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7 Mar Challenge Of The Heart: Should Jenna Give Zach a Second Chance? The two are A Challenge romance for the ages — shared by Zach and Jenna — eventually caved in on itself as powerfully as a black hole. But now that the He's the biggest sweetheart out there, and the connection's there." Zach. 14 Jul Jenna Compono went into “The Challenge: Rivals 3” with a steady boyfriend back at home, but mid-filming learned he wasn't being as faithful as she'd been led to believe. In episode 12 of the MTV series Jenna will hear some heartbreaking news from her boyfriend and fellow “Challenge” champion Zach. 17 Feb Jenna Compono talks about how she plans to approach a possible future season of "The Challenge.".

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Laurel Zach And Jenna The Challenge Hookup making weird faces throughout this episode. Also, there has to be something they aren't telling us about this whole Zach and Jenna situation because they acted like absolutely nothing ever happened.

Jenna didn't catch him cheating and he never blocked her. Because if I were to block an ex, that means I wouldn't talk to them again. That is what blocking is for. How many times did she take Jay back?

He also cheated on her constantly and she took him back. It's not that crazy to believe his "short attention span" caused him to be frustrated when Jenna left to film the challenge and he went and banged another chick. Jenna seems like a great girl, she's one of my favorite amongst the new crop of cast members, but, girl does not know how to value her self worth.

I don't get why Zach would be upset if she did hook up with someone. They were not together. She said they have not talked in a while.

Zach’s Champ Profile: Making the Challenge Great Again

What's the big deal. Let's not try to make this into what Cara Maria did to Abe. I just don't see anyone wanting Bruno, sorry. The guy looked terrible. I hope this is not an Amanda, Ashley, Sylvia lie to stir the pot. I really can't stand that trio.

Zach And Jenna The Challenge Hookup

Ashley calling Kailah a hoe was very hypocritical. Of course him being crazy would be a concern but if they have not been together for a while he doesn't have any reason to be pissed.

‘The Challenge’: Zach On Jenna Relationship Now, Living With Exes On ‘Invasion’ – Hollywood Life

Of course he doesn't have any reason, but he's a neanderthal. And he's certainly not the only guy that thinks this way.

Just log off, your take isn't anything new and it's not going to change anything. Camila is really unbalanced. Spoilers found from next week's trailer are still spoilers. People keep talking about how much it sucks to "work together," which would be hilarious except that this really is their job.

What he does is just nature, but Jenna living her life is an affront to him. Because Jenna is so stupid she's easily susceptible to emotional control. Zach is a known psychopath.

Zach And Jenna The Challenge Hookup

Hmm I was sort of wondering why they were talking about Bruno and Jenna. Jenna should be sleeping with whoever she wants and if it eats at Zach, good. He not only broke her heart but embarrassed her on tv. Zach would have no right to be upset. However, we are dealing with Zach here, and so as Jenna knows this very well could set him off.

I like her but she needs to stand up for herself. Even if it did happen, they were not together. It's enabling his bad behavior. I guess I am desensitized to it because I have seen this so much in real life when a girl is super into a guy that is treating them like garbage.

Some women will tolerate so much. It drives me nuts. Idk if you saw her RW season, but she has always had a huge problem standing up for herself with guys. Jay, who had basically nothing to offer. Maybe with time she will learn that she deserves better or that there is nothing wrong with being alone.

Jenna has repeatedly said nobody understands her like Zach does. I think she's scared that she'll never find anyone as compatible for her as she thinks he is, so that to her justifies why she keeps going back to him. I just don't understand how he can cheat on her with another girl while they're still together, but she became concerned with how she thought Zach would perceive her if she slept with another guy on the plane when the two hadn't spoken for months! I mean, if he would react badly to that, how would you think he is still the one?

If he reacts badly to his ex who he hadn't click the following article to for so long, supposedly sleeping with someone else, then he has anger issues.

Who is he to dictate what she can and cannot do as a free woman? There has to be some emotional blackmail at play here. She practically worships him. And I don't say that to be mean, she's just the textbook definition of person that's stupid. So two stupid people can definitely do horrible shit to each other and go about their days like nothing happened because sitting down and thinking or reflecting on Zach And Jenna The Challenge Hookup behavior is probably something they've never been able to do.

Does anyone know if Jenna and Zach are still together? I honestly feel like they had been talking before the challenge and MTV told them to act like this was their first time talking to create drama.

Jenna said she may never be able to do another Challenge : MtvChallenge

The way Jenna was worried about Zach finding out about the Bruno rumor is weird if this was their first time talking in months. I'm pretty sure they are together now, and yeah I would lean toward agreeing.

It seems like they were at least click here contact with each other beforehand. I don't understand why she's still giving him the time of the day and cracking jokes with him as if he didn't cheat on her then had the audacity to block her and date another girl without Jenna even knowing that Zach had broken up with her.

Am I the only one that doesn't care about someones love life? At the end of the day what we saw in that one episode was her also being happy to be talkin' with him and such so. So she'll have happiness Zach And Jenna The Challenge Hookup sadness. Or he really has changed and they live happily ever after. I don't care, do what you want xD. IRL no, but it's a television show.

Obviously we have no control or say over her love life lol, it's reacting to a story arch being played out on a TV show. And I don't even like Jenna, I don't care what she does, but as a viewer of a show, I have the same reaction as Laurel to this plotline. It's fine, I'm just saying I never really felt like that. Never really Zach And Jenna The Challenge Hookup who they dated and if the guy or girl was bad for them.

I think it's hilarious that she still wants his dick even though click at this page treats her like shit. Source woman that pathetic gets what they deserve.

No man is gonna show respect to a woman like that. Jenna is an insecure high school girl. I find it sad too but emotions are a bitch. If Jenna was smart she would sleep with any guys she wants.

I don't understand why she's still giving him the time of the day and cracking jokes with him as if he didn't cheat on her then had the audacity to block her and date another girl without Jenna even knowing that Zach had broken up with her. It drives me nuts. I come on the fucking Challenge subreddit to specifically NOT be bombarded by anything about the US political situation especially since I can't watch an NFL game now without them droning on and on about it.

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