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Article Writing & Article Rewriting Projects for $10 - $ Do you have a passion for weddings Blog posts should be words and focus wedding trends, tips , ideas or highlighting other local (Atlanta/Athens, GA) vendors. Depending on quality we would like to Get paid for your work. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. 6 Oct Katherine Cerulean and the Athens Writers Association are proud to announce four new FREE classes this fall! . Posted in Athens GA, Writing and tagged athens ga, downtown Athens, Katherine Cerulean, literature, Local, local writers, putting together a book collection, Reading, readings, Rob White. Find & hire top Article Writing Professionals in Athens & nearby. Post a job and get instant access to top talent.

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Browse ratings, portfolios and work history to find the quality Blog Writers you're looking for. This is a reference and social forum for dog owners.

It was developed for a local client in Atlanta. A Weather App for the Pessimist. Today's and the next four day's weather is pulled from api. This iOS App is a social network that uses Parse.

Jokadoo is great looking, fun, and built fully by myself. This is an Instagram client app upon which I was a contributor. It allows users to login to their Instagram account and view their feed by pulling data from the Instagram API.

This iOS App is user empowering note app.

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It collects good ideas and encourages them to evolve into great ideas. This is a Core Data app that persists and shares data in a well designed package. It was built fully by myself. This iOS app was built fully by my self.

This is a Core Data based app that allows the user to create a diverse cookbook. This is an iOS app that was built fully by myself.

It is designed to assist the user in assessing the lighting in their home or facility and learning about upgrades. GradeBook is a very useful app, and it was built fully by myself. This iOS app was built fully by myself. This is a useful app that allows the user to create, save, and share shopping lists.

This iOS app is a tool for assessing the state of the user's click to see more fixtures through water usage. My client wanted an easy to use app that included a survey tool, savings estimator, and reference. This app was built fully by myself. This book, written by myself, is a music theory textbook for the 21st century. Please follow the link to read a portion of Ear to Mind: The Path to Musical Freedom.

It is intended to sell a product. It is intended to sell a service. User flow Athens Georgia Dating Free Article Rewriter improved and followed the flow the client wanted for their audience. The average session duration was a factored and anticipated decrease due to UX and SEO improvements on the clients website. Ultimately, users were finding what they wanted quicker and increasing conversions.

An overview of my capabilities in social media marketing and content writing. Helped scale this nonprofit's social media strategy. Developing and scaling Radiant Health Magazine's brand on social for increased brand awareness. Developed website content for Fuller Solutions, Inc. Helped develop this blog from scratch. In 6 months, grew to more than monthly visitors, developed email list to about 2, Wrote much of the website content including the about page, ask Sam a beauty question and blog content.

Full-scale website content for this newly-formed company. B2B ad copy appeared in neutraceuticals magazine with 30k circulation to introduce new supplement.

Editorial piece on the benefits of time tracking tools for freelancers. Article on the addition of the SBA to cabinet level and the impact it would have on small businesses.

Co-wrote and researched article with Editor on the rebranding of Tang products. Build relationships with fashion, beauty and style influencers, including: Build relationships with home decor and interior design influencers, including: Developed and maintained Pinterest account for Healthline during an interim period of three months. My client Athens Georgia Dating Free Article Rewriter B2B content that promoted his business' market research specializations to improve site traffic.

Responsible for all aspects of Internet Marketing, content creation, social media management, online reputation management, email marketing, etc. Freelance writer and environmental educator. Health and medical writer, editor, designer. The client was looking to re-engage their previous customers for the holidays and establish a brand voice. I wrote the copy for this email along with a series of accompanying social media ads.

The client needed an accompanying email article source to deliver a video series to potential students for her new online course.

I wrote the copy for 3 emails along with the landing page. I developed a Day Email Campaign to countdown to the client's book launch. I wrote the copy for each email, provided creative direction to the designer as well as originated the concept to push book sales. My client wanted to promote her new tour using social media.

I wrote the ad copy and targeted over leads. The client was able to attract hundreds of attendees to her tour that launched her new program using the Facebook and Instagram ads. I wrote an article to increase awareness for homelessness and the affordable housing problem in Washington, D. The article garnered interest from Greater Greater Washington news site and the Alternet.

I created website content as well as email strategy for this client. After rebranding visually, the client needed to engage her community of potential authors to ensure they understood the new benefits they offered.

She also wanted to have a brand story that her staff could understand and use to represent the brand. I sat down with the CEO in a discovery interview as she downloaded her vision to me. The copy linked here is a result of this conversation.

The client was able to repurpose across several platforms including email, social media and print materials.

This is about you. I can easily handle this project for you and also have some prior experience of working on Wedding blogs. What advice do you have for someone who is just beginning to write? Hello sir,I have an experience in content writing.

Once this blog is officially posted online, I will link the file. My client, "Talent for Schools" wanted a short under words blog post which spoke on a topic that her users could relate to.

I wrote this article on finding a job in the education field once relocating to the Atlanta, GA area. I wrote this article on the importance of keeping in touch with connections even when they have trouble keeping up with you.

After shooting, editing, and writing a documentary for my Mass Communications Capstone with a group of two others, I was required to transcribe the minute documentary.

I have included the transcription document and the link to the documentary that is transcribed as well. My client the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance wanted an article that spoke on a current social justice issue at the time.

Athens Georgia Dating Free Article Rewriter

I wrote an article regarding the Women's March on Washington ' In addition, many of her users are in their 20s and early 30s so I wrote about a subject matter they may relate to. I wrote this blog post on the protests that were going on in Standing Rock at the time. I completed this audio transcription for the quotes to later be used in a news article.

I did not use a program to complete this transcription but instead used a recording from the interview to transcribe the questions and responses. I wrote this blog on the growing http://24dating.me/lyw/emma-blackery-if-websites-started-dating.php of outward islamophobia under Trump's campaign.

I do want to point out, I did not upload this blog. Therefore, please know that my work will not contain unaligned, mispositioned photos such as those shown here. I did write the article and choose the photos to be included, however. I wrote this article on Trumps inappropriate comments what's new and how parents may have talks with their children about consent.

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He is proactive in reaching out with clear and well thought out messages. Your work will be completed according to your instructions. It is intended to sell a service. If the traditional tree was correct, then an unprecedented number of microRNA genes would have to have been lost, and Peterson considers that highly unlikely.

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He was fantastic with ambiguity, change and willingness to figure things out. We appreciate his hard work and contribution. He is professional, responsive and does great work — an especially good fit for projects She understood our requirements perfectly and delivered on point and on time!

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Great communicator, kind and clear. He met the deadline, had great communication and produced some really creative content. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again and would definitely recommend her. I plan to work with him again on projects in the future.

Athens Georgia Dating Free Article Rewriter

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