efforts of Town Council.

Onge, event chairman, anddickclark,left torigtu,call attention tolhe big blue click trailer they repainting wilhone of the Lions' logos. Seven said nay to the long-range proposals. Which meant I didn't immediately make a desperate leap into the woman's aims when she came to pick me up, which could have made her feel a little left out. Lots of space to live and play in the wonderful recreational environment. Mr Konans will receive a Special Awardfor his service to the high school, especially selling tickets at home games and meets.

The number of people who attended approximately was about average and there was no noticeable increase in senior citizen attendance. People spoke on behalf of teachers and the good job they do, on the need to restore money to the school system, on the dangers of more cuts. The board reviewed Watertown's financial bind made worse by cuts in state aid. At the bottom line, there were no bright ideas. The basic stalemate remains: No increase in taxes vs. Perhaps the final, equitable solution is yet to be found because many townspeople understand too well that you can't have your cake and eat it, too.

A compromise which includes a minimal tax increase and cuts to the budgets is not only fiscally prudent,'it is also essential for Watertown's well being as a "community.

The extra hour of daylight at the end of the day gets us into Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup spring frame of mind, which manifests itself in two distinct urges: So perhaps it is no accident that springtime budget deliberations can lead to such conflict. In looking at our town governments and school systems there are some of us who see only the mess, the waste, the old and the obsolete and are motivated by an impulse to clean house - to throw things out, including elected leaders when they don't agree with us.

Then there are those of us who see Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup everywhere who are ready to scatter resources visit web page all directions, even in barren places, hoping that something of value will grow.

Either impulse, when taken on its own, can lead to trouble.

But in combination, the push and pull of conflicting impulses somehow yields results that sustain us from year to year. So in the weeks to come, when budgetmaking seems such a frustrating sport, remember that the conflict is essential to the process and is as important to the growth of a democratic systems as sunlight is to springtime. The Town Times welcomes letters to the editor from its readers. All letters should be signed and dated. While there are no specific restrictions on length, letters should be as concise as possible.

Box read more, Watertown, The Times reserves the tight to reject any letter and will not publish letters that are libelous. This photo from the late s or early s features four uniformed policemen.

Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup

Does anyone know the unidentified policeman second from the left? Photo courtesy of Emma Volanth. Next, I insulted the woman. Of course I didn't intend to, it just happened.

All of a sudden one day I felt terrible, worse than any of those people you see near death on the television screen. I couldn't eat or drink. I could barely move and just lay on the floor kinda limplike. When the editor consulted her cat-health book she nearly freaked and immediately whisked me off to the vet where my symptoms, combined with my age, pointed to kidney disease or severe bladder prowems.

It kinda looked like it might be curtains read article me, time to check out, as they say, time to push the daisies. So I got hauled off to die vet's office nearby, where I stayed so Drs Elwell and Carlson could thoroughly check me out X-rays and all. It turns out, although the signs pointed to disease of some kind, I have a slightly fractured pelvis instead.

I suspect they also figured it was a good way to keep me caged so I couldn't run around. Believe me, I was in no mood to romp anyway. I'm not the travding land and randy leave my Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup "Peaceable Kingdom," where I happen to niieofcome.

Who knows what they might come up with? If they keep looking real seriously, hard and enough, they might hit the "mother lode" that is probably just lying hidden down there. Sincerely, Frank Commendatore, OakviUe Therefore I expected the woman, who Lucy Marie Munger Terryville Ct Hookup my eccentricities well and is my buddy, to fret about mealittle-oralot really duringmystay at the vet It's only natural. The thing is, I kinda enjoyed the visit.

Which meant I didn't immediately make a desperate leap into the woman's aims when she came to pick me up, which could have made her feel a little left out.

Besides my doctor buddies, there were these attendants who thoughtl was "asweetheait" Now tell me, who doesn't like to be the center of attention?

Who doesn't like to hear compliments about their "beautiful, silky coat? This adventure was also pretty interesting becauseof my roommates [they don't have singles in these places, you have to share]. There was a sortofditzydog who I ignored a few cats and this goal Serious writers don't pass up an opportunity like this to observe, first hand, a goat in a health care setting.


So I studied him, stared at him for hours on end actually. He was interesting, but not intellectually deep I'm afraid. So, you can imagine, Ijust naturally turned the hospital tune into an adventure I thought of it as a mini-vacation at a spa where all I had to do was rest, eat, and make new friends.

Now conies the real mystery: