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Be To Spanked Why Women Do Want

Do Women Like To Be Spanked In Bed?

Why would a women want to be spanked?

16 Apr And then, what if she wasn't punished for her desire and shamed? What if this woman wanted what many men want and get every day? How do we really feel about that? For me, this is where the lies we tell ourselves about sex start and end. And the craziness begins. The cover story of Newsweek, written. Lastly, alot of women, especially career women, are sick of "being in charge of their life". They work hard in school, work hard in their "careers", hopefully work hard in the gym, but they cannot defy their biology. They cannot and do not want to control their love life. Each ass smack you give her is a reminder. (Women never boast about having faked it during a serious spanking!) In the process, the man goes from what the woman admits is required to what she knows is necessary to get through to her. The spanking goes: • from being erotic. • past anger (“That's enough. #$%&@, what are you trying to do!”) • through being .

This is because the craving is subconscious. Most women are not aware of it and are sadly unaware of what is missing in their lives. This is a direct reflection of the level of pent-up, repressed, female submissiveness that is going unfulfilled in our society.

Understand why the next women you date craves to be spanked and you may be the continue reading to open up the doorway into her soul. To pretend that any man or women is more than a biological creature with innate biological programming is idiotic.

Women have been taught by feminism gone wrong that they should go out to work and prioritize themselves above their biological role. They read article taught it is acceptable to produce offspring and then pay other women to look after them. Every women that indulges in these practices is in a state of inner turmoil. When you place her over your knee, you bring her back one step closer to that innate biological role, where she is controlled and over-powered by a dominant male figure.

This is a mind blowing statistic, when you think about it. The implication of this is that most modern women do not understand what it is like to be fully human! Humans are still primates. This prevents women from cumming, in the same way as self-consciousness prevents shy people from dancing. She will experience — outside of sex — intimate physical and emotional domination, for the first time. The unfortunate reality is that many modern Western women were raised without a strong father figure.

This is not in itself a bad thing, as it can form the basis of powerful sexual fantasies. The image of the fairy-tale modern man propagated by Why Do Women Want To Be Spanked media is a sick and twisted abomination.

Just as modern media promotes an androgenised gender ideal Why Do Women Want To Be Spanked women, the male ideal with which we are presented is no more than an emasculated caricature of a true man. The man is excessively muscular and lean to an extent that can only be achieved with steroids and we are not told about the steroids and growth hormones these models are taking.

But conversely, the man displays emasculated behavioral traits. We see him bobbing and weaving in excessive displays of vanity. We see him preening himself and fussing around his hair, like a women. Where are the displays of natural and time honoured masculine behaviours, such as providing, protecting and procreating?

How about traditional male traits such as courage, honour and integrity? What she really craves at an innate level, is a strong and grounded man to physically and emotionally dominate her and set a level direction for their life together, to breed and create a prosperous and successful family of healthy offspring.

When you put a women over here knee, you tap directly into that primal part of her being and activate the receptors for what she innately craves.

5 Moves Women Love In Bed, But Can Be Too Afraid To Ask For

Modern social ideals will never give a modern Western women what she needs. But sound, just discipline from a strong and capable man — backed up with a sound over the knee spanking — will.

Many healthy, strong, dominant men have sexually submissive fantasies. Many top CEOs will hire expensive dominatrixes to take control of them in the bedroom after office hours. The reason is simple: If a man spends 15 hours a day being in charge, it will be exciting to him to relinquish that which his ego holds so precious. The same theory applies to modern women.

Why Do Women Want To Be Spanked

Since so many modern women have invested heavily in their careers, they spend the majority of their day being in charge. They are forced to constantly control the world around them, which is in direct opposition to their submissive nature and innate biological role to nurture and care. When a women arrives home with her head spinning after a day in the office, she wants nothing more than to relinquish control. She is bound to be cranky and rude after a day in the office.

A spanking will calm her down and put her in a position where she is not in control. To survive, successfully breed and bring up a healthy family capable of procreating the bloodline into the next generation.

As women, we want to be the most desired fruit in the salad. Where are the displays of natural and time honoured masculine behaviours, such as providing, protecting and procreating? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. She wants you to be the submissive one: Vulnerability and catharsis are one thing, but you are advocating using your power to strip her potentially of her own mind and sanity.

In our hyper-indulgent, post WWII society we live in a time of unprecedented gluttony. And where she should be thinking of how to take advantage of the peacetime and raise the best family possible, she has been programmed by the media to think only of herself and her career.

Just call me twisted. I cannot recall a negative response. It is OKAY to have sexual fantasies that tune you in and turn you on Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

This leaves her read more with a huge gap in her soul and prone to depression. She subconsciously craves to be reconnected with her ancestral imperative and to have a clear goal placed in front of her by a dominant male leader. Start training your cock too.

It will come in handy. After my first marriage fell apart, during a period of deep introspection I came to much the same conclusion: Anything else ensures marriage will be miserable for both parties. In times past, the primacy of men in relationships was implicit in all aspects of society.

For this reason i suspect physical discipline was less often needed. However, in our current degenerate age even an obedient woman is overwhelmed with feminist poison on a daily basis. Frequent spankings and other object lessons are therefore needed to make sure a woman remembers her place. I think number 3 is the most important here. Fathers usually just sit home and watch football game drinking bear letting his wife do the rest.

They also put up with insults from the mother. I try to block out the cartoon penises, gang bang, and rape thought bubble in the beginning. But after that, I think this article is really, really close to how I feel. But articles like these really help me understand myself better.

I have had 3 failed marriages to men who seemed to be dominant head of households but turned out only in words. None would discipline me and one was actually scared of me. I long LONG for a good spanking. I have never been fully satisfied with any man,Not emotionally nor physically. Why Do Women Want To Be Spanked have begged for spankings and more info would.

We live in a society where men have been castrated emotionally and authoritatively. I still feel the need of a strong man who will discipline me and fulfill my needs.

Do girls like being spanked in bed? Xmas special!

I cannot recall a negative response. Her immediate reaction thereafter was to fill her mouth with my erection. No one had disciplined her EVER. My wife had never been spanked before either and she now craves it!

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The first time I spanked my wife, she almost squirted! Without being instructed or directed and with her ass red and stinging, she immediately dropped from my lap to her knees and throated me…she could hardly control her femininity and lust. I can talk her into orgasm whenever I want and a certain look makes her arch and squirm. She gets an OTK spanking regularly, until my hand is stinging and her ass is red and blotched. Reveal to her your manhood daily, your lust for her, your expectations that her responsibilities are very much singular…all centering around her being attractive, sexy and her main job is to make my dick hard!

Anything otherwise is only distraction….

Why Do Women Want To Be Spanked

Her experiences…almost exactly like Elaine above…have given her nothing but frustrations and unrequited longings…until I arrived in source life. She has my undying love, devotion and trust! As a woman normal, attractive, educatedI think I have a few cents worth adding: I agree with most of the post. Women MUST work outside the home because of economic factors, overwhelmingly, and for their own economic security.

That having been said, I continue reading admit that I do think there is a biological component that makes most women submissive to varying degrees. I can only truly speak for myself here. But I would add my vote and say that yes — men who are assertive and authoritative are much more attractive.

But please, men, I beg you to understand that there is a difference between assertive and asshole. You can be authoritative and the head of the household, expect obedience and sexual submissiveness. I imagine it will take some deep soul-searching and a little trial and error before you discover that balance for yourself. A true man is kind and gentle but firm and in charge.

That sweet spot is like gold. Make sure you listen well and ask real questions. Treat respect with respect — it just comes in different packages for men and women. I asked him to be a bit more strict with me, which he would try. But as soon as I back talked or had an attitude, he reverted to passive aggressive weakness which belied his inability to own up to the hard work of being a man.

I truly believe that if he had doubled-up when I got go here attitude, and told me to stop being disrepectful, I would have stopped in my tracks.

I would have also been hugely turned on. The giving up responsibility to a man and letting him lead me would feel so good and natural.

So, my womanly advice to men: Make sure she knows you want her to be sexually satisfied, but once in a while make sure she knows how important your satisfaction is — leave her wanting more but make her finish you off and maybe let her sleep on it. She will be thankful when she realizes that you care enough to break societal norms.

Yes, every man must try to strike Why Do Women Want To Be Spanked balance between aggression and tenderness.

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