Dating A Girl Who Smokes Pot. Hookup Affair!

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Why Couples Should Smoke Weed Together

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Let's get some things straight. He smokes cannabis. You say "a lot" and "all the time," but that is unlikely. He might smoke it every day, but marijuana users often self-limit to relatively small doses. Is cannabis a dangerous drug? Literally, it. 7 Feb With the amount of states that have legalized marijuana, the stoner population has greatly increased and continues to grow. Like any normal person, they create friendships and relationships. However, dating someone who smokes cannabis is not the same as dating someone who doesn't. One has to. 26 May As you probably already know, stoner chicks are the best. Here's why you should date one. (And HERE are some high-larious pick-up lines to help break the ice!) 01/. 1. She's not high maintenance. GIF. Want to just hang and eat pizza? She's down! 02/. 2. She's easy to shop for. GIF. 24dating.me

Guys who have dated girls who smoke weed regularly, what was your experience?

Why Couples Should Smoke Weed Together

I'm developing a relationship with this girl right now who is super cool. She works out, eats healthy, likes my music, super attractive and easy to talk to etc. However, she smokes weed a lot. Now, I have no issue with this whatsoever and I'm not against weed. I'm just curious if there is anything Dating A Girl Who Smokes Pot should prepare for or things I should be okay with in a relationship with a girl who smokes when I don't?

I've never dated a girl who smoked while I was dating them. It's a small attribute about her but I'm curious about some experiences you may have had regarding girls that smoke often. Do yourselves a favour -- keep healthy snacks around the house.

Speaking as someone with heavy pothead friends, and as a woman who's dated serious pothead guys: Prepare for them to likely complain if you want to do an activity without her smoking weed. I used to be a pretty avid smoker, gave it up many years ago because it was causing mad anxiety and didn't add much to my life.

The people I know who are heavy marijuana smokers kind of come to rely on it, though. Oh a party at your parent's cottage where you request they not smoke in the house?

Oh a vacation where you couldn't bring weed with you across the border? Time to get sketchy and try to find a person to buy it from. Wanna have a board game night in? Gonna get baked for that. It's more info of the same thing as someone who comes to rely on alcohol.

Guys who have dated girls who smoke weed regularly, what was your experience? : AskMen

At first it doesn't really bug you that your friend or romantic partner always seems to need a few beers to have a good time. But after a while it starts to get annoying that they can't go anywhere without drinking, and if you end up at a social gathering where they can't buy a beer they get cranky. Habitual substance use is kinda like that, whether it's weed or liquor.

In b4 "I smoke weed and I'm not like that!

Dating A Girl Who Smokes Pot

I'm speaking about my personal experience only. I've obviously rustled the feathers of some marijuana aficionados here. I suppose I expected that, but I'm not interested in debating. Do what you like, weed smokers! I don't care about what you do on your own time. The thing I don't like about weed is that it takes away people's drive.

I've seen smart industrious pothead no doubt, but a lot of them just sit around and get stoned and maybe order a pizza once in a while. Really saps your motivation to do interesting stuff. I've been laying in bed for more hours than I would like to admit, smoking weed and browsing Reddit, with Dating A Girl Who Smokes Pot drive to do anything. Holy shit thank you! Can't believe I've been on Reddit for years as a weed smoker and never even heard of that sub.

I think this is a double-edged sword of most sources of entertainment which involve consumption. You can never be so entertained with something that it wholly satisfies you, otherwise you'll be too comfortable with simply consuming it and nothing else.

How to Date a Stoner When You Don’t Smoke Weed

Weed does do this to some people. As do video games, netflix, TV, social media, sports, Reddit, whatever. In each case, it comes down to managing your habits and being cognizant of your choices. What makes you draw the conclusion of causation that weed makes people lazy rather than lazy people are more attracted to weed? Lol yes I have to apply rigorous practice of statistical analysis from quality data with reliable sources to make an anecdotal statement.

Sorry the major think tanks aren't taking my proposal on quantitative causation studies between marijuana and motivation. I'm not saying that you fucking retard. What I'm saying is that you're drawing the conclusion that "weed takes away link drive" from "I get pretty lazy when I smoke". Unless every stoner I've ever met also happened to have eaten a lot of lead paint-chips as a kid. Also "I need it to sleep!

I mean weed is great.

I'm pro legalization and I think it's fine to use in moderation, same as alcohol. I just tire of the justifications and acting like it's a miracle drug. You smoke Dating A Girl Who Smokes Pot because you like to get high, and that's fine, just own it. My sister eats a little of it to sleep. Some people do use it to sleep. Insomnia seems to run in my Can U Improve Memory, and anything that lets you get some sleep some nights is a god-send.

