Im Dating My Best Friends Cousin. Hookup!

Dating Best Im Cousin My Friends


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Read my last post and you will understand that this is a horrible idea. I dated my best friends cousin's for 2 years we fell in love and now it feels like a bitter divorce of dividing and stuff. I was invited to the family thanksgiving party and now I'm not going because she doesn't want me there. You are better off. 6 Mar Date Posted: Jan 16, #1. Advertisement. Just wondering not like nothing happened at Date Posted: Jan 16, #3. I'm not close with any of my cousins so no, I wouldn't care. Date Posted: Jan 16, #7. i would not. and i have come close to hooking up with my best friend's cousin anyway, and it was his idea. 17 Sep I would have a problem with my sister, because I am a protective brother. But who cares if If my friend is a good guy and I know he is not some piece of shit, I would have no problem with them dating my sister. Atleast I I dated my best friend's cousin a while back, and nothing bad come out of it. Spoiler.

February 14, 4: Is there any way to strike up some casual conversation that's just conversation? An "in," to call her or perhaps IM her? Did you talk about any music you both like? Something you might borrow? Something to follow up on?

Im Dating My Best Friends Cousin

If not, then get her info from the cousin, or, if you already have it or have access to her, a simple "I was heading to coffee, and wondered if you were interested in coming with" would probably work. I'm not certain why there's any ambiguity. The equivalent to "do you want to go out on a date sometime" is pretty much "do you want to go out on a date sometime.

See about recreating the same circumstances as last time. Have a get together at your place or at his, and have the cousin come along.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Gruco Banned Sep 17, Just because you don't care about your cousin doesn't mean other people don't. I should have just added this to the end of the last comment, sigh. So, basically, you've had some asshole, that you knew, date your sister.

Use that as your in. Don't worry about it, but get yourself some form of an event that you can use to see her again in similar circumstances, if you're weary about just flat out asking her on a date.

I love your Forum. I broke up with the girl a few months later due to problems on her end, but I'd do it again. I never said anything to either one or anyone for that matter. My best friend and I have a very close relationship where TMI doesn't exist. I've done it before!

Well, they do, but I don't think it's necessary to bring them up. A simple "do you want to go out on a date" might just do the trick.

Im Dating My Best Friends Cousin

If anything just mention how much you liked hanging out last time. You have her number? If so, call her. Some small talk to get a feeling on how she reacts to you.

If it feels good, ask her out on a date.


The "weird" circumstances of your first get together? I didn't get what was "weird" about them. It was a friends cousin not your cousin, so where exactly was the weird part? Go on a date, maybe something will develop, maybe not.

If your best friend hooked up with your cousin, would you be mad?

Like with every other date on the world. I think a straightforward "I would have asked this sooner but I was out of town for a few weeks: Would you like to go on a date with me? Come on, brother- you know this isn't true, and work it to your advantage. Write her a short, handwritten letter, to the effect of "I really enjoyed our time together, I'm out of town and not very reachable, but I'd love to get together with you when I get back.

I wouldn't let the fact that she is your friend's cousin affect your actions cousins are different than sisters. Treat her like any other girl you meet and feel a connection. While caddis' advice may be right for certain kinds of family or culture: In my family hispanic, if, again, you'd like to Im Dating My Best Friends Cousin stereotypes my cousins are as close to me as my brother.

If one of my friends wanted to date one of my cousins he would if he were smart treat the situation just as he would if he were dating a Im Dating My Best Friends Cousin.

Whether your friend and his cousin are very close or not is an empirical matter. I just thought I'd point out that the picture is not necessarily as clear and easy as Caddis makes it out to be. I should have just added this to the end of the last comment, sigh. I don't think there is a difference betwee the way you start a casual relationship and the way you start what might go here a serious relationship. You simply ask her out.

The difference lies in the fact that a casual relationship will never progress beyond that.

I'm dating my best friend's sister...

You will never get to the point where you simply assume that you and her will spend the weekend together. You don't automatically think to bring her along to events to which you can take a guest. You certainly never introduce her to your parents. Every time you ask her out it will be pretty much like asking her out on a first date except that you know her a bit better, and Im Dating My Best Friends Cousin are pretty sure she'll say yes.

If the cousin is cool with it, and you have her number, just call her up and ask her out. This three weeks thing isn't a problem at all.

Call her now, say, "Listen, I'm going to be out of town for three weeks. When I get back, would you like to go have coffee dinner hot sex an acid trip together? Just say that but leave out the "if a little weird" part. Get her number from your cousin. Don't even talk about the other night. Just say something like "Hey, it's me. Wanna go out for a [something fun and casual and not a Big Deal Date]? This thread is closed to new comments.