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Make web links open in Firefox automatically by setting it as the default browser on your computer. This article explains how to do that. 5 Jan Execute control 24dating.me from the Command Prompt to access Add or Remove Programs directly. Add or Remove Programs was replaced by, and split between, Programs and Features and Default Programs beginning in Windows Vista. Add or Remove Programs is available in Windows XP. 25 May These fixes make Windows 10 a far better operating system. Here are 21 of the most common problems with Windows 10 and how you can fix them forever, leaving you with a PC that has all of Windows 10's new features . How do I stop Windows 10's default apps - such as Edge - opening everything?.

I'd like to use Firefox to open Mailto links in Windows 8. I found this support article, but it isn't relevant to Windows 8: How do I get Firefox to appear in the list of apps that can be associated read article Mailto? Thanks very much for any help. Firefox itself does not handle writing emails, although it will do so indirectly if you use web mail with Firefox.

Firefox needs to use a mail client. The instructions you found relate to setting the mail client that Firefox uses, if for instance you click an email link on a webpage you are looking at.

All Dating Sites-available Default Programs In Windows

Because Firefox can't handle e-mail you will end up with endless tabs opening if you would set Firefox as the application to handle mail or get an open with dialog, so never do this. Thanks so much for your replies. I'm so sorry that I forgot a very important piece of information.

I realize that Firefox itself won't handle e-mail. What I neglected to include was the fact that I am a gmail user, and want to use Firefox as a way to handle Mailto links. Again, sorry for the confusion, and I'm hoping there's a way to do this there is via Google Chrome, which appears in the list of options for Mailto, but Firefox is absent. If that isn't possible then delete the mimeTypes. You can also look at the network. Thanks again for helping me with this.

When I do that, the awful Windows 8 Metro-based Mail app takes over my screen. But Firefox doesn't appear in the list.

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Sorry if my question wasn't clear from the beginning, and thanks again for sticking through this with me! Hi again Tridens, It is not that your original question was unclear, rather that my answer did not explain properly that you are not going to be able to achive this.

As it seems you do not like the available alternatives my suggestion was to consider installing and using Thunderbird. Development on the Thunderbird project has recently ceased, however continuing support is in the process of integration into these Firefox support forums.

Almost anything is possible with computers. Some geek may be able to quickly code a simple intermediary script that may then be associated correctly and proceed to open Firefox at Gmail, that may even be relatively trivial for all I know. However it is beyond my experience, and possibly considered off-topic for this forum. Recommending Thunderbird seems click best alternative.

Click on the prominent "Mozilla" tab above these posts and explore Thunderbird advice. Sadly, this is a missing feature. Ina web browser is a mail client.

How to Set the Default Programs in Windows 7

Opera and Chrome both support mailto. I believe you can work around this problem with google's "Gmail Notifier" app. I haven't tried it in Windows 8, and it's not ideal because it uses the taskbar rather than a live tile, but I believe it associates itself with mailto and can then send the link to a browser of your choosing.

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Chosen solution john99, OK, I'm clear now. Thanks again for taking so much time to help. Read this answer in context 1.

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System Details Click 8 Firefox Amazon MP3 Downloader Plugin 1. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site. John99 solutions answers. Helpful Reply Sorry but I do not think you may do as you intend. A Windows 8 article is http: This means you won't be able to use a web-based email service as the default email program.

All Dating Sites-available Default Programs In Windows

Sorry but I do not think you may do as you intend. Firefox itself does not handle writing emails, although it will do so indirectly if you use [http: Firefox needs to use a [http: Question owner John99 and cor-el, Thanks so much for your replies. John99 and cor-el, Thanks so much for your replies. Question owner Thanks again for helping me with this.

Chosen Solution john99, OK, I'm clear now.

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Or you could just use Chrome or Opera for external mailto links. You can check the network.