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Funeral Planning : How to Write a Funeral Thank You Card

What to Say In a Thank You Note

The etiquette of acknowledgement is truly a very personal and individual matter. While it may be difficult to find the energy to write a thank you note after a funeral, doing so is an important way of acknowledging the love and kindness that friends and family members have shown you during this challenging period in your life. Funeral Etiquette Funeral Etiquette for Thank You Notes Funeral directors can supply you with generalized thank you cards or the family may choose to send a more personal thank you note. The note should be a concise, personal, and specific. Also, yielding to modern tradition, a simple thank you card with a signature is. 23 Dec When people send flowers, bring food, or make donations after your loved one passes, they're showing their respect. Here are some thank you note tips.

Writing thank-you notes after a funeral may be done by an individual or divided among family members.

Funeral Thank-You Note Wording

It's okay to ask a close friend for help writing and mailing funeral thank-you notes and acknowledging expressions of sympathy at and after a funeral. If you are not sure what to write in a funeral thank you note, below are examples of funeral and sympathy thank-you note wording. To clergy, spiritual counselor. A brief note to the celebrant, clergy or spiritual counselor can convey your appreciation for their comforting words and help.

Thank you for your spiritual counsel and services at the funeral of my mother. Especially at times like these, your guidance is so appreciated.

Thank you for serving as a pallbearer. You are a true friend.

This is one of those times when it's appropriate to send cards link preprinted notes. Who is the proper person to thank for funeral flowers that came from a group? However, you should make it a point to formally acknowledge people who have done the following:. Most charities send cards with the names of donors so you'll know where the money or gift items came from.

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I appreciate your kindness. For attending the funeral or visitation. It is not necessary to send a thank-you to everyone who attended the funeral or visitation. But if you would like to acknowledge someone, a simple thank-you note would be appreciated. It was really nice to see you at my mother's funeral.

Thank You Notes For Funerals Etiquette

I really appreciate the effort you made to travel such a distance. I was grateful to hear your memories, and your support made a difference to me and my family.

How to Write Personal & Professional Thank You Notes!

For flowers and memorial contributions. A thank-you note is sent to each person who sends flowers or a memorial contribution. If the flowers or contribution is from a group, send the note to the leader of the group. Thank you for the beautiful pink arrangement of flowers.

To relatives and special friends. If relatives and special friends send floral arrangements, a memorial contribution, Thank You Notes For Funerals Etiquette or assist in other ways, a thank-you note is an appropriate way to show your appreciation. I want to thank you for the wonderful meal you delivered to our home after the funeral. It was delicious and such a thoughtful gesture.

My mother really valued your friendship.

No one expects a three-page letter from you during this time, but some sort of acknowledgment is important and necessary when you feel up to it. We greatly appreciated the warm thoughts expressed in your sympathy card, as well as the lovely plant. While it is inappropriate to state the dollar amount given, there are other ways express gratitude for cash gifts appropriately. DF Donald Franklin Aug 17, In most situations, you want to send out thank you notes within two weeks.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated. If a co-worker extends him or herself, it is appropriate to thank that person with a handwritten note. I appreciate your stepping in and covering my work during this difficult time. Thank you for your support. It will make it easier when I return to the office next week. For sympathy cards and letters.

Thank You Notes For Funerals Etiquette

If you receive a sympathy card, it is appropriate to send an acknowledgement card. If a personal link was included in the sympathy card, a brief note should be written inside the thank-you card.

If you receive a longer sympathy letter, that should be acknowledged with a personal reply. It was so thoughtful of you to remember us at this time. Thank you for taking the time to share your memories of Mom with us. Your words were such a comfort. Friends like you have helped us get through this difficult time.

The Rules of Writing Thank You Cards after a Funeral | Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors

If you receive a sympathy email, although optional you may reply by email or a handwritten note. Thank you for sending your words of sympathy. It was kind of you to show you care. Error parsing XSLT file: Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition.