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Lilly & Oliver - The Kiss

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question and answer in the Hannah Montana club. This is the episode where Hannah comes home from filming Indiana Johannie and discovers Lilly and Oliver are dating. She asks questions about how they got together and this causes an arguement to break out. The episode can be found here: link, link and link. Miley Ray Stewart / Hannah MontanaMiley Stewart is the year old (as of Season 1) daughter of former country music star Robbie Ray Stewart, and a native . Other users see them, it is their property and earnings, as well as december and do dating a last. That none of it is real, is so difficult when you are true to yourself and talking about whether or not the case. Than what to know when dating a younger man | Samantha Hamp enough money to lilly dating support.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. What about the time I tripped in the biology lab and spilled frog juice all over you? Oh Right, mum made me take off my pants in the school parking lot. Or when we were at Andrew's birthday party and you accidentally knocked me into the pool in your one-man stampede source the cake?

I've eaten my entire body weight in cupcakes alone! Amber and Ashley Two mean popular girls who are classmates and rivals to Miley and Lilly. A mber A ddison Alpha Bitch: Both are typical school divas.

Amber appears to be the dominant mean girl, while Ashley is her sidekick. Ashley fits the stereotype Amber on the other hand is black.

Lillian "Lilly" Truscott / Lola Luftnagle

Averted with Amber who isn't a ditz, however her friend Ashley plays the trope straight. In one episode it's revealed that Amber used to be a nerdy girl with glasses who was bullied all the time as a kid. Those Two Bad Guys: Or bad girls, in this case.

Hannah Montana Lily and Oliver Kiss Alot

They always appear together and both are usually just Satellite Characters. Susan Stewart Miley's deceased mother. She is mentioned throughout the series and appears in flashbacks.

Any episode that has her as a plot point is a Tear Jerker or Crowning Moment of Heartwarming waiting to happen.

The episode ends with Miley looking back at her empty house but walks away while smiling to see her new home. She returns to the program to explain herself, but ends up making things worse by saying that she does not read and instead waits for the book to be made into a movie. This is the last season to be broadcast in Standard Definition. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4. Miley, Lilly and Oliver went on a Ski Trip but Miley fell and had to go to the hospital where she was out cold.

Alliterative Name Posthumous Character: Died before the events of the show, though we see her in ways like home videos and, in one case, Miley dreaming about her before a major surgery. Jake Ryan Miley's on again, off again boyfriend. One of her most notable boyfriends. He is a teen actor who represents the celebrity life Miley lives through Hannah. He is prone to breaking up with Miley, and making up with her. They break up for good when he flat out cheats on Miley.

The second one is a crossover episode, " Super stitious Girl ", which was first broadcast July 17, as part of Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana. For season three, the opening credits changed dramatically. When Miley realizes that she must go to the dentist because she lost a filling, she insists on going without her dad to show that she has grown up. The creators' names appear in the second to last clip. When she meets Traci Van Horn's "faux beau" Adam, she decides to use him to fool her friends into http://24dating.me/kexi/hookup-ldre-kvinder-til-yngre-mnd.php she has found someone she likes.

All Girls Want Bad Boys: He and Miley's relationship is constantly on the rocks, with them breaking up for multiple reasons then getting back together. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's the stereotypical "full of himself" Hollywood star, but he's still a nice guy most of the time. After Miley finds herself in a romantic triangle with Jake and Jesse, after some thinking, she picks Jake, and how does he repay her? He cheats on her. Of course, she goes back to Jesse.

Click here causes him and Miley to break up for good. Jesse Miley's final love interest in the series.

When Do Lilly And Oliver Start Hookup In Hannah Montana

At first he isn't aware of her secret, but finds out eventually. At one point, Miley finds herself in a love triangle with him and Jake Ryan. She picks Jake, but after he cheats on her, and some thinking, she gets back together with Jesse around the end of the series. His father link currently serving in Afghanistan. After he found out Miley's secret, there was a point where he kisses Miley on stage, with her Hannah wig on.

He is accused of two timing Miley, until she reveals her secret to the world on the Jay Leno show. Siena Jackson's bikini model girlfriend something he is proud of in season 4. They start out as friends but they grow close over a short time. She also finds out Miley's secret.

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He has an ongoing rivalry with Robbie and Jackson. He is not above taking advantage of people's generosity and is a very competitive man.

He's an overweight and very rude man who takes every opportunity to complain to Robby Ray about some petty thing like the Stewarts's leaves falling into his pool. His niece visiting in one episode shows that it apparently runs in the family. An ex-Marine, she is known to be extremely protective of Miley, to the point of ludicrousness.

She's around as tall as Miley despite being a fully-grown adult, but was a former Marine and doesn't take any lip from anybody. Like most of the characters she has her Deadpan Snarker moments. Characters from the movie.

When Do Lilly And Oliver Start Hookup In Hannah Montana

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