My point was that the people I know who use that excuse never complained of insomnia until they were heavy habitual smokers. It's a convenient excuse. One friend uses insomnia as an excuse for why she couldn't cut back as opposed to wouldn't cut back. Eventually years later she decided to quit for her own reasons and told me that "I need it to sleep" was just an excuse, and she sleeps better without it now. A lot of people turn smoking a joint into their night time routine and find it hard to sleep without the routine, not the weed.

I consider it a pretty more info excuse to people who say they need a "night cap" or a drink of hard liquor to fall asleep. Again, of course, everyone is different. If your sister manages to treat her insomnia with marijuana that's great!

If she's also smoking weed in the morning and afternoon and evening and times when she's not sleeping then chances are she just likes being baked. My earliest memory of insomnia goes back to about kindergarten. THC tincture has changed so much for me. Unlike every other sleep aid that made me feel like I had just come out of a coma the next day. I don't NEED it or use it every night, but gosh it's nice to have.

I will fully admit I'm making some generalizations here. Sounds like you use a tincture as opposed to smoking it? That's much more regulated dosage wise and therefore I can see it check this out more legitimate as a sleep aid.

I do use a tincture for sleep. For pain I sometimes use a vaprorizer and sometimes smoke, but I prefer the vape. However sometimes Dating A Girl Who Smokes Pot have breakthrough pain that is nearly unbearable and my vape isn't charged - I don't want to wait for edibles or for my vape to charge when I'm in so much pain I that I have to focus hard on remembering to breathe. And yet, as legitimate as that use is, I also absolutely often smoke weed just because it's enjoyable.

Doing dishes kinda baked is less awful than doing them sober. Cheap food tastes better. I fully admit that I consume cannabis for recreation. I also use it as medicine. I hope my recreational use doesn't invalidate the incredible medical benefits I do get through cannabis use I need it to sleep, cause I wasn't working night shift before this.

But you're right, other than taking the edge off if you're not the clinically anxious type and making cancer people hungry I don't believe it's a magical healing plant.

They enjoy the little things in life and are laid back. So, in my long convoluted way, I'm kinda saying that while your archetype of stoners as the kids who ask dumb questions and aren't mentally present in class is fair and http://24dating.me/lyw/dating-someone-youre-not-attracted-to.php there also exists a faction of high-achieving stoners that you don't exhibit this behavior, but are high nonetheless. I don't care about what you do on your own time. While cannabis smoke has been implicated in respiratory dysfunction, including the conversion of respiratory cells to what appears to be a pre-cancerous state.

And smoking it is as bad as smoking cigarettes because of the whole no-filter thing. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Yep, most of the carcinogens in cigarettes are just byproducts of carbon combustion.

Sure cigarettes have extra added chemicals, but you're still getting those same byproducts and tar from smoking marijuana. People seem to falsely think that because their bong water stays clear that means marijuana is somehow "clean," forgetting that bong water doesn't filter anything, it just cools the smoke to make it less irritating. I just googled this and most of the sources seem to claim that it's the chemicals in the tobacco mainly MAOIs are the most prominent compounds that cause cancer.

It's just a red flag to me though because she just doesn't want to admit she just wants to get high. Do not insult or troll people, including in PMs. Started unnecessarily criticizing all my work and re-doing it herself and then complaining about her workload for really no reason other than her belief that work I did while high couldn't possibly have been good enough.

You're getting the same byproducts from smoking different things? So breathing smoke from burning wood is just as dangerous click here breathing plastic fumes? Your statement is obviously not true. This is also obviously not true if you did a 5 second google search: Googling works Dating A Girl Who Smokes Pot to find sources that support your own theories regardless of validity or peer review.

It's difficult to isolate studies on marijuana smoke vs tobacco since very few marijuana smokers have never smoked tobacco, so a control population is not possible on a large scale.

While cannabis smoke has been implicated in respiratory dysfunction, including the conversion of respiratory cells to what appears to be a pre-cancerous state. The genotoxic effects of partially oxidized hydrocarbons created by burning either cannabis or tobacco have been widely examined as the likely source of genetic changes that lead to the carcinogenic state [16]. As a result, the medical potential of cannabis has been obscured by the potential negative impact of using a smoked medicine [17].

Those who deny the validity of "medical marijuana," cite that marijuana smoke contains four fold more tars than does tobacco smoke [18]. Scholarly source from PubMed. As for your question: When I say byproduct of carbon combustion I'm largely talking about organic combustions.

Dating A Girl Who Smokes Pot