When Did King Louis Xiv Died. Marital Hookup!

King When Louis Died Did Xiv

King Louis XV of France

Louis XIV of France

He became king at the age of four on the death of his father, Louis XIII. While Louis was a child, his mother, Anne of Austria, served as regent, assisted by Louis XIII's chief minister, Cardinal Mazarin. Louis's early years were marked by a series of rebellions against his mother and Mazarin, which were known as the ' Fronde'. 28 Dec Louis XIV, byname Louis the Great, Louis the Grand Monarch, or the Sun King, French Louis Le Grand, Louis Le Grand Monarque, or Le Roi Soleil, (born September 5, , Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France—died September 1, , Versailles, France), king of France (–) who ruled his country. 31 Aug Inside the walls of the opulent Palace of Versailles, France's King Louis XIV died of gangrene on September 1, , just four days short of his 77th birthday. Louis XIV was 15 years old at the time of his coronation in , but he did not wield absolute power over France until seven years later when.

When Did King Louis Xiv Died

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Louis was born on 5 September at St Germain-en-Laye.

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Louis's early years were marked by a series of rebellions against his mother and Mazarin, which were known as the 'Fronde'. These created in him a lifelong fear of rebellion, and a dislike of Paris, prompting him to spend more and more time in Versailles, southwest of Paris. When Mazarin died inthe year-old Louis decided to rule without a chief minister.

The wound took more than two months to heal. The film, Le Roi Danse ; translated: He recommended him to lighten the burden on the people and avoid going to war as much as possible, declaring:

He regarded himself as an absolute monarch, with his power coming directly from God. He carefully cultivated his image and took the sun as his emblem.

Between andhe built a magnificent palace at Versailles and moved his government there from Paris in In the early part of his reign, Louis worked with his finance minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, to tighten central control over the country, reviving the use of regional royal officials, 'intendants' and carrying out other financial and administrative reorganisation.

Many of his illegitimate children, meanwhile, were given a proper education and considered part of royal society. The film, Le Roi Danse ; translated: Notes 1 also an Infante or Infanta of Spain 2 also an Archduchess of Austria 3 both p Philip was the first Bourbon king of Spain, the country's present ruling house. Although it sanctioned slavery, it attempted to humanise the practice by prohibiting the separation of families.

Louis also expanded the French army and navy. Louis's reign was marked by aggressive French foreign policies.

After the death of his father-in-law, Louis claimed part of the Spanish Netherlands and launched the War of Dutch Devolution In the Second Dutch War, he failed to crush the Dutch, led by William of Orange, but made significant territorial gains. AroundHuguenots, many of them skilled craftsmen, fled to Holland and England. The last three decades of Louis's reign were marked by almost constant warfare.

When Did King Louis Xiv Died

France was now the dominant power on the continent and other European nations felt threatened by this supremacy. The War of the League of Augsburgfollowed by the War of the Spanish Succession severely strained French resources. In the War of the Spanish Succession, for the first time in nearly a century France consistently lost battles, most notably at Blenheim in and Ramillies in As his eldest son and grandson had died before him, his great-grandson succeeded him as Louis XV.

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