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Episode 5 - "Second Base"

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Here's everything you need to know about relationship bases and the baseball metaphors for sex. #1 First base. Ah yes, this is possibly my favorite base. That's second base. [Read: How to make out and 10 steps to make it really awesome]. #3 Third base. Third base is when you and your partner are no longer paying. 16 Dec Second Base. Fondling, manual stimulation of the genitals (clothed). Totally unclothed naked pics, more graphic sexting, handjobs. One of those half- handjobs half-blowjobs. Fingering. Showing his picture to co-workers. RTing his tweet instead of favoriting it. Imagining what your wedding, first. means to get to third base. It's double for second base, single for first base. You can also "score," which is the same as hit a home run or get to home base. About the House quotation, if I interpret it correctly, they had intravaginal sex twice and then she performed oral sex on him. If we say home base.

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Your contribution supports us in maintaining and developing our services. DE41 32 BIC: Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. I got to 2nd base with her 1st base: Scroll down to the fourth question and you will have your answer: Remember first base kissingsecond base petting above the waistthird base petting below the waist?

There are regional differences in the meanings of the bases, but one common definition describes first base as passionate kissing, second base as touching the girl's breasts, third base as touching the girl's go here with the boy's hands, and home base as intercourse.

What's a person to do? And of course programmers go to base 16 — we have lots of hex! In sex talk, how many bases are there and what do they all mean? Now that we have the definitions, let's quickly contrast the old confusion with current clarity.

First base is usually understood as making out, with second and third considered to be the touching of breasts at least in a heterosexual couple and fingering, respectively. Due to the growing popularity of pre-coital oral sex, "third base" has recently been occasionally used to describe this act. In this case, "making out" is used to mean foreplay, with sexual coitus as the home run or "scoring". It depends a lot on who you ask. Most parents and grandparents know the traditional definitions above, but the bases are shifting fast.

Boys have always tended toward more wishful thinking, and nowadays many teens and young adults include heavier stuff much earlier. This is something it's probably smart for parents to clarify with teenagers, given the sharp rise in STDs and the increased social pressures click here young teens and even pre-teens.

Hm -- us Thank you for transcribing the info.

Getting to 3rd Base

I may be out of touch with the rest of the world, but the only definintion I've ever known of is the following: This reminded me of an e-mail joke I received a few years ago. So, here is a little comic relief on the topic of the bases.

In sex talk, how many bases are there and what do they all mean? Actually, shit, amendment to First Base as well…look for cold sores. We've gotten to fifth base. This was almost always kissing, although one guy I knew thought it meant holding hands. You don't use "hit" with "bases," but you can use the baseball terms that correspond to hits:

If so, do you remember talking about 'the bases' with your friends? Well that was cool and all, but what the hell was second base? No one was really sure. Also, the bases tended to get progressively more intense as you got older.

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What's a person to do? Here, we mourn the passing of using baseball analogies to describe sexual activity. But let's face it, there are more than four stages in today's day and age of sex play.

So, in the interests of both bringing baseball sex metaphors in line with the complications of modern romance and with standardizing the bases, we present the Standardized Guide to the Bases.

Dating First Base Second Base Third Base

First, let's examine what the bases could have meant in the old days. This was almost always kissing, although one guy I knew thought it meant holding hands. Sometimes it was tongue kissing and sometimes not. Variously this meant tongue kissing, breast feeling, or outside the clothes genital contact. Usually this was a hand down the pants of you or your partner.

Dating First Base Second Base Third Base

Well, that system is OK, if you are a young teenager with a repressed sex drive. But what happens when you reach maturity and new factors enter the equation, such as oral sex? And click at this page about the exact definitions? Well link have attempted to answer such puzzling questions and present without further ado The Standardized Guide to the Bases!

Having plans for a date. Most of the clothes off, genital contact, mutual masturbation. Inside the park home run: Oral Sex Dating First Base Second Base Third Base Run: Would have sex, but no condom. Condom breaks during sex. Banned for life for gambling: Marriage Now that we've got the basics, let's introduce some terms to better explain all the things that can happen now-a-days.

Sex three times in twelve hours. VD Three up and three down: Now that we have the definitions, let's quickly contrast the old confusion with current clarity. We, ummm, got to third base I guess and then we, ummm, got Dating First Base Second Base Third Base past third base, but not to home plate. I really like her. First, there was a triple, then we got an inside the park home run, and I started thinking, it's hall of fame time.

So there I was, with the bases loaded and nobody out, when I balked during the seventh inning stretch and I had to call in a relief pitcher. Well, there you have it, I hope it has cleared up a lot of the confusion and helps you out You made my day. Why do you guess at something you obviously have no clue about, and why do you spend your time on a German-English language forum if you obviously enjoy putting down the largest group of English speakers out there assembled in one place, the US of A?

